Adrienne Tourtelot Gives Kitchen Reno Advice to Mansion Global

Rodeo Realty’s Adrienne Tourtelot speaks about renovating your kitchen before it hit the market to Mansion Global.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (August 16, 2019)-Earlier this month, Adrienne Tourtelot chatted with Mansion Global about useful advice homeowners thinking to sell should know. When it comes to renovating their kitchen pre-sale, there are a number of factors that come into play. This is why the editors at Mansion Global sought out top agents like Adrienne for this informative feature.

Adrienne along with a select few other agents shared their thoughts on the do or don’t of kitchen remodeling. What was a stand out statement they could all agree on is that remodeling offers the highest recoup but should not be a major overhaul.

“Kitchens and baths offer the highest recouping value, at least in the luxury space out here in Los Angeles,” Adrienne said. Stating that often times sellers will opt for a full redo that buyers often end up redoing themselves. The way to avoid this is a focus on space rather than style. “Buyers are looking for things like open concept, so removing a non-load bearing wall from the kitchen and dining space can offer huge value and low cost.”

The full article provided a range of advice and ideas for those looking to conquer the kitchen renovation feat. It is clear when it comes to selling your home, taking advice from experts like Adrienne offers the largest return. Much like a thoughtfully redone kitchen.

About Adrienne Tourtelot

A highly respected and accomplished agent, Adrienne Tourtelot has 15 years of experience in Westside real estate. Adrienne has helped her clients market and purchase incredible homes. A Westside native, she focuses on the highly desirable communities. This includes areas like Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Bel Air, West Los Angeles, Mar Vista, Cheviot Hills and Pacific Palisades. Adrienne brings a deep understanding of the neighborhoods, schools and lifestyles for her clients.

Nicole Nash Reps Sony Co-Pres on Hollywood Condo Sale

Nicole Nash of Rodeo Realty represented the buyer and seller for Sony Co-President’s Hollywood Condo.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif (August 16, 2019)- Earlier this month Nicole Nash accomplished a double win in the real estate category. Representing both the buyer and the seller, she closed sale on stylish Hollywood condo. The three-bedroom abode belonged to co-president of Sony Pictures, Jason Clodfelter and sold in about three weeks of hitting the market.

The listing received press during and after the sale with the LA Times reporting on the closed deal.  Used as an investment property by Clodfelter, the home received well over several offers after being listed in June. One look at the updated unit and it’s no wonder, it was a hot ticket on the market.

The home has 1,510 square feet of living space and features an open floor plan and updated kitchen. The master suite boost a large walk-in closet with custom shelving and the dining area opens to a serene balcony space.

Another impressive note, is that the listing sold for $46,00 more than the original asking price. The closing deal was $795,000 which is amazing considering the median range for the area.

Jason Clodfelter along with co-president Chriss Parnell have been at the helm of development for successful shows like “Breaking Bad” and “The Blacklist”.

About Nicole Nash

Nicole Nash has business skills in her blood as the daughter of an estate jeweler and the niece of Hollywood producer. Nicole has always recognized the value of making positive business contacts. Priding herself on relationships, she is highly adept at forming loyal affiliations. Nicole has enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine love for the city that she sells.

About Rodeo Realty

Rodeo Realty is a residential real estate firm that has more than 1,200 licensed agents and brokers. Rodeo Realty services various markets in Southern California. This including luxury real estate markets. The company’s multi-million dollar listings are regularly featured in the press. Rodeo Realty is a residential real estate firm that has more than 1,200 licensed agents and brokers and 12 offices throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Operated under the direction and vision of a single owner, Rodeo Realty stands today as one of the largest independent real estate companies in the nation

Home Tips: Closet Organization Hacks

Limited space in your closet doesn’t mean you must have a limited wardrobe. You can store the wardrobe of your dreams in just about any space with a little creativity and a selection of smart storage pieces. Check out these four tips to help you organize your clothes when you’re working with even the tightest of storage areas.


