The Best Plants for Your Fall Garden | Home Tips

With Autumn around the corner, it’s a great time to add a touch of fall to your garden. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite fall plants to accompany the season. Read on below for a list of garden delights.


Heleniums are simple plants to grow and are a top choice for any fall garden, whether it’s in the planning stages or already in blossom. These lovely flowers range from gold, red, and brown and come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Because of these unique traits, Heleniums are more than capable of being the solo plant species in a garden, as it provides a world of interest all on its own, with not one bed identical to another.


As the meaning of its name implies, the “golden flower” chrysanthemums originally came only as gold, but now they’re found in a variety of colors, from the most vibrant reds to the softest lavenders. Chrysanthemums are amazing fall plants for any garden because of their balance of youth and maturity and limitless possibilities of design.


Marigolds are popular garden plants because of their rich blends of yellow to orange and long-lasting bloom. Active during spring, summer, and fall, these easy-to-grow flowers offer a bright welcome to many companion flowers, so pairing has little to no hassle. Marigolds also give the overall appearance of any garden an attractive pop that can light up your day.


The purple fountain grass is popular for its beauty and versatility as a centerpiece or sophisticated border. The unique blend of white and purple and the natural, elegant pose of this plant make it a beautiful accompaniment to fall gardens of many arrangements. The plumes, or feathery seeds at the tips of the flowerheads, can also be used for dried flower arrangements for your home.


Shrub roses are hardy fall plants with long-lasting times of bloom and have a natural resistance to disease! Able to be planted from spring to fall, these plants are easy to care for. They also require little hassle or later nurturing. Their color ranges from humble white to eye-catching purple. This makes the garden arrangement a breeze when pairing with your other plants.


Pansies are a classic spring and fall plant because of their easy care and variety of colors. These charming flowers are hardier than they appear, able to last up to eight months if planted in the fall. This means you’ll have a colorful array of petals all throughout fall, winter, and spring to bring an endless light to your garden.