Spending the Day at Universal Studios | Out & About

With the arrival of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, there is no better time to visit the SoCal park. Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood is an incredible experience. Likewise, with a bit of extra preparation, you’ll be navigating the park like a pro! Check out our tips now to ensure that nothing slows down your fun-filled day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Planning Your Visit

Tickets for Universal Studios start at $109 for General Admission and go up to $349 for a VIP Experience. For those hoping to beat the lines in the Mushroom Kingdom, Universal Studios is offering Early Park Admission for Nintendo World. The pass gets you in one hour early before the park opens to the general public. Of course, the new addition to the park won’t officially open until February 17.  Children under the age of two receive free admission. Just make sure that little ones meet the required height for particular rides – it’s time for family fun at its best!

Once you have arrived at Universal Studios

Make sure to beat the crowd and maximize your fun at Universal Studios Hollywood! Get there early for a chance to experience all of its unique attractions. From exploring Harry Potter’s magical world, delving into Nintendo-themed adventures, or catching an unparalleled show – there’s something exciting waiting around every corner! Make planning even easier with their helpful app that provides ride wait times, restaurant locations, and so much more. Plus, you can stay connected while adventuring through the park; complimentary WiFi is available throughout!

Tips on Rides and Shows

Looking for a quick and easy way to ride without splitting up from your group? Single Riders Line is the solution! Plus, did you know that with their “child switch” program, adults can take turns waiting in line, so everyone gets to experience all the attractions?! But when it comes to Ollivanders Wand Shop – you won’t need an express pass because no one ever does. This line quickly builds early on as kids and parents alike pick out magical wands of their own, so they’re ready to cast spells throughout Wizarding World. If you visit Universal Studios, make sure to catch The Studio Tour! Guests will get to see some of the most iconic movies that have been filmed, like JAWS and Psycho. In addition to that, you’ll also get to experience King Kong 360-3D and a ride-along tour with the cast of Fast & The Furious, a hyper-realistic journey with a crazy car chase adventure.

Where to Dine in Universal Studios

Get a taste of Britain without having to cross the pond! Gather up your friends and experience a magical meal at The Three Broomsticks in Wizarding World, where you can enjoy Fish & Chips, Beef Sunday Roast, Shepherd’s Pie—and even “The Great Feast” for larger groups. Or head over to Springfield, U.S.A., full of restaurants from beloved TV show favorites that will have everyone grinning with delight! Looking for something Mario and Luigi approved? The highly anticipated Toadstool Cafe offers a range of dishes that you won’t want to miss.

Tips for Repotting Your Plants | Home Tips

Houseplants are a beautiful addition to any home, and they bring life and beauty to any space. But they need some special care to stay healthy and happy. Repotting is an important step in caring for houseplants, as it ensures that their roots have enough room to grow and that the soil contains all the nutrients they need. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips on repotting your houseplants so that they can thrive in their new homes! 

Drainage is Key

First of all, you’ll want to select a pot with adequate drainage holes. This helps keep the plant’s roots from sitting in waterlogged soil, which can cause root rot. Make sure your new pot has one hole for every inch of the pot’s diameter: for example, if your pot is 10 inches wide, there should be at least 10 drainage holes on the bottom. 

Soil Matters

Next, you’ll want to choose a soil mix that is suitable for houseplants. A general-purpose potting mix usually works well, but make sure it doesn’t contain any perlite or vermiculite, as these can absorb too much moisture from the plant’s roots over time. You could also add some slow-release fertilizer pellets into the mix as well for additional nutrient availability for your plants. 

Time to Repot

Once you’ve chosen a pot and soil mix, it’s time to start repotting! Here are some tips on how to do it properly:

– Start by making sure the plant is watered thoroughly a day or two before repotting so that its roots are easier to work with; this will help reduce any transplant shock later on. 

 – Gently remove the plant from its existing pot by tapping or squeezing it slightly until it slides out; don’t pull or tug at the stem too hard, as this can damage fragile roots.  

 – Tease apart any tangled or matted roots gently with your fingers before placing them into their new container; if necessary, cut away any dead or damaged sections before transferring them into fresh soil. 

