Home Tips: How to Repot your Overgrown Houseplant

If you are a plant parent, it is important to consider the health of your houseplant. This is why experts recommend repotting every 12 to 18 months. Below is a rundown of tips you can rely on to re-pot your houseplant in order to keep it thriving.

Remove Your Houseplant from Its Pot

The first step for repotting your plant involves removing it from its current pot. To do this, you can simply hold the plant gently by the main stem, turn it sideways, and tap the bottom of the pot until the houseplant slides out. You just have to be careful and gentle enough to avoid damaging the plant as you remove it from the pot.

Loosen The Roots and Prune Your Houseplant

Once you have removed your houseplant from the pot you should gently loosen the roots with your hands. If there are overgrown threadlike roots, you can prune them off. However, you need to leave the thicker roots at the base of the foliage intact. If your houseplant is root-bound and its roots are growing in tight circles, it is imperative for you to unbind the roots and trim them.

Get a New Potting Mix for Your Houseplant

After working on the roots, you should not plant your houseplant in the old potting mixture. This is because the nutrients in the old potting mix could be insufficient. Therefore, you need to dispose of the old potting mix and replace it with a new potting mix.

Set the Plant Properly

Set your houseplant on top of a fresh layer of potting mix and add more potting mix until the plant is secure. You need to ensure that the plant is centered. Avoid packing too much potting material into the planter since doing so could make it difficult for the roots to breathe. You can then water the plant and place it in an area with plenty of indirect sunlight. It is worth noting that newly repotted houseplants do not need to be fed with fertilizers.

The Root of it All

Overall, you have to remember to repot it after every 12-18 months. Repotting allows you to prune the overgrown roots to make them more efficient in absorbing water and nutrients. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to replace the old nutrient-depleted potting mix with a fresh potting mixture. In a nutshell, repotting your houseplants is one of the most critical houseplant care procedures you need to undertake regularly to keep your indoor jungle thriving.