The Best Outdoor Movies and Drive-Ins Around Town | Out & About

When it comes to fall the drive-in and rooftop movies are a perfect way to spend your evening. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best ones from around town for you to enjoy.

Santa Monica | Drive-up and Outdoor Movies

The Best Outdoor Movies and Drive-Ins Around Town

The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport brought to you by Rooftop Cinema Club, offers a great outdoor movies experience for the whole family, including the four-legged members. Iconic flicks play on a sixty-four-inch screen, and guests have an option to view the movie from either the Drive-In section or the Lawn Box seating area. They are open for most of the year when the weather permits. You’ll find them on Santa Monica Interim Open Space, Off the I-10 Fwy W, exit S. Bundy Drive.

Downtown | Outdoor Movies

The Best Outdoor Movies and Drive-Ins Around Town

For good fun with like-minded adults, you will enjoy the scene at Rooftop Cinema Club DTLA.  Entrance is limited to 18 and above with a full bar and array of good food to choose from. They offer two seating options, an adjustable deckchair lounge Seat for solo dates or a wide-width, adjustable deckchair Love Seat for couples. Enjoy a range of outdoor movies offered at this downtown venue. Dates are available till October and they are located at 888 South Olive St, Los Angeles.

San Fernando Valley | Drive-in 

The Best Outdoor Movies and Drive-Ins Around Town

If you are a movie buff that pays attention to the little details, you will certainly appreciate the San Fernando Valley Halloween Drive-In. It is a pop-up cinema Halloween extravaganza. The screenings will be in Lake Balboa until Mid-October.

Street Food Cinema | Outdoor Movies

The Best Outdoor Movies and Drive-Ins Around Town

Street Food Cinema is a perfect marriage of food, music, and movies. Changing locations on a weekly basis, they partner with local talent in music and culinary arts and put on a show to remember. They will be screenings across Los Angeles, so do check their website for the schedule and venue.

Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo | Drive-in and Outdoor Movies

Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo features a state-of-the-art LED screen, which means the whole family can enjoy a movie outdoors before bedtime, just in time to catch the sunset. Patrons are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy lawn games, delicious food from local eateries, and the lovely scenery. They operate on 1310 E Franklin Ave, El Segundo Thursday through Sunday, with dates till October.

We can finally bid adieu to indoor movies on the small screen and enjoy classic movies under the stars.

The Top 10 Fall Plants to Add to Your Garden | Home Tips

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to rotate the inhabitants of your garden.

Fall plants offer just as much charm as their spring and summer counterparts.

But what can you nurture in your garden that screams fall’s warmth, but is still colorful? Here’s a list of the top 10 best fall plants for your garden!


fall plants

If you want to bring a little wildflower essence to your fall garden, asters would be a great choice to make. These small daisy-like flowers can be planted at any time of the year and add subtle charm with their blue or purple petals.

If planted in the fall, asters can also be a final source of nectar for pollinators, which are greatly attracted to the plant’s scent.

Autumn Sedum

Autumn sedums bring life to any fall garden with their fresh foliage of star-shaped flowers that either sit in a cluster or spray out to showcase their ever-changing colors throughout the season.

Easy to grow and known for their durability, these fall plants come in a variety of sizes with unique blossoms that begin as pink, develop to bronze rose, and ultimately flourish in deep red.


As the meaning of its name implies, the “golden flower” chrysanthemums originally came only as gold, but now they’re found in a variety of colors from the most vibrant reds to the softest lavenders.

Chrysanthemums are amazing fall plants for any garden because of their balance of youth and maturity, and limitless possibilities of design.


Heleniums are simple plants to grow and are a top choice for any garden whether it’s in the planning stages or already in blossom. These lovely flowers range from gold, red and brown, and come in a wide range of styles, and sizes.

Because of these unique traits, Heleniums are more than capable of being the solo plant species in a garden, as it provides a world of interest all on its own with not one bed identical to another.


fall plants

Marigolds are popular garden plants because of their rich blends of yellow to orange and long-lasting bloom.

Active during spring, summer, and the fall, these easy-to-grow flowers offer a bright welcome to many companion flowers, so pairing has little to no hassle. Marigolds also give the overall appearance of any garden an attractive pop that can light up your day.


fall plants

Pansies are a classic spring and fall plant because of their easy care and variety of colors.

These charming flowers are hardier than they appear, able to last up to eight months if planted in the fall. This means you’ll have a colorful array of petals all throughout fall, winter, and spring to bring an endless light to your garden.