  – Fill up about ⅔ of the new pot with fresh soil mix and place the root ball into it carefully without packing it down too firmly (this could suffocate delicate root systems). 

 – Once planted securely in place, add more soil around its base until full, then lightly pat down around its edges using your fingertips; water again once done and let drain thoroughly before setting aside in a warm spot with indirect sunlight exposure until established again (this may take several weeks).

Repotting houseplants may seem like a daunting task at first, but with proper planning and preparation beforehand, it can be done seamlessly and quickly! Just remember not to overcrowd pots when planting multiple plants together – each one needs enough room for its own roots, so space them out evenly when possible. Also, avoid over-watering newly transplanted ones too often as this could lead to excessive moisture retention resulting in root rot issues down the line – instead, wait until their topsoil layer appears dry before watering again sparingly only when needed going forward!

Weekend Events | February 3 – February 5

The first week of February has arrived, and there are plenty of fun local things to do. From more lunar new year celebrations to free museum day and more, we have you covered. Read this week’s round-up of events in your neighborhood!

Los Angeles Weekend Events | February 3 – February 5 

Museums Free-For-All

When: February 5 

Where: Various locations

What: This Sunday, check off your cultural bucket list for free! Over 30 incredible museums around the city are dropping their admission fees. From exploring film history at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to learning about Japanese-American culture at the National Museum, there’s something captivating and educational waiting just for you – you’ll only need to pay extra if special exhibitions require a ticket or parking. Get ready to explore without breaking your bank account!

Listening by Moonrise

When: February 5 

Where: Chinatown

What: This February, be immersed in an unforgettable experience celebrating Black History Month. Head over to Clockshop’s quarterly sound series alongside the majestic L.A. River! Enjoy captivating readings from Mandy Harris Williams and Leah Thomas, as well as powerful performances by Tonina – all while soaking up nature’s beauty. Plus, there’ll also be delicious eats provided by Hugh’s Hot Bowls available for a perfect picnic atmosphere, so don’t miss out on this unique celebration of culture right here in Los Angeles!

Regeneration Summit: A Celebration of Black Cinema

When: February 3 – February 5

Where: Academy Museum

What: Attend three days of workshops, panels, screenings, and live entertainment tied to the Academy Museum’s excellent “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898–1971.”


Westside and Beach Communities | February 3 – February 5 

Puppy Bowl Pup Rally

When: February 4

Where: Playa Vista

What: Who needs football when you can have an amazing pup rally? Enjoy your day with furry friends at L.A.’s Wallis Annenberg PetSpace! Get ready for a tail-wagging good time full of photo ops, snacks (yum!), and agility games that’ll keep everyone entertained. Plus, there will be you can grab a bite from Vurger Guyz food truck and some caffeine from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Ubu the King

When: Until February 5

Where: Culver City

What: Culver City’s the Actors’ Gang marks its 40th anniversary by reviving this absurd Alfred Jarry satire with new direction from artistic director Tim Robbins.

Astra Lumina

When: Until January 15, 2023

Where: Rancho Palos Verdes

What: Stroll through a garden illuminated by celestial-inspired lights during this year-end event at South Coast Botanic Garden. Astra Lumina will set up about an hour-long nighttime trail through the Palos Verdes garden, with eight starry installations along the way.


San Fernando Valley Weekend Events | February 3 – February 5

Yoga in the Park

When: February 4 

Where: Verdugo Park | Glendale, CA

What: Enjoy a morning of yoga, inspiring music, fresh air, refreshments, and community. Part of the new “Go Heart” wellness program – this event is free to the public. The project is a partnership between Adventist Health, the American Heart Association, YMCA, local wellness studios, and many others to support healthy hearts and stronger communities.

Valentine’s Love & Paint

When: February 4 

Where: Belgium Waffle Haus | Studio City

What: Fall in love again this Valentine’s Season! Enjoy painting, champagne, and goodies with a live acoustic performance of beloved love songs. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. 

Crafts and Beer

When: February 5 

Where: San Fernando Brewing Company | San Fernando

What: Do you have an interest in paper crafting? Have you ever wondered how to make beautiful paper flower art for your home? This Sunday, the San Fernando Brewing Company invites you to join them for an afternoon of beer and crafting. Likewise, an excellent duo.