Think Vertically

Interior designer and Target home style expert, Emily Henderson, states, “If you have limited storage space, make your closet work harder for you by thinking vertically.” Try adding stacking shelves to floor space where everything from folded clothes to small accessories can live. Fabric bins placed on shelves can corral small, loose items like hats and scarves.

Use Slim Hangers

Not only do slim hangers shave off precious inches in an already crowded closet but, they’re non-slip as well. Your clothes won’t fall to the floor as you search for the perfect outfit. As an added bonus, they look good since they’re made from velvet.

Add Space Saving Products to Your Closet

You can find space-saving products meant to be used in small closets in the organizational aisles of homes stores such as Target or Bed, Bath * Beyond. The fabric cubicles of hanging shelves can add several “shelves” to a storage space that otherwise doesn’t have any. Be sure to look for one that can bear the weight of what you plan to stash there – which can be anything from pairs of jeans to sweaters or a collection of T-shirts.

Consider Under the Bed Storage

According to Henderson, “Under-the-bed storage is key when you no longer have space in your closet.” Off-season clothes can be stored under your bed in either fabric or plastic bins. If your bed sits too low to the ground to allow for bins beneath it, then “consider creating a DIY clothing rack and hanging it from your ceiling.”

Back 2 School: Tips and Tricks

To set yourself up for a successful school year, establish some standards and guidelines to follow through the entire year. A great plan may start with a simple conversation which will lead to clear family communication, and could include tools like checklists, which will help you stay on track and prepare for any situation.

Establish a morning routine

Figure out how much time you need everyday to get dressed, do your makeup, eat breakfast, etc. That way, you will know exactly when to wake up, if you’re truly an early bird try to sneak in a work out, or keep it low key with a walk in the park.

Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Kick off your morning with a healthy breakfast that will keep you going throughout the day. Try an omelet, or oatmeal topped with some fruit. Something that will fill you up and fuel you up at the same time.

Set Goals

Protip: Save the easiest task for last

Make a list of your goals before the school year gets started so you can keep checking back to see how your progress is going. When work piles up, figure out the hardest thing, then tackle it first while you’re focused. Once it’s off your plate, you’ll breeze through the rest.


Rest Up

As fun as it seems to scroll through Instagram at all hours of the night, you’re going to regret it the next morning. Start your year off feeling rested and ready to conquer everything thanks to a good night sleep.


Get a Cute Backpack & Organize it

You will use your backpack every day, so find a bag that totally fits your personality and you might even be excited to lug it around all day. An organized backpack will make it so much easier to grab what you’re looking for.

Organize Your Closet

Organizing your closet will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Plus, the start of the school year is the perfect time to get rid of anything that’s too small, ruined, or you never wear.


De-Clutter Your Room

When all the stuff you no longer use is all gone, you’ll have a place for everything, and when you’re not worried about finding what you need, your brain will feel clearer too.


Organize Your Planner / Start a Bullet Journal

One of the best parts about organizing is getting a new planner. If you haven’t jumped on the bullet journal craze, now is the perfect time. A bullet journal is a fun way to stay organized this year and track your goals. There’s something about a new notebook — all the potential in those unwritten pages — that makes it exciting to write.

Keep Track of Your Favorite Motivational Quotes

Write your favorite quotes in all your notebooks, so every time you crack one open, you’ll get inspired.

Write Things Down

Do a brain dump. Take two minutes each morning to get all your thoughts on paper. Put down everything you want to do for the day. Once it’s all out of your head, it’s easier to tell what your biggest goals are for the day and prioritize from there. It’s a great way to de-stress and make the day look less intimidating.

Find Ways to Chill Out

Stress is an inevitable part of school. But you can make it more manageable by finding some stress-relieving activities you enjoy, whether that’s watching your fave rom-coms with your besties or going for a run. 

Pay Attention to the Positive

We know it can be super hard, but make a pact to focus on the positive this year and tune out the haters.

LA Eats: The Best Food Trucks in L.A.

