Fun Weekend Events: March 25-27

It’s time for another round-up of fun weekend events. Take some time to explore the neighborhood with all of the exciting happenings around town!


Dance Camera West Film Festival

When: March 24-April 2, 2022

Where: Historic Filipinotown

What: At Dance Camera West you’ll have a chance to celebrate the human form. The two-part event will feature 13 programs of dance films at the Theatre Raymond Kabbaz.

First Fridays at the Natural History Museum

When: March 4-July 1, 2022

Where: USC/Exposition Park

What: First Fridays are back at the Natural History Museum. Enjoy Dino’s and DJs every month from March through July at this KCRW-presented evening of music. Every month will offer a different lineup of musical guests and DJs, guided tours, and scientist-led talks.

Phyllida Barlow. Glimpse

When: Until May 8, 2022

Where: Downtown Arts District

What: Art fans of Phyllida Barlow can see the British artist’s work on display at Hauser & Wirth’s courtyard now through May. This site-specific monumental installation is part of an indoor-outdoor presentation of new large-scale works from the sculptor. 


Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

When: Until April 26, 2022

Where: Disneyland | Anaheim

What: Running through April, head to the happiest place on earth for Disneyland’s annual Food & Wine Festival. The massive event takes over California Adventure for a delightful culinary experience. You might find cauliflower ceviche at one booth, and ham-and-cheese pinwheels with smoked pistachios at another. Either way it’s a fun weekend event you wont want to miss.

Selected Shorts: It Takes Two

When: Until May 5, 2022 

Where: The Getty Centre | Westside

What: At this annual celebration of the short story, Hollywood talent comes together to bring classic and contemporary literary works to life. For this year’s theme, there will be a focus on stories of cooperation, unexpected encounters, and competing desires. In addition, actors like Nate Corddry, Helen Hong, Tony Hale, and more will be on hand to recite the work of writers like Anton Chekhov and others. 

626 Night Market

When: Until Apr 24, 2022

Where: Santa Monica

What: Calling all foodies and fans of 626 Night Market! The popular Valley Asian food festival makes its way to Santa Monica for a limited mini engagement. Stop by for delicious bites from over two dozen Asian street food vendors!


Vegan Street Fair 2022

When: March 26-27, 2022

Where: 11223 Chandler Blvd | North Hollywood

What: The Vegan Street Fair returns for a fun weekend-long Vegan foodie paradise. Free entry for all ages, the even features 200+ vendors, DJs, live entertainment, and a beer garden,

The Los Angeles Women’s Empowerment Expo

When: March 26, 2022

Where: Marriott Convention Center | Burbank

What: Closeout Women’s History Month with 75+ female-owned businesses, a networking mixer, VIP brunch, and more. The Los Angeles Women’s Expo will feature expert panels and business development workshops that will help your business thrive. 

Skate Oddity: A Rock n Rollerdisco

When: March 26, 2022

Where: La Kings Burbank Sports Center | Burbank

What: Rock out while you get your skate on at the LA Kings Burbank Sports Center fun weekend event! In celebration of the Spring Equinox, the local favorite outdoor rink will transform into a Rollerdisco for the night.


Spring Spectacular at America’s Teaching Zoo

When: March 26-27, 2022

Where: America’s Teaching Zoo | Moorpark

What: DOn’t miss the largest fundraising event of the year at America’s Teaching Zoo. The Spring Spectacular will have entertaining animals and meet and greets available throughout the day. The last admission will be at 3:45 PM, with admission for adults at $9 and $7 for children and seniors. Visit for more information!

Piff the Magic Dragon

When: March 27, 2022

Where: Bank of America Performing Arts Center | Thousand Oaks

What: Since breaking out on America’s Got Talent in 2015, Piff the Magic Dragon has won the heart of America through his Vegas residency, network television appearances, and non-stop touring. Don’t miss out on this fun and thrilling performance at Thousand Oaks’ premier performing arts center! For tickets, head to

Yoga on the Mountain

When: March 26, 2022

Where: King Gillette Ranch | Calabasas

What: Have some zen time this weekend at the King Gillette Ranch. This unique yoga experience will feature live acoustic music and is open to all skills levels. 