Conejo Valley Weekend Events | February 3 – February 5 

Moorpark Groundhog Day 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

When: February 4 

Where: 4500 Tierra Rejada | Moorpark

What: This Saturday, round up the family for a day of fun and fitness at Moorpark High School’s Groundhog Day 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run! Everyone – from elite athletes to leisurely joggers to kids 11 and under – can find something exciting with live music, finisher medals, t-shirts… and even more surprises along the way. Plus, all proceeds go back into our school’s cross-country programs, so you know your presence will make an impact in our community. So get ready – it’ll be a race worth running!

Conejo Valley Cars & Coffee Meetup 

When: February 4

Where: 350 W Hillcrest Drive | Thousand Oaks

What: Conejo Valley Cars and Coffee meets every first and third Saturday of the month from 7am to 10am at the Firestone Auto Center, The Oaks Mall, 598 W. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks. The general public and car aficionados are welcome to enjoy classics, muscle cars, and exotics. 

Chinese New Year Celebration in Thousand Oaks

When: February 4

Where: Fred Kavli Theater | Thousand Oaks

What: The Chinese New Year Celebration returns to the Bank of America Performing Arts Center this Saturday. This is an annual event organized by the Conejo Chinese Cultural Association (CCCA) for more than 30 years. Each year, over 300 children and adults participate in stage performances, with about 200 volunteers helping organize, direct, and produce this event.


From Super Bowl LVII to OpenAI and More! | Tech News

It’s time for another round-up of the leading tech news happening across the globe. From Super Bowl LVII news to the latest from OpenAI and more, we have you covered. Read this week’s blog for quick updates on happenings in media, science, and technology. 

ESA to Tackle Space Junk Issue With ‘Angel Wings’ for Satellites

The European Space Agency has launched a revolutionary prototype of its aluminum-coated sail, the Drag Augmentation Deorbiting System! This device is designed to help satellites deorbit with ultimate efficiency. Following successful demo missions since 2018, ADEO’s smaller version made headlines in late December after completing one final mission. “The ADEO-N sail will ensure that the satellite will re-enter in around one year and three months, while otherwise, it would have reentered in four to five years,” Tiziana Cardone, an ESA structural engineer who oversaw the project, said in a statement.

Super Bowl LVII to be available in Dolby Vision on Comcast

Get ready for an outstanding viewing experience this Big Game day for Super Bowl LVII! With regular HDR and 4K upscaling being the norm, Comcast is taking it to a whole new level. Xfinity X1 cable customers will be able to watch Super Bowl LVII in Dolby Vision! That’s right — through Fox’s feed analyzed with Dolby’s live production tools, you can enjoy game day like never before. Super Bowl LVII is the upcoming American football championship game of the National Football League for the 2022 NFL season. It will be played between the American Football Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football Conference champion Philadelphia Eagles. The Super Bowl LVII game will air on February 12, with Rihanna set to perform for the highly anticipated halftime show.

Microsoft Teams Premium Launches with Features from OpenAI

Get ready to revolutionize your meeting experience with the brand-new Microsoft Teams Premium! This exciting upgrade is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 AI language model and includes an amazing, intelligent recap feature that automatically takes notes for you while in meetings – even if you weren’t present at all! To top it off, this remarkable premium tier also comes with features like branded meetings, custom meeting templates, watermarking protection of contents – and more – available now at a great introductory price point… don’t miss out on experiencing these stellar updates today!

Nissan Max-Out Becomes Reality in First Look

Nissan is bringing its visionary Max-Out ultra-stylish electric convertible concept from the virtual world to reality in a grand way, with an impressive display at their high-profile Futures event based out of global headquarters in Yokohama. As part of Nissan’s $17.6 billion electrification strategy announced last November 2021, the automaker has brought this fresh idea into physical form and will showcase it until March. The Max-Out is a two-seater with a low-slung stance to emphasize speed and performance. 

