Great Management & Team Keep the Rodeo Family Strong

Rodeo-Corporate-OfficeWe love sharing letters we get from our agents praising our hardworking corporate team that puts forth their best efforts everyday to ensure the success of our agents. Our corporate staff are here everyday to help our agents with marketing, web design, advertising, public relations, printing, graphic design, and mailings to help our agents be successful.

Dear Syd,

No doubt I’m not the only agent you’ve heard from, but from everyone, thank you for continuing to be the classiest shop in town. The color 4-page brochure looks great!

So glad to be working here,
Jodi Heath

Dear Syd,

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing and pleasant Glen is in the print shop. Thank you!!!

Amy Klein


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Syd for his training last week at the Skirball Center. I consider him the E.F Hutton of Real Estate. When my mentor speaks I listen and take notes. His class affirmed what I already knew but have not been doing. The simple and effective approach on how to launch your career and business hit home for me and took me back to the basics. As he said… “this is not rocket science.” Consistency is the key to master ones business and market place. If anyone that attended this class follows what he says to do, then they cannot fail. Thank you Syd Leibovitch, my commander and chief and mentor.


Brian Stevens

Brentwood Rodeo Realty