Home Tips: The 6 Best Pool Cover Options to Buy This Fall

With Fall officially here, the days of sitting poolside are slowly fading away. Keep your pool foliage free this fall with the best pool covers that you can install yourself! A pool cover will help keep dirt and debris off the filtration system, minimize water loss due to evaporation, and keep the water warm at a fraction of your current heating cost. So, whether you need a safety net for kids and pets, or you are prepping the pool for the cooler winter months ahead, here is a handpicked list of six high-end pool cover options you can buy online today:

1. Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover – Best Solar Pick

Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover is your best solar-powered heat-retaining blanket for you for small or odd-shaped above-ground or in-ground pools. It retails in multiple sizes. Each of them has a 2″ to 4″ overlap that you can trim to precision. Plus, it is easy to install or remove, has an attractive blue finish. For optimal use, install this pool cover with its bubbles facing down.

2. Blue Wave Rectangular Clear Solar Blanket – Best Clear Solar Pick

Do you get at least six hours of direct sunlight at your in-ground pool every day? If so, opt for the clear Blue Wave Rectangular Clear Solar Blanket. It is a thick Magni-Clear blanket that warms and retains the pool water temperature by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. More so, its innovative design prevents 95% water loss. And, its UV-protected, chemical-resistant durable fabric has a 6-year limited warranty.

3. Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover – Best Safety Pick

Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Safety Cover is a high-end pool safety cover that withstands loads up to 4,000 pounds. Hence, it prevents kids or pets from accessing the water. Likewise, this extreme load capacity means that this safety net keeps your pool intact despite any heavy winter storm.

4. Blue Wave 8-Year Round Above-Ground Pool Winter Cover – Best Winter Above-Ground Pick

Three things make the Blue Wave Round Above-Ground Pool Winter Cover your best pick for the harshest winter months. It uses the durable Dirt Defender Bronze grade cover. Its black underside prevents algae growth. And, its heated sealed seams and big 4-foot overlap guarantees a weather-proof seal on your pool.

5. Colourtree In-Ground Winter Pool Cover – Best Winter In-Ground Pool Cover

Colourtree makes authentic subzero winter pool covers to preserve your pool during winter through to spring. Their In-Ground Winter Pool Cover option is a heavy-duty polyethylene fabric guaranteed to last at least eight years. It keeps dirt, debris, and dirty water from getting into the pool.

6. Intex Solar Cover Roller – Best Retractable Pick

Are you using your above-the-ground pool more often? When shopping for a pool cover that saves you the work of applying and removing every time you go for a dip, opt for the Intex Solar Cover Roller. As a retractable cover roller, it is a definite lifesaver. You can roll it to its convenient metal frame, then secure it with its hand crank and lock without using any hand tools.

A pool is a significant outdoor investment that should serve you for a lifetime. Select any of the above pool covers to preserve the pool in extreme weather, act as a safety net, and facilitate maintenance in tip-top shape.

From Amazon’s Astro Robot to a Mission to Jupiter’s Asteroids and More | Tech News

From robots named Astro to a Mission to Jupiter’s Asteroids, we’re taking this week’s tech news to new heights. Read on for our round-up of the leading technology stories of the week.

Uber to Now Deliver Seasonal Items to Your Door

The ride-share company will be getting in the haunting spirit this season. Uber has announced seasonal items like Pumpkins and carving kits delivered to your door via Uber Eats. The roll-out will be available in certain regions as a part of Uber’s first official holiday shop. The company announced its plans this week, with Friday marking the first service date in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. After Halloween, the company will offer Christmas items for delivery with a seasonal rotation to expand to additional markets.

Amazon Introduces Astro, Your Own At-Home Robot

Joining the robot race this week is Amazon with the unveiling of Astro, their first at-home robot. Amazon users can apply to be among the first to beta-test, Astro, the new tech device for an initial cost of $999.99. A Day 1 Edition product, the robot can only be bought by invitation even after applying. The device, which Amazon hopes will lead the way in home robots, is meant to provide many services. Astro can obey commands to go to a specific room and recognize people’s faces in your home to deliver specific items. Additionally, Astro can do much of what an Echo device can do if combined with a Ring device. By providing a mobile entertainment and monitoring service, Amazon seeks to set the groundwork for an AI-powered home assistant.

Clubhouse to Now Allow Users to Record Audio Chats

If you happen to be a Clubhouse user and have always wanted to record any smart nugget of information from the app, now you can. This week the company announced a soon-to-be-added platform feature: Clubhouse Clips. Along with additional features heading to the platform next month, Clips will allow you to snip the last 30 seconds of an audio conversation. Starting in October, users will also be able to record a room and save it to their profile and club or download it. Of course, Rooms must be public to be able to use the recording feature. Additional features underway include the ability to search by typing a keyword or name and receive the rooms, people, clubs, and bios that match. 