This is Meta’s Year of Efficiency, According to Mark Zuckerberg

This week Meta held its fourth-quarter earnings call with investors. During the call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained why he wants to make this the “year of efficiency.” “I just think we’ve entered somewhat of a phase change for the company,” he said. After the company’s recent layoffs, the CEO stated they would shift to “increasing the efficiency of how we make decisions.” Likewise, Wall Street loves austerity these days. Meta’s stock price jumped up nearly 20 percent after its earnings report was released. “We’re going to be more proactive about cutting projects that aren’t performing or may no longer be as crucial,” Zuckerberg said. Of course, this does not include ongoing projects like the company’s metaverse efforts.

Our Favorite Steakhouses | LA Eats

If you’re after a phenomenal steak dinner, look no further! Our LA Eats blog has rounded up the greatest steakhouses in town to ensure your meal is nothing short of extravagant. From juicy cuts and melt-in-your-mouth flavors to unbeatable service – these are some of our top picks for fine dining that should not be missed.

Los Angeles Steakhouses


Location: 6600 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles

From the culinary mastermind of Curtis and Luke Stone, Gwen serves as an absolute must for LA steak lovers. The half butcher shop and half fine dining establishment have an array of upscale options to choose from. Dig into gourmet selections like grilled octopus and squid ink tagliatelle or dry-aged cuts. Either way, Gwen tops the list as one of the best steakhouses around town.


Location: 239 S Beverly Dr. Suite 100 | Beverly Hills

If you happen to be in search of a new top-tier steak spot, look no further than Matū. The Beverly Hills eatery offers an understated dining room with a compelling menu to tempt your tastebuds. With five courses that offer various cuts of New Zealand-grown wagyu beef from First Light, Matū is a steak haven. The tasting menu changes daily but the grilled ribeye, wood-grilled maitake mushrooms, and iceberg lettuce salad are highlights. 

Chi Spacca

Location: 6610 Melrose Ave. | Los Angeles

Easily still considered one of the best steakhouses in town, Chi Spacca has received rave reviews since its opening. The Italian-style steakhouse offers bistecca fiorentina, a 50-ounce dry-aged prime porterhouse. If 50-ounces is a tad too much, you can also opt for their costata alla fiorentina. A prime dry-aged, bone-in New York steak that registers only 36 ounces, perfect for any steak connoisseur. 

Westside & Beach Communities Steakhouses

Golden Bull Restaurant

Location: 170 W Channel Rd. | Santa Monica

The Golden Bull Restaurant has served as one of the best steakhouses on the Westside since 1949. Santa Monica’s old-school dining room offers stellar chops with a side of superb customer service. 


Location: 2458 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Fia Steak is a transcendent, multi-experience space featuring two distinct dining rooms, a Carrera marble bar, and a tucked-away, outdoor patio.

The Arthur J

Location: 903 Manhattan Ave. | Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach’s mid-century modern steakhouse relies on a white oak grill to deliver delectable steaks to the South Bay. As one of the best steakhouses in Manhattan Beach, even offers a Japanese wagyu beef rib-eye that’s out of this world.


San Fernando Valley Steakhouses

Larsen’s Steakhouse

Location: 16101 Ventura Blvd, Encino

With numerous locations across the valley, it’s easy to see why Larsen’s serves as one of the best steakhouses in town. The classic Encino chophouse has the perfect Prime Dry Aged Filet Mignon that any steak lover will enjoy.


Location: 13422 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

While Mistral may be a french bistro, their array of delectable steak options easily places in the category of the best. Indulge in options like their New York Steak “Au Poivre”. Or go for something more unique like the Prime Beef Steak Tartar, Toast Points, French Fries, and Green Salad. Bon appetite!

Terra e Mare

Location: 13251 Ventura Blvd Unit A | Studio City

At Terra e Mare “the earth and sea come together in culinary harmony”. The delicious eatery has long been considered one of the best steakhouses and seafood restaurants in Studio City. For an extravagant option, we recommend the Tomahawk Steak with vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Conejo Valley Steakhouses

Lucky’s Malibu

Location: 3835 Cross Creek Rd Suite #18 | Malibu

The new year brought about a new steakhouse for Malibu locals. Lucky’s, since its opening, has easily become one of the best steakhouses around town. The eatery offers an exquisite menu of buttery-grilled steaks that are seared to perfection.