Whether you’re craving a morning nosh or lunchtime reprieve, these food trucks are sure to satisfy. With LA having a bounty of delicious meals on wheels throughout the city, we tracked down some notable favs. So save your appetite for the best food trucks in L.A.! Your tastebuds will thank you later!!

Kogi BBQ

Various locations

Roy Choi’s Kogi truck is almost undisputedly the leader of the Twitter food truck revolution in LA. Still an absolute powerhouse of creative fusion cooking, his culinary masterpieces lead to the nationwide trend of wrapping, like, everything in a corn tortilla.
Where to find it: From West LA to Whittier, Kogi goes everywhere. Keep an eye on its stops here.

Prince of Venice

Santa Monica

No, seriously, this pasta-heavy truck is indeed owned by a real-life royalty. The dapper Prince Emanuele Filiberto, grandson of grandson of Umberto II, the last guy to ever serve as King of Italy. Filiberto’s idea was to combine Italian imports like flour, olive oil, and truffles with locally sourced California ingredients to create housemade noodles and rustic sauces and then sell it all out of a truck… as princes so often do. The result is excellent fresh pasta dishes like bucatini all’amatriciana, and orecchiette in an almond-spiked pesto, along with take-home jars of vibrant Bolognese.
Where to find it: Usually on the Westside, but sometimes LACMA or elsewhere; check the weekly schedule before heading out.

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

Various locations

The self-proclaimed “Home of the Original Sushi Burrito,” and deservedly so. The massive rolls are like amazing poke bowls minus the chopsticks. Grab a Spicy Salmon Delight, with spicy salmon, avocado, and cucumber wrapped with sushi rice and soy paper. The Spicy Tuna Nachos are actually spicy tuna and avocado on a bed of Doritos (yup) with eel sauce.
Where to find it: Another truck that’s always on the move, you’ll want to check Jogasaki’s schedule ahead of time.


Mandoline Grill

Various locations

The long-running Mandoline’s bánh mì are some of the best truck bites in the city, with choices of tasty grilled pork, Hawaiian BBQ chicken, or lemongrass tofu. You can also pop any of those proteins in a taco, a bun, or even on top of tortilla chips, with scallions, jalapeño, mint, cilantro, and Sriracha aioli for some Vietnamese nacho action.
Where to find it
: Office-heavy areas like Burbank and Century City at lunch, and special events like the Eat|See|Hear outdoor movie nights for dinner. Check the schedule for specifics.

Mariscos Jalisco

Boyle Heights

The long-serving, Gold-beloved Mariscos Jalisco is an unassuming Boyle Heights-based seafood truck that sneakily serves up some of the best Mexican seafood in all of LA (and opened its first restaurant in Pomona last year). MJ’s tostadas, shrimp tacos, and ceviches are now the stuff of legend, thanks to a fiercely loyal following and nearly unbeatable prices. It’s best known for its decadent deep-fried shrimp tacos but you cannot leave without getting the Poseidon tostada – a smorgasbord of offerings including the glossy shrimp aguachile, citrus-heavy ceviche, and meaty chunks of octopus along with somehow-always-perfect avocado and cucumber all atop a crisped-up corn tortilla.
Where to find it: 3040 E Olympic Blvd, 9am to 6pm daily

Let’s Be Frank

Culver City

Sue Moore, one of the geniuses behind Let’s Be Frank, used to be the meat forager at Chez Panisse. If that’s not enough to convince you that this next-level hot dog cart (OK it’s not a truck, but whatever, it’d be wrong not to include it) is worth your time, then we don’t know what is. The meat is family farmed, humanely raised, much cleaner, and just as delicious as your typical street meat.
Where to find itHelms Bakery Complex from 11:30am to 3:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays only

The Lobos Truck

Various locations

Lobos’ waffle fry nachos are among the best in LA, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have more to offer. If you’re not getting all up in said nachos, you can also get all up in one of their monster burgers (like the Big Lobo, with two Angus patties, Cheddar, Jack, a fried egg, guac, and tomato on brioche), some fresh salads, or some Spicy Mac (mac & cheese with completely homemade, completely kickass Diablo sauce). And do we even need to tell you to finish it off with a salted caramel bacon brownie? We don’t, right? We don’t.
Where to find it: Lobos is mainly booked via private events, so you’ll need to contact the crew.