Honda Sets its Sights on Rockets, Robots, and Flying Cars

Imagine a Honda that can fly. While it may be a while before you see the vehicle’s air-bound, the company has its sites set on the future of Hondo being sky-high. The company announced it would be increasing its spending on research and development for rockets, robots, and flying cars. Over the next six years, the automaker plans to spend $45 billion on R&D. Hondo has not, however, stated what fraction of that will be spent on each of the future initiatives. The company currently hopes to achieve working prototypes before taking any of the proposed products to the next level.

FCC to Work on Ridding Robocalls with Oversea Effort

If you are like the rest of us and look forward to a robocall-less day, the FCC is on it. Jessica Rosenworcel, acting chair of the FCC had stated they have found the loophole that still allows foreign scammers to reach your phone. The proposed fix from the FCC would require “gateway providers” to stop robocalls before they get to your phone. Called the Targeting Gateway Providers to Combat Illegal Robocalls, the agency adopted the proposal earlier this week. The new requirements would in turn ensure that gateway providers are verifying calls before they can pass on to other operators in the US. In regards to the effort, Rosenworcel said the following, “We’re just getting started,” she added. “We have more work to do, and we have a new vigor to make it happen.”

NASA’s Lucy to Explore Eight Never Before Seen Worlds

In the coming weeks, NASA’s Lucy mission will embark on a journey far beyond where science has traveled before. NASA will be sending a spacecraft toward the ancient raw materials of Jupiter’s Trojan belt. The mission serves as a daring attempt to access our solar system’s well-preserved history. These 4 billion-year-old fossils are considered the key to unlock the origins of Earth, Saturn, and Mars. Lucy’s 12-year trek will provide close-up views of a diverse selection of Trojan asteroids. The mission will help scientists in deciphering how and why our solar system came to be. 

From Cryptocurrency Wallets on Robinhood to Disney Plus Day | Tech News

In this week’s tech news we’re covering a range of headlines. From cryptocurrency wallets on Robinhood to Disney Plus day and more. Stay connected with the latest in tech and read on for the top headlines of the week.

Microsoft Debuts New Mouse Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Delivering on their promise of sustainability, Microsoft has unveiled their new mouse made of 20% recycled ocean plastic. The announcement took place this week at the tech company’s Surface event. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reiterated the company’s 2030 pledge to become carbon negative, zero waste, and water positive. Likewise, the mouse will serve as one of a number of changes the company hopes to make with its devices and packaging. “If you’re serious about innovation, you must also be serious about accessibility for everyone, and the sustainability of our most finite resource — our planet,” Nadella said during the event. Most importantly, the company has been carbon neutral since 2012. 

Amazon Plans For High-Tech Department Store

According to a Wall Street Journal article this week, Amazon will reportedly be bringing high-tech to its department stores. The article reports that the tech giant has been looking for ways to combine the experience of online shopping with a physical store. Some of the rumored elements of the Amazon store would include customers being able to request clothing to try on via a QR code. Likewise, the report also notes that these concepts are not finalized yet but are part of the potential aspects being considered. California, along with Ohio are among the states that Amazon plans to open its 30,000 square-foot stores in.

Scientists Unveil ‘smallest-ever human-made flying structure’

In the latest new science tech, the world’s ‘smallest-ever human-made flying structures’ have been unveiled. The “microfliers” are minuscule winged microchips with designs inspired by nature. The chips are the size of a sand grain and able to travel by wind like that of a maple tree seed. John Rogers, the co-author of the paper published on the microfliers, stated their goal would be for the device to sense the environment for a number of things. This would include “contamination monitoring, population surveillance or disease tracking.”

Robinhood set to add Cryptocurrency Wallets to Platform

The popular stock trading app Robinhood will soon allow all users to access a cryptocurrency wallet for their digital investments. Users can sign up on the app for the waiting list for early access. Robinhood’s cryptocurrency wallet will allow users to spend and trade their Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to Robinhood’s crypto lead, Christine Brown, waitlist access will begin by the end of 2021. Likewise, the feature will go on to be available to all users in early 2022.