Old Place

Location: 29983 Mulholland Hwy | Agoura Hills

The former general store turned upscale eatery has been a long-standing favorite for the Agoura Hills community. With a western-style feel and quality eats, you truly cannot go wrong and Old Place. Dig into the Steak and Eggs Oak grilled Sirloin for breakfast or the 12 Oz Old Place Cut Sirloin for dinner. The cuts are exquisite and the hospitality is every bit as welcoming as you’d expect.

The Grill on the Alley

Location: 120 Promenade Way | Thousand Oaks

When it comes to the best steakhouses in town, no list is complete without The Grill on the Alley. The beloved restaurant has been a destination for locals seeking meat-centric American fare. What is even better is that the Westlake Village restaurant offers outdoor dining, which creates the perfect setting for an alfresco meal.

Exploring Long Beach | Out & About

Long Beach, California, is a vibrant and exciting city with a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, there’s always something to do in this bustling coastal community.

For a delightful bite to eat in Long Beach


One of the best ways to experience the city is to explore its vibrant food scene. Long Beach has a thriving restaurant culture, with a diverse range of cuisine options that will suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, gourmet burgers, or authentic Mexican cuisine, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

Ammatoli Mediterranean Bites

Ammatoli is a vibrant Downtown Long Beach restaurant owned by Dima and Sam Habibeh, serving up authentic Levant region cuisine. Enjoy exotic delicacies from Iraq to Israel on beautiful plates as if you were dining in the Mediterranean! Alongside your meal experience, tea service is like no other – an immersive journey awaits at Ammatoli.

Gusto Bread

Step into the world of Gusto and discover a magical bakery that has earned national recognition for its delicious pastries, boules, baguettes, cookies – and much more. Come take a look at their daily selection or order ahead online! Head Baker Arturo Enciso has been creating wonders in this Long Beach kitchen since they moved to a larger space earlier last year.

The Nest: A Breakfast Joint 

At the Nest, Antonio Appling serves up a unique blend of Southern hospitality and SoCal vibes. Not to be missed are his famous biscuits ‘n gravy – but for something totally unexpected, try the breakfast torta with roasted pork; you won’t regret it!

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, Long Beach is also home to a variety of great shopping destinations. From local boutiques and specialty stores to large department stores and shopping centers, there’s something for every shopping taste.

Places to shop in Long Beach

The Pike Outlets:

A large shopping and entertainment complex that features a variety of high-end and budget-friendly retailers, as well as a range of dining options and entertainment venues.

Retro Row:

A quirky and fun shopping district that is home to a variety of vintage clothing stores, retro furniture shops, and unique boutiques.

Shoreline Village:

A charming outdoor shopping and dining destination. Shoreline Village overlooks the picturesque Long Beach Harbor. This fun shopping area offers visitors a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions to enjoy.


No matter how long you’re in Long Beach, there’s always something to do and explore in this dynamic coastal city.  Likewise, you can expect a great experience in one of California’s most popular destinations.

What is Transitional Style | Home Tips

Transitional style is a popular interior design style that combines traditional and contemporary elements. It’s characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and a mix of textures and materials. This style is ideal for those who want a sophisticated and elegant look in their home while still maintaining a modern feel.

Here are a few key elements of transitional style interior decorating:

Neutral color palette: 

Transitional style is known for its neutral color palette, which usually consists of whites, beiges, grays, and taupes. This provides a blank canvas for accent pieces and helps create a calm and serene atmosphere.

Clean lines: 

Transitional design features clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal ornamentation. This gives the room a sophisticated and modern feel while also allowing the accent pieces to shine.

Mix of materials: 

Transitional style is all about mixing materials and textures. Wood, glass, metal, and stone are all common elements in this design style. The goal is to create a harmonious blend of materials that complement each other.

Accent pieces: 

Transitional style is meant to be a canvas for accent pieces, such as artwork, rugs, and lighting. These pieces can add a pop of color, texture, and interest to the space.

Functional furniture: 

Transitional style is about practicality and functionality. Furniture pieces should serve a purpose and be comfortable while also fitting in with the overall aesthetic.