Leo’s Taco Truck

Various locations

You’ll love anything you get from this taco institution, but you probably won’t love anything more than the al pastor that’s made Leo’s such a fan favorite. You’ll see it getting sliced from the trompo, a huge, vertical gas grill. Served with pineapple, it’s truly one of the tastiest tacos in the city — and at $1, one of the cheapest as well.
Where to find it: With eight trucks open until the wee hours, you’ll be able to easily score a taco when you need it.

Dinas Dumpling

Various locations

The eye-catching pink truck offers a gloriously streamlined menu of five types of multi-hued Chinese scratch-made dumplings daily. These include beet-red beef, a carrot-orange chicken variety, and mushroom-and-tofu dumplings made of spinach-spiked dough. While it used to be mainly Pasadena-based, you can now catch Dinas rolling through Hollywood, Culver City, Burbank, and beyond.
Where to find it: Often outside big offices like Cartoon Network in Burbank or feeding the Silicon Beach set in Playa Vista. Also at NoHo’s Vegan Sunday fest. Check the truck’s Twitter page for the latest locations, or view the projected schedule here.

Merci Clement Truck

Various locations

What’s better than velvety gelato on a scorching summer-in-LA day? When said gelato comes on a stick, of course. The truck of treats (which now operates a brick-and-mortar outpost in Santa Monica) offers straight-laced flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut in addition to swirled varietals of strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu and artsy popsicles dipped in flavored praline crunch or chocolate-spiked graham crackers. Non-dairy types can also get in on the action with vegan sorbet sticks, all on display in the gleaming glass case.
Where to find it: Frequently wheeling and dealing in front Little Tokyo’s Japanese Village Plaza, though they don’t seem to give much of a heads up on social media.

Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Los Feliz

If you want to make a living selling Baja-style fish tacos, it certainly helps to be born in raised in the seaside town of Ensenada, as owner Ricky Piña was. His fish and shrimp tacos (the only two types the truck typically offers) are some of the best in the city, and that light-and-crunchy batter is a big part of what makes them so dreamy, done up with classic crema, pico de gallo, and cabbage on a white corn tortilla. You can take down these tacos five days a week under the Hyperion overpass.
Where to find it3201 Riverside Drive, Wednesday through Sunday afternoons.

The Rooster 

Venice, Mar Vista

If it’s your first time, you’ll want to go straight for the Rico Suave: a hefty flour tortilla loaded with greasy-crunchy Tater Tots tasty ingredients like bacon, a Cheddar-cotija blend, over-medium egg. You could also do an avocado brioche toast, bacon, egg & cheese sandwich on ciabatta, or an egg-topped wagyu burger.
Where to find itWeekends only. Out front of Blue Bottle Coffee on Abbot Kinney in Venice on Saturdays from 7:30am to 2:30pm, and on Sundays at the Mar Vista Farmers Market from 9am to 2pm.

Steamy Bun Truck

Various locations

If you stuff it they will come sounds like the perfect motto for this popular bun truck. Filling its puffy steamed dough with everything from traditional pork belly to a soy-and-hoisin-infused angus burger patty, can we say yum! You can also load up on sides of shrimp chips, egg rolls, chicken empanadas, and the Footine fries piled with Japanese beef curry, gravy, sour cream, and Sriracha. Good God.
Where to find it: At the Hollywood Night Market on Thursday evenings, Abbot Kinney First Fridays, and other festivals and events. Keep an eye on the truck on Twitter.

Bad Chkn


Opened by three culinary school pals, Bad Chkn now parks in front of a body shop in Glendale most nights. If you want to skip the sandwich, try the Cheddar-and-chive-grits poppers served with beer-battered shrimp and tossed in the same super hot sauce. They’ve also got wings, loaded crinkle-cut fries, and fancy truffle upgrades. Is it a crazy idea to launch a first-time food truck in 2019? These guys are gonna find out.
Where to find it: Monday through Friday, 10:30am to 2pm at 1933 S Broadway, Downtown LA, and 6:30pm to 10pm at 801 S Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale.