Disney Plus Sets Date for Dinsey Plus Free Streaming Day

For fans of the media giant and their popular app, Disney has announced November 12 as Disney Plus Day. The date celebrates the second anniversary of the launch of the app. Films like Shang-Chi will be available to stream for free for Disney Plus subscribers. Currently, users can watch in-theatre films with premier access for $19.99. Additional content on November 12 will also include new ‘Star Wars’ spin-offs and a new ‘Home Alone’ feature film. 

New Snap Lens Teaches Users How to Fingerspell in Sign Language

Snapchat has introduced new features this week as a way of marking International Week of the Deaf. The added changes include customer stickers and three AR lenses that encourage users to fingerspell. In addition, feedback and guidance from deaf and hard-of-hearing employees at the company helped to design the feature. Most importantly, Snap Lab software engineer Jennica Pounds, who is deaf, was one of the employees that helped drive the initiative.

Weekend Events: September 24-26, 2021

With Fall almost here, your weekend just got a lot more festive. Enjoy fun events from around town from the spooky to the creative. Whether heading out with friends or family, this weekend’s event round-up is sure to be one to remember.


Bob Baker’s Halloween Spooktacular!

When: Until October 31, 2021

Where: Highland Park | Los Angeles

What: Don’t miss the delightfully ghoulish return of “Bob Baker’s Halloween Spooktacular”. October is almost here and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the most haunting year of the month with this beloved “boo-sical revue”. The puppet theater’s Halloween performance will run all the way through the end of All Hallow’s Eve.

Lorna Simpson: Everrrything

When: Until January 9, 2022

Where: Downtown Arts District | DTLA

What: See Hauser & Wirth’s latest exhibit, Lorna Simpson’s ‘Everrrything’ now on display. Located in the courtyard and north gallery, the works are from all sides of the artist conception toolkit. The photographer-turned-painter has a range of mediums to view from new sculptures to paintings and collages.

Asphalt Comedy

When: until October 30, 2021

Where: 7763 Melrose Avenue | Los Angeles 

What: After a long week, you deserve a good laugh this weekend, and Asphalt Comedy agrees. Take a seat on Melrose for a mix of stand-ups at this outdoor stage. If you are hungry Mona Lisa Kitchen will be hand to provide nosh options for purchase. Just make sure to bring your vaccine card as proof of vaccination will be needed to be seated. Masks are mandatory when not eating or drinking.


Americana in the Park

When: until October 10, 2021

Where: Santa Monica

What: Bring the entire family to Santa Monica’s newest free concert! ‘American in the Park’ picks up where Twilight on the Pier’ left off in its own unique way. Enjoy this new concert series in partnership with McCabe’s Guitar Shop for fun Sunday afternoon musical acts outdoors. Running in both September and October, the concert explores the roots of Americana.

Rooftop Cinema Club Presents: Selena

When: Sept 6, 2021

Where: The Drive-In at Santa Monica Airport

What: Head to Santa Monica for a screening of the cult classic biopic ‘Selena’ starring Jennifer Lopez. Rooftop Cinema offers the perfect alfresco rooftop movie viewing experience for some well-deserved weekend fun.


Noises Off

When: until October 9, 2021

Where: Long Beach Playhouse | Long Beach

What: See the mayhem and humor of what goes on behind the scenes of putting on a stage show with the hit Michael Frayn production ‘Noises Off’. Long Beach Playhouse and its troupe of actors invite you to enjoy the most horrendously funny performance ever presented.


Electric Dusk Drive-In presents Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

When: September 19, 2021 | 6:30 PM 

Where: Sears Parking Lot | Glendale

What: “A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.” Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be at the Electric Dusk Drive-In this weekend for a night that’s perfect for the whole family.


Totally Valley Block Party

When:  Sep 25, 2021

Where: Westfield Fashion Square | Sherman Oaks

What: Presented by My Valley Pass and Westfield Fashion Square is the end-of-summer block party you and your family won’t want to miss. Totally Valley Block Party invites you to enjoy an evening filled with fun. The event will feature popular food vendors, tastings from five local brewers, music, and more. Stop by for outdoor games and surprise giveaways as the valley closes out summer in style. 


Habitat Restoration Day

When: Sep 25, 2021

Where: Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve | Van Nuys

What: Help keep your community clean this weekend for National Public Lands Day. Spend the morning at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve for a habitat restoration project. You’ll be joining the California Native Plant Society to help remove invasive plants and make native seed balls.