How to use Transitional Style in your home design:

  • Start with a neutral palette: Use a neutral color scheme as the base for your interior design and add pops of color through accent pieces.
  • Mix materials: Mix and match materials such as wood, glass, metal, and stone to create texture and interest in the space.
  • Emphasize clean lines: Focus on clean lines and minimal ornamentation to create a modern feel.
  • Balance traditional and modern elements: Mix traditional pieces, such as a leather sofa, with modern accents, such as a contemporary rug.
  • Add accent pieces: Use accent pieces like artwork, rugs, and lighting to add color, texture, and interest to the space.
  • Focus on functionality: Choose furniture pieces that are functional and comfortable while also fitting in with the overall aesthetic.
  • Keep the space clutter-free: Transitional style emphasizes clean lines and minimalism, so keep the space free of clutter for a sophisticated and elegant look.
  • Play with scale: Incorporate pieces of varying scales, such as large art or a statement light fixture, to add visual interest.
  • Experiment with patterns: Use patterns, such as stripes or chevron, in small doses to add texture and interest.

In conclusion, Transitional style is a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a sophisticated and timeless look in your home. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to update your current space, incorporating these elements into your design can result in a stylish and functional space.

From Netflix News to a US Bitcoin Mine and more! | Tech News

We are wrapping up another busy week with the latest in tech news. From Netflix News to a US Bitcoin Mine and more, we’ve got you covered! Read on for what’s happening in the world of technology, media, and science.

New High-Tech Bin Wants to Solve Our Food Waste Problem

From Netflix News to a US Bitcoin Mine and more! | Tech News

With the invention of Mill, a revolutionary bin created by one of Google Nest’s founders, reducing food waste and its negative environmental impacts is now within reach. Soon you’ll be able to transform your kitchen scraps into sustainable chicken feed in just several hours! By becoming part of this innovative monthly membership program, not only are you staying away from noxious landfills but making sure that unused materials can come back full circle for years to come. “At Mill, we’re building a pathway to connect what people can’t eat at home with farms that benefit from a more sustainable feed ingredient.” Mill co-founder and president Harry Tannenbaum said in a release announcing the launch last week. 

Scientists Unveil Real-Life Terminator Shape-shifting Miniature Robots 

From Netflix News to a US Bitcoin Mine and more! | Tech News

Thirty years after Terminator 2 introduced audiences to a sci-fi icon, researchers have finally made the dream of shape-shifting robots a reality. This tiny robotic system can transition between solid and liquid form just like its inspiration – the humble sea cucumber! The team hopes that this real-world version will help humanity in altruistic ways instead. “Giving robots the ability to switch between liquid and solid states endows them with more functionality,” says Chengfeng Pan, an engineer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong who led the study. The demonstration is part of a study published Wednesday in the journal Matter.

US to Open First Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mine

For years, the world has looked at cryptocurrency mining as a major contributor to carbon emissions. However, in 2022 Ethereum – took drastic steps when it reduced its carbon footprint by an impressive 99%. While these efforts have put more emphasis on Bitcoin’s estimated 86.3 million tons of Carbon released that same year, Cumulus Data is revolutionizing crypto-mining with nuclear power: introducing the first US-based and powered uranium mine for bitcoin! This new development in Bitcoin will lead to significantly reduced environmental impact from crypto-miners who utilize this data center because any newly mined Bitcoins can be credited with practically zero emissions.

Youtube Debuts Video Program Creating a Pathway to Real College Credits

From Netflix News to a US Bitcoin Mine and more! | Tech News

YouTube has launched an incredible program to break down the cost and accessibility barriers of higher education. Through College Foundations, 42,000+ followers can now use tutorials posted on YouTube’s Study Hall channel. This will serve as a launchpad towards earning transferable college credits through Arizona State University – all with little upfront investment! This unprecedented initiative is powered by a successful year-long partnership between YouTube and Crash Course, founded by internet creators Hank & John Green. With this opportunity for students around the world to pursue their academic dreams without financial restraints – it’s clear that these trailblazers are paving the way for innovative learning in 2023.

