Home Tips: Going Solar

The most straight forward benefit of installing solar panels on your home is that solar is a renewable energy source. Usually, if installed properly, a solar system provides a low maintenance solution to reducing energy bills. It is a viable option in minimizing your ecological footprint.   

Cost of Installation Continues to Fall 

Costs of solar systems have fallen dramatically in recent years as technology improves and more firms manufacture solar panels. Some estimates have the cost of solar down 70% from 2010. 

Clean and Renewable 

Solar is 100% clean and renewable. It reduces reliance on oil, coal, and natural gas for energy production. It’s a zero-emission fuel source.

Solar Energy Never Turns Off!

Households have experienced an increase in power outages. This is due to an older power grid, rolling blackouts during times of high energy usage, fires, etc..Solar panels can reduce your dependence on traditional power from utility companies. 

Incentives and Tax Credits

The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) for installing a solar system that is completed in 2020 is 26% That drops to 22% in 2021, and 10% in 2022. It was 30% in 2018 and 2019. 

There are hundreds of solar providers. The cost can vary dramatically from a vendor to vendor for the exact same system. Some have a horrible reputation. Make sure you get several estimates, check their reviews, research and double-check everything before committing to this purchase. Leases and financing can be deceiving. Do your homework! In the end, most people are quite satisfied with their systems, but you don’t want to hear your neighbor paid 1/2 for the same system!