Reign of Terror Haunted House

When: Until November 6, 2021

Where: Janss Marketplace | Thousand Oaks

What: Make your way to Janss Marketplace this weekend if you dare. The 17-night ‘Reign of Terror Haunted House’ returns for a truly frightful attraction. Entering its 22nd annual season, make your way through 130 rooms and 10 terrifying attractions for a sarcastic evening. 

Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Oxnard

When: Sep 25, 2021

Where: The Collection Riverpark | Oxnard

What: Walk for a cause this Saturday with friends or family. Join the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at The Collection at RiverPark. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. 

Kathak Karnival at Oak Canyon Community Park

When: September 26, 2021

Where: 5700 Hollytree Dr | Oak Park

What: Bring the whole family for this weekend’s Kathak Karnival in Oak Park. Play carnival games, enjoy carnival food, watch Kathak performances at this fun and educational community event. 


LA EATS: The Best Restaurants for a Date Night Around Town

When it comes to dining out with your significant other, where you venture is what is most important. Rather than spend the time to find someplace new, we have you covered! In this week’s blog, we’re sharing the best restaurants for a date night around town.


Date night
9010 Melrose Ave | West Hollywood

Since opening Olivetta has remained at the top of the list of best restaurants in WeHo. It should come as no surprise that it’s also perfect for a date night. Enjoy fine cooking like pasta, chops, and more from the acclaimed Michael Fiorelli.

Angelini Osteria

Location: 7313 Beverly Blvd | Los Angeles 

A true legend in LA that has given rise to numerous chefs, Angelini Osteria is magnifico. With an array of fine dining options to choose from, it’s the perfect place for a date night in LA. Indulge in dishes like the sea urchin linguine or lasagne verde as your top entree options.


500 Mateo St | Los Angeles

While Bavel remains tough to get a reservation at, it’s certainly worth planning a date night ahead of time for. Located in the ultra-hip Arts District, the middle eastern-leaning eatery will invigorate your taste buds.


The Arthur J

903 Manhattan Ave | Manhattan Beach

Don’t judge a book by its cover or size. Arthur J, while on the smaller side of dining sports, serves up a vast menu of options. With a delicious array of high-quality food, this steakhouse makes for the perfect date night in Manhattan Beach. 


2732 Main St | Santa Monica

One of the best restaurants in Santa Monica, Pasjoli offers delicious upscale French cooking. Enjoy culinary dishes from fine dining chef Dave Beran and truly amazing service. For a date night treat and quality french fare, look no further.  


Michael’s on Naples Ristorante

5620 2nd St | Long Beach

Offering award-winning Italian food and a vibrant rooftop is Lon Beach’s Michaels on Naples Restorante. The eatery not only serves as the perfect date night spot in LB but is one of the best places for great views. 


11744 Ventura Blvd | Studio City

Enjoy retro-cool in an upscale setting for a fresh take on your traditional date night. Talesai has been a favorite for the SFV for over two decades. With delicious Thai food from the Yenbamroong family, it can be easy to see why this is the case. 


Le Sanglier

5522 Crebs Ave. | Tarzana

A true hidden gem in Tarzana, Le Sanglier has been enchanting the community for over 4o years. The French restaurant offers a beautiful candle-laden dining room with a wonderful menu of cuisine options. 

Augustine Wine Bar

13456 Ventura Blvd | Sherman Oaks

If you are looking for a more casual date night then we highly recommend Augustine Wine bar. With countless options of wine to sip and taste, accompanied by exquisite charcuterie, need we say more? 


Moqueca Brazilian Restaurant

1610 Thousand Oaks Blvd | Thousand Oaks

When it comes to Brazilian food, Moqueca has remained one of SoCal’s best. A romantic spit with traditional food from the Bahia region, Moqueca makes for a great date night. Enjoy their namesake seafood stew with a round of caipirinhas for a delicious meal option. 



951 S Westlake Blvd #102 | Westlake Village

Conejo Valley has no shortage of Italian restaurants but no date list would be complete without Nonna. From handmade pasta like the strozzapreti to the pacheri with roasted eggplants, you’ll love it all. The owners hail from Tuscany, so you can expect amazing classic dishes from the region that will not disappoint.


Moody Rooster

2891 Agoura Rd | Westlake Village

Don’t let location deter you from Chef Collin Crannell’s farm-to-table restaurant. Moody Rooster may be in the middle of a shopping center but it’s at the top of our list for great date night spots. Enjoy a small and truly delicious seasonal menu made with sustainable ingredients. Our personal favorite is the crispy gnocchi with harissa carrots, and also just everything on the menu.