Mass Production on Tesla Cybertruck to Start in 2024

Elon Musk, the visionary behind Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck, provided an update on its production timeline during today’s earnings call. Though manufacturing will begin sometime this year, full-scale production won’t start until 2024. Likewise, this is a point that Musk chose to downplay when asked about meeting last quarter’s target of mid-2023. As a consolation prize, Tesla revealed on Wednesday that it has started installing the production equipment needed for the Cybertruck’s assembly, including the castings that will produce the electric pickup’s body. The Cybertruck is expected to be largely manufactured at the company’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

Netflix Paid Password Sharing to Roll Out Next Month

Netflix is heralding the end of an era; password-sharing with a single account will soon come to a close. Likewise, users will no longer be able to rely on illicitly obtained passwords and pins. Netflix has announced plans for stricter enforcement by the end of 2023. “While our terms of use limit use of Netflix to a household, we recognize this is a change for members who share their account more broadly,” Netflix writes. “As we roll out paid sharing, members in many countries will also have the option to pay extra if they want to share Netflix with people they don’t live with.” In addition, the company also announced that CEO Reed Hastings is stepping down after 25 years of running the company. The role will now shift to Ted Sarandos, currently co-CEO, and Greg Peters, Netflix’s former chief operating officer.

Weekend Events | January 27 – January 29

And just like that, it’s the final weekend in January. With 2023 in full swing, there is plenty of fun to be had around town. Enjoy all the happenings in your neighborhood this January 27 through January 29. 

LOS ANGELES WEEKEND EVENTS | January 27 – January 29 

Uncorked Wine Festival

When: January 28

Where: DTLA
What: Spend the perfect Saturday exploring Union Station’s Uncorked Wine Fest, featuring more than 150 different varieties of wine! From 5-9 pm (or 6-10 pm for VIPs!), attendees can sample a variety of delicious drinks while also enjoying good food from local trucks and live music. Grab your ticket today to experience an evening filled with great company and tasty beverages…and perhaps discover some new favorite wines along the way.

Golden Dragon Parade & Chinese New Year Festival

When: January 28

Where: Chinatown

What: Experience the vibrant sights, sounds, and tastes of one of Los Angeles’ oldest traditions – the 124th Chinese New Year celebration! Don’t miss out on Saturday’s Golden Dragon Parade as it snakes through Chinatown from Hill and Ord Streets to Broadway and Cesar Chavez. Revelers can expect a truly captivating spectacle along with delightful culinary delights outside during its 1 to 3 pm time frame.

Judd Apatow

When: January 27

Where: La Cienega

What: From humble beginnings as a small-town Long Island kid to the pinnacle of comedy directing, Judd Apatow’s story is one of incredible hard work and success. You can catch him along with some famous friends at his “Judd Apatow & Friends” shows or surprise visits to The Comedy Store!



Stand Up for Pups

When: January 27

Where: Annenberg PetSpace | Playa Vista

What: Get ready to laugh and have a paw-some time at the Annenberg PetSpace Comedy Show! Take your furry friend along for some good old-fashioned canine fun. Enjoy jokes from top talent like Ian Edwards, Dana Moon, Callahan Welsh, Darran Davis, and Justin Klose – all hosted by Caitlin Benson with music from DJ VFRESH. Tickets come complete with two drinks so you can raise your glass (or bowl) in support of the Extraordinary Care Fund – now that’s truly something to bark about!

Lunar New Year at Santa Monica Place

When: January 28

Where: Santa Monica

What: Santa Monica Place is celebrating the Lunar New Year with an array of festivities, including ethereal lion dances, whimsical balloon and dough artworks, and enchanting cherry blossom wishing trees! Make sure to take part in all these magical experiences before they’re gone.

Astra Lumina

When: Until February 15

Where: Rolling Hills

What: Take your winter night to new heights with Astra Lumina – an illuminating event at the South Coast Botanic Garden. You will be guided along a magical hour-long nighttime trail featuring eight breathtaking celestial installations that are sure to sparkle among the stars!



Pup Without Borders Howliday Party!