Weekend Events: August 16-18

Is it just us or does summer seem shorter the older you get? Regardless of that small nuance, it’s all the more reason to celebrate the sunny season. Don’t let the summer days pass you by without some necessary LA excitement. Spend you weekend off the 405 and at one of these fun-filled events we’ve listed below. Your social life will thank you!

Friday, August 16

Jurassic Park in Concert

Location: The Hollywood Bowl

Featuring visually stunning imagery and groundbreaking special effects, the action-packed adventure of Jurassic Park arrives at the Bowl. Pitting man against prehistoric predators is the ultimate battle for survival. Experience it now, projected in HD with the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing John Williams’ iconic score live to picture. Take on the Hollywood Bowl like a true Angeleno with our Out & About: Hollywood Bowl Guide!

Click here for more info. 

Jazz at LACMA: Gilbert Castellanos

Location: LACMA

Celebrate L.A.’s finest jazz musicians! Jazz at LACMA is presented Friday evenings from April to November. Southern California trumpet virtuoso, Gilbert Castellanos, makes music that sounds effortless. Recognized as a new American master by Downbeat magazine, Castellanos has established himself as one of the nation’s most inventive improvisers in stirring live performance.

Click here for more info.  

Comedy Night at Downtown LA Winery

Location: San Antonio Winery & Restaurant

Wine a little and laugh a lot – Comedy Night at The Winery is back by popular demand! Perfect for a lighthearted date night or laughter-filled evening with friends, join us for a dinner, wine, and a show in our richly decorated Vintage Room and Cellar. Both wine and laughter will be flowing. This is a night you won’t want to miss!

Click here for more info. 

Saturday, August 17

Kids Food Festival

Location: Kidpspace Children’s Museum

New York City’s famous Kids Food Fest is coming to L.A.! Kidspace and The Creative Kitchen are teaming up for this interactive weekend to inspire healthy living and to teach how to make balanced food choices. Launch the new school year with tips for healthy lunches and family cooking recipes, try some yoga poses, and register for a Future Foodie cooking class.

Click here fore more info.

KCON 2019

Location: Staples Center

KCON is the first convention dedicated to “All Things Hallyu”. The convention was created so that fans could have the opportunity to interact with Korean entertainment and culture as a community. What makes KCON a wonderfully special event? It gives fans the valuable experience of interacting with each other and established artists in a fun, personal fashion.

Click here for more info.

Steps for the Earth 2019 Tzu Chi USA Walk

Location: Whittier Narrows Recreation Area

Mark your calendars for Tzu Chi USA’s first ever annual walk. Show solidarity for and commitment to a greener Earth and more resilient communities. Whether you walk, run, or bike, they’re determined to make every step count. The event features delicious vegetarian food for purchase, music performance, exhibition, walkathon, candlelight prayer ceremony and other activities.

Click here for more info.

37th Annual Wings Over Camarillo Airshow

Location: Camarillo Airport

The Camarillo Wings Association will host this year’s 37th Annual “Wings Over Camarillo” Air Show. Presented by California Aeronautical University, this year’s event will feature aerial performances starting at noon. This year’s airshow also includes aerobatic performances from classic warbirds from the CAF, military aircraft, experimental aircraft, antique cars and motorcycles and more, as well as a variety of food and street vendors.

Click here for more info.

Sunday, August 18

Music for a Summer Afternoon

Location:1049 S Westlake Blvd, Westlake Village

The Westlake Village Music Society will present their concert titled “Music for a Summer Afternoon”. Featured performers will be Armen Anassian – violin, Dana Rouse – mezzo soprano, and Christine De Klotz – piano. Anassian is a concertmaster with the Los Angeles Opera; Rouse is a voice professor at Cal Lutheran University who performs regularly as a chorister and soloist. DeKlotz plays with chamber music ensembles and accompanies local choral groups, including the Village Voices Chorale.