Purple Fountain Grass

fall plants

The purple fountain grass is popular for its beauty and versatility as a centerpiece or sophisticated border. The unique blend of white and purple and the natural, elegant pose of this plant make it a beautiful accompaniment to fall gardens of many arrangements.

The plumes, or feathery seeds at the tips of the flowerheads, can also be used for dried flower arrangements for your home.

Shrub Rose

fall plants

Shrub roses are hardy fall plants with long-lasting times of bloom and have a natural resistance to disease! Able to be planted from spring to fall, these plants are easy to care. They also require little hassle or later nurturing.

Their color ranges from humble white to eye-catching purple. This makes the garden arrangement a breeze when pairing with your other plants.

Sweet Alyssum

fall plants

Sweet alyssum is a unique plant in that most varieties fade in the heat.  They thrive in cooler temperatures, such as early spring and all throughout the fall season.

They are a simple plant to grow that blooms quickly and comes in a wide range of colors. A blanket of tiny cross-shaped sweet alyssums would add charm to any garden or landscape.


fall plants

Violas are a fast, long-lasting plant that blooms primarily in the cool seasons. They can remain in bloom even during warmer temperatures.

Violas are easy to grow, but self-seed most often. This brings an almost everlasting and colorful resident to your garden no matter the season.

From the iPhone 13 to Tesla’s Laser Windshield Wipers and More! | Tech News of the Week

Stay current on the latest tech news from the iPhone 13 to Tesla’s Laser Windshield Wipers and more!

Robinhood Launches Slow and Steady Approach to Crypto Investing

From the iPhone 13 to Tesla’s Laser Windshield Wipers and More! | Tech News of the Week

If you happen to be a Robinhood user, we have good news for you. The popular investment trading app will soon roll out features to let you automatically invest in cryptocurrency. The automatic investments can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Users will be able to invest in notable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other supported cryptocurrencies. Those seeking to invest are still advised to speak with an expert before investing. The approach from Robinhood would be for automatic investing, not trading, as it will not sell crypto for you. Instead, the feature helps to steadily build your crypto portfolio. The company has stated that the feature will be “gradually” rolling out to its users throughout the month.

Tesla’s Latest Patent Seeks to Use Lasers as Windshield Wipers

From the iPhone 13 to Tesla’s Laser Windshield Wipers and More! | Tech News of the Week

In unsurprising news, Tesla’s latest patent want’s to use lasers to clean your windshield. The US Patent and Trademark Office granted the boundary-pushing company its unique patent this week. Tesla’s latest venture seeks to use laser beams to clean the debris off a windshield, as well potentially other glass parts of the car. According to the patent, the laser beams would act as a cleaning apparatus for a vehicle”. The beam would consist of optics assembled to emit a laser beam that can irradiate a region on a glass article installed in the vehicle. The patent was filed in 2018, but there’s no clear timeline for when this tech concept may be seen at a vehicle charging station.

iPhone 13 and more to be Unveiled at Apple’s Sept 14 ‘California Streaming’ Event

From the iPhone 13 to Tesla’s Laser Windshield Wipers and More! | Tech News of the Week

Eager Apple fans will not have to wait too much longer for news on the next iPhone launch. Apple’s highly anticipated annual product unveiling will take place on Sept 14. Titled “California Streaming”, the event will be held virtually as a pandemic safety precaution. Expect to hear announcements on a new Apple Watch Series 7 with a revamped design, alongside the iPhone 13 (or potentially called the iPhone 12S). While iPhone can generally always expect a camera upgrade, whispers on the web are also expecting the capability to make emergency calls and text without cell service. Additional announcements expected at the event could also include new Mac computers with upgraded chips and new iPads. 

US government forms committee to advise on AI competitiveness

From the iPhone 13 to Tesla’s Laser Windshield Wipers and More! | Tech News of the Week

The US Department has formed a new committee to advise the federal government on AI research and development. Named The National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee, the new committee will focus on a range of issues related to AI. These issues will relate to AI systems in both the public and private sectors. “AI presents an enormous opportunity to tackle the biggest issues of our time, strengthen our technological competitiveness, and be an engine for growth in nearly every sector of the economy.” Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said in a release. The secretary also added that the committee must be wise in facing the challenges of AI. The news of forming the committee comes as the U.S. seeks to regain its footing as the world tech leader. 

