300 Cold Calls, 4 Days and Emily Shaffer’s $2.9 Million Dollar Listing

Rodeo Realty’s Emily Shaffer turned cold calls into success and a $2.9 Million Listing.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (May 3, 2019)- Rodeo Realty’s newest agent locked down a listing in a uniquely unconventional way. After four days and over 300 cold calls, Emily Shaffer of Rodeo Realty Calabasas made an appointment with a possible seller. Cut to mere days later and Emily acquired the $2.9 Million Dollar listing.

With the Calabasas home market being a competitive field, this is truly a real estate win. The year is just hitting the mid mark and we can already see an impressive line-up of listings and sales all around. With Emily being a new addition to the team, her dedication and drive are what makes her a valuable member of the Rodeo Realty family.

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About Rodeo Realty:

Rodeo Realty is a residential real estate firm that has more than 1,200 licensed agents and brokers and 12 offices throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Rodeo Realty services various markets in Southern California, including luxury real estate markets. The company’s celebrity and other multi-million dollar listings are regularly featured in the news through several television networks, online sites and publications.

Operated under the direction and vision of a single owner, Rodeo Realty stands today as one of the largest independent real estate companies in the nation, while still maintaining the friendly approach of the neighborhood REALTOR®. As the largest independent real estate brokerage headquartered in Beverly Hills and operating throughout the Los Angeles area, with the highest sales volume, Rodeo Realty has the resources to provide the best tools in the industry to deliver the very best results.