For more information, call (805) 497-7884.
826LA@Hammer: Little Chicken Explorers: A Picture Book Workshop

Location: Hammer Museum

Why did the chicken cross the road? You’ll find the answer in this picture-book workshop. We’ll provide you with a tiny baby chicken toy model, and you’ll create an illustrated story about a freshly hatched baby chick’s grand adventure. Kim Adelman is a nonfiction author who wrote a book about chick flicks.

Click here for more info.

Syncopated Ladies

Location: Skirball Cultural Center

Close out the season with the all-female tap dance band Syncopated Ladies. The Dance group was founded by Emmy Award–nominated tap dancer and choreographer Chloe Arnold. Receiving praise by megastar Beyoncé for their tap dance tribute to her hit song “Formation” is a show not to be missed! The Syncopated Ladies won the first dance crew battle on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance.

Click here for more info. 

Out & About: Hollywood Bowl

One of the most enjoyable of summer rituals is relaxing under the stars while music fills the Hollywood Bowl! Since its opening in 1922, the Hollywood Bowl has been the premier destination for live music in Southern California, hosting everyone from Billie Holiday to The Beatles to Yo-Yo Ma under the iconic silhouette of its concentric-arched band shell.


  1. What to Eat: Picnic Boxes


Nowhere else will you find a stick of gum in your picnic box—except for this friendly family-run food shop in West Hollywood. Each box is $23 per person and includes a sandwich, vegan salad, daily side salad, a Deluscious cookie and bottled water.

Cheesemongers of Sherman Oaks

This gourmet shop offers picnic boards packed for easy transport complete with napkins and utensils, two cheeses, one cured meat, cornichons, olives, dried fruit, and Marcona almonds (serves two to three, $20). Daily sandwich specials are available for $8 and can be also be prepared quickly on the spot.

Froma on Melrose

This cozy Italian café and gourmet shop on Melrose Avenue provides two types of picnics with baskets equipped with napkins, plates, utensils, and plastic wine glasses. The basic picnic for two is $40, and features two paninis, a cheese and charcuterie tray with crostini, two salads, fresh baked cookie or pastry, chips, and two non-alcoholic drinks.


  1. Parking/Rideshare –

Park & Ride

Park in one of the designated Park & Ride Lots and a bus will take you straight to the Bowl. Roundtrip bus ride costs $7/person when pre-purchased and $12 cash/person when purchased at the lot. Park & Ride tickets are available online until 10am on the day prior to the concert.

General Parking

Parking at the Bowl is extremely limited! Arrive early to ensure availability. All parking lots are stack parked and there is no early exit. Lots open four hours before the start of each event and prices begin at $24/car.

Bowl Shuttle near the Bowl

Drive to one of the close-to-the-Bowl shuttle lots, and from there we’ll take you almost to your seats! Parking is free (except Hollywood and Highland), and the bus ride costs $6/person round trip. Departures begin 2 ½ hours prior to concert and the last bus departs each lot at concert time.

  • Upcoming shows

Jurassic Park in Concert – Friday, August 16, 2019

Featuring visually stunning imagery and groundbreaking special effects, the action-packed adventure of Jurassic Park pits man against prehistoric predators in the ultimate battle for survival. Experience it now, projected in HD with the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing John Williams’ iconic score live to picture.

Smooth Summer Jazz – Sunday, August 18, 2019

Dave Koz & Friends, The Commodores, Hiroshima the 40th Anniversary, and Adam Hawley lead the way at our annual mini-festival dedicated to the smoothest jazz sounds around. Please allot more time than usual for your trip to the Bowl this evening.

The Roots Christian McBride Big Band – Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The wildly versatile bassist Christian McBride opens with his Grammy-winning 21st-century big band for a set of tight, swinging jazz. The legendary hip-hop crew The Roots celebrate the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album Things Fall Apart, whose revolutionary blend of live instrumentation, classic hip-hop sampling, and thought-provoking wordplay make it one of the most influential albums in rap history.