When: January 29

Where: 6628 Van Nuys Blvd

What: Put on your party hats; it’s time to celebrate! Pups Without Borders is proud to present its first-ever (belated) Howliday Party – a magical night of delicious food and drinks combined with fun pup activities. Plus, enjoy the expertise of globally acclaimed wedding planner Stef Cove and Company, who have pulled out all the stops for this special holiday event. Get ready for an unforgettable evening that you won’t soon forget!

Home Composting & Urban Gardening Workshop

When: Every 4th Saturday of the Month

Where: Lopez Canyon Environmental Center | Sylmar

What: Learn how to transform your kitchen and yard scraps into valuable fertilizer! A team of ten green waste specialists from LA Sanitation & Environment are here to provide essential advice on composting. In the second part of our workshop, we’ll cover monthly urban gardening topics alongside friends from LADWP, who will be sharing water-saving tips and rebate information – get ready for some real growth in sustainability!

Bob Baker Marionette Theater Presents ‘The Circus’

When: Until March 26 

Where: Highland Park

What: Celebrate the Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s diamond jubilee with a spectacular show featuring over one hundred handcrafted marionettes! Enjoy an array of clowns and elephants — inspired by the big top circus. Founded in 1940s Los Angeles by the late great puppeteer Bob Baker, this classic performance predates both its current Highland Park location as well as previous sites where it was first staged for local department store window displays.


CONEJO VALLEY WEEKEND EVENTS | January 27 – January 29 

Emergency Preparedness Fair

When: January 28 

Where: 1600 Erbes Rd, Thousand Oaks

What: From presentations on topics like Evacuation 101, Water Storage, Alternative Energy, CPR/First Aid, and The Well-Stocked Pantry to hands-on activities with the Fire Department’s Touch-A-Truck event – there is something for everyone. Kids will love their special Puppet Show about water safety, as well as having chances to win preparedness items in our raffle drawings. Join and make sure you are prepared in case of an emergency!

Sombrero Half Marathon, 5K and 10K in Simi Valley

When: January 29

Where: 1765 Royal Ave, Simi Valley

What: Come join the fun at this year’s Sombrero Half Marathon, 5K and 10K! Enjoy a mostly flat course with post-race tacos to celebrate your success on Sunday, January 29th. Starting off bright and early in 2023 – don’t miss it!

Malibu Wine Tasting Experience

When: January 28

Where: 3835 Cross Creek Rd | Malibu

What: Make the afternoon magical with a unique Malibu Wine Tour – sip delicious wines, soak up gorgeous views and enjoy some time at idyllic beaches. Whether you’re visiting or flying solo, make memories to last a lifetime!


Spending the Day in Silver Lake | Out & About

Silver Lake is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, known for its bohemian vibe, picturesque streets, and beautiful views of the city. If you’re looking for a fun and unique day out, Silver Lake is the perfect destination.

Starting your day in Silver Lake

One of the best ways to start your day is by visiting the Silver Lake Reservoir. The reservoir is a popular spot for runners, walkers, and cyclists and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and the city. Take a leisurely stroll around the reservoir, or rent a bike and explore the area.

Grabbing a Bite in Silver Lake

After working up an appetite, head over to one of Silver Lake’s many trendy cafes and restaurants. Some popular options include Sqirl, a cafe known for its delicious brunch dishes and unique jams, and Night + Market, a Thai restaurant that serves up spicy and flavorful dishes.

Shopping in Silver Lake

If you’re looking for some shopping, you’ll find plenty of boutiques and vintage shops to explore here. Check out the selection of vintage clothing and home decor at the vintage shop, Yesterday’s News, or the curated selection of clothing and accessories at General Store.

Spending the afternoon in Silver Lake

In the afternoon, take a hike up to the Griffith Observatory, which offers panoramic views of the city and the Hollywood sign. The observatory also has several exhibits on astronomy and space science, as well as a planetarium.

Enjoying the evening

As the day comes to a close, grab a drink at one of Silver Lake’s many bars and lounges. Tiki-Ti is a popular spot known for its vibrant atmosphere and unique cocktails. For something equally hip, check out the Short Stop for great drinks and live music.

Overall, this is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood with plenty of things to see and do. Whether you’re into shopping, food, or hiking, there is much to enjoy in this unique corner of Los Angeles.