Amazon’s Cashierless Grocery Stores to Expand Out West

Sherman Oaks will be one of the first areas in the country to experience Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” tech at Whole Foods next year. The tech giant announced its cashier-less service will be expanding to Whole Food locations in Sherman Oaks and Washington DC. This news comes after Amazon tested the service at Amazon Go stores in the year prior. Store patrons will be able to op into the service as they enter one of the stores. Old-fashioned payment options will also still be available at a self-checkout lane or the customer service booth. The company stated that they will maintain “a comparable number” of workers to existing Whole Food locations of similar sizes. 

The Gmail App Will Now Let Users Make a Call

If you’ve ever wanted to make a call from your Gmail account, you now can. Google has announced additional Workspace features this week. The redesign will allow the company to be a central hub for all of Google’s communication apps. Included in the revamp will be the ability to “ring” another Google user with Google Meet, within the Gmail mobile app instead of the Meet app. According to Google, the Meet app will get the same ability to place calls at some point in the future. Users will be able to hide tabs that they don’t use, according to Google. The redesign will first launch to enterprises with the features available for regular consumers soon after that time.

Twitter Test New Timeline Feature

If you made a visit to your Twitter app this week, you may have noticed a slight change. The popular social media app has launched its new timeline feature. The update which is still in testing mode includes edge-to-edge media in tweets on iOS and a community section. The expanded timeline will create a more full-screen appearance, similar to Instagram for photos and videos. The “Communities” space will serve as a feature similar to Facebook groups. The new space invites users to tweet specifically to interest-based communities instead of just to your followers. Tweets shared with specific interest-based groups will still be public but with replies limited to other community members.  


Weekend Events: September 10-12, 2021

Make the most of your weekend with our line-up of fun events around town. From concerts at the Hollywood Bowl to art fest in the valley, you won’t want to miss out! Read on for our round-up of weekend events in LA, the Westside, SFV, and Conejo Valley!

Los Angeles Events

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther in Concert

Weekend Events: September 10-12, 2021

When: September 10-12, 2021

Where: Hollywood Bowl | Hollywood

What: Revisit Wakanda this weekend with the LA Phil. The Bowl will be tackling Ludwig Göransson’s bombastic, Oscar-winning score for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther in Concert. Enjoy a stunning performance at LA’s most beloved outdoor venue.


Discovery from the Deep

Weekend Events: September 10-12, 2021

When: Until November 29, 2021

Where: USC/Exposition Park | DTLA

What: If you have ever been curious to see one of the deep sea’s most mysterious creatures, now is your chance. Well until November that is. After its discovery in May, the Natural History Museum has added a rare deep-sea anglerfish to its current exhibits. Head to the Exposition Park Institution this weekend to view the unique specimen on display.


Cinespia Cemetery Screenings Presents: Some Like it Hot

Weekend Events: September 10-12, 2021

When: September 11, 2021 

Where: Hollywood Forever Cemetery | Los Angeles

What: Now that fall is almost near, it’s the best time for a film screening at LA’s most famous outdoor theatre. Head to Cinespia this Saturday for the classic film ‘Some Like it Hot’ starring Marilyn Monroe.


Westside & Beach Communities Events

Photo Flux: Unshuttering L.A.

Weekend Events: September 10-12, 2021

When: until October 10, 2021

Where: Getty Center | Brentwood

What: The Getty Center’s current exhibit celebrates 35 local artists who challenge ideals of beauty, representation, and objectivity. The exhibit also serves as inspiration for Getty Unshuttered, a program for up-and-coming teenage artists.


Santa Monica Pier Classic “End of Summer” Car Show

When: September 11, 2021

Where: 1550 Pacific Coast Highway | Santa Monica

What: Labor Day and the “unofficial” end of summer may have passed but the events celebrating the season end are continuing on. This Saturday don’t miss the Santa Monica Pier Classic “End of Summer” Car Show. Enjoy live performances, prizes and of course classic cars at this seaside weekend.


Yoga by the Marina

When: September 12, 2021

Where: 13650 Mindanao Way | Marina Del Rey

What: Find your inner zen this weekend by the marina! This yoga class for all levels offers the perfect way to have a relaxed weekend. 


Conejo Valley Events

Honoring the Heroes of 9/11

When: September 11, 2021

Where: Pepperdine University | Malibu

What: This Saturday will mark 20 years since the tragic events of 9/11. In honor of all those that were lost, Pepperdine University will host a full day of remembrance and reflection. While a somber event, the University invites the general public as it honors the heroism of and sacrifice made by friends, neighbors, and family members lost on that fateful day.


Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival

When: September 11, 2021

Where: 1593 Spinnaker Dr. | Ventura

What: The Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival returns after a year-long hiatus. Enjoy colorful works of art at this waterfront juried art festival featuring more than 40 talented street chalk artists. Don’t miss out on this two-day festival of arts and color!

Simi Valley Concert Series Presents: Just Dave Band

When: September 10, 2021

Where: 1555 Simi Town Center Way – East Court | Simi Valley

What: Add some tunes to your weekend festivities with the Simi Valley Concert Series. This free summer concert event will bow out for the year on September 25, so don’t miss out!


San Fernando Valley Events

Comedy Fusion Show at the Comedy Chateau

When: September 12, 2021

Where: The Comedy Chateau | North Hollywood

What: Have a good laugh at this weekend’s Comedy Fusion show at the Comedy Chateau. Enjoy gourmet American Bistro cuisine, craft cocktails, and outstanding comedy at NoHo’s best comedy club. 


Creepy Island World-Premiere Play

When: September 11, 2021

Where: Whitmore Lindley Theatre Center | Valley Village

What: Head back to the theatre for this brand new world premiere production of Creepy Island. This original theatrical production follows a band of pirates that have come ashore on a mysterious disappearing island in search of an infamous lost treasure. 


Sunday Night Skate @ Moonlight Rollerway

When: September 12, 2021

Where: Moonlight Rollerway | Glendale

What: All ages are welcome at this Sunday’s night skate at the Moonlight Rollerway. Go retro with a cruise around the rink while listening to your favorite jams. The Moonlight Rollerway has been a source of local fun since 1950.

LA Eats: The Best Steakhouses Around Town

If you’re looking for some of the best steakhouses in town, we’ll save you the google search. In this week’s LA Eats blog, we’re naming the best selections in your area for a quality steak and superb service. Read on for the best chops below.

Los Angeles


Location: 6600 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles

From the culinary mastermind of Curtis and Luke Stone, Gwen serves as an absolute must for LA steak lovers. The half butcher shop and half fine dining establishment have an array of upscale options to choose from. Dig into gourmet selections like grilled octopus and squid ink tagliatelle or dry-aged cuts. Either way, Gwen tops the list as one of the best steakhouses around town.


Location: 239 S Beverly Dr. Suite 100 | Beverly Hills

If you happen to be in search of a new top-tier steak spot, look no further than Matū. The Beverly Hills eatery offers an understated dining room with a compelling menu to tempt your tastebuds. With five courses that offer various cuts of New Zealand-grown wagyu beef from First Light, Matū is a steak haven. The tasting menu changes daily but the grilled ribeye, wood-grilled maitake mushrooms, and iceberg lettuce salad are highlights. 

Chi Spacca

Location: 6610 Melrose Ave. | Los Angeles

Easily still considered one of the best steakhouses in town, Chi Spacca has received rave reviews since its opening. The Italian-style steakhouse offers bistecca fiorentina, a 50-ounce dry-aged prime porterhouse. If 50-ounces is a tad too much, you can also opt for their costata alla fiorentina. A prime dry-aged, bone-in New York steak that registers only 36 ounces, perfect for any steak connoisseur. 

Westside & Beach Communities

Golden Bull Restaurant

Location: 170 W Channel Rd. | Santa Monica

The Golden Bull Restaurant has served as one of the best steakhouses on the Westside since 1949. Santa Monica’s old-school dining room offers stellar chops with a side of superb customer service. 

Bull & Butterfly

Location: 12775 Millennium Dr, Playa Vista, CA 90094

When it comes to great steak and good food, look no further than Bull & Butterfly. The Playa Vista restaurant offers a modern California steakhouse format, with plenty of chops and grilled vegetables. If you’re not in the mood for steak, the local Baja Striped Bass makes for an excellent choice.

The Arthur J

Location: 903 Manhattan Ave. | Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach’s mid-century modern steakhouse relies on a white oak grill to deliver delectable steaks to the South Bay. As one of the best steakhouses in Manhattan Beach, even offers a Japanese wagyu beef rib-eye that’s out of this world.


San Fernando Valley

Larsen’s Steakhouse

Location: 16101 Ventura Blvd, Encino

With numerous locations across the valley, it’s easy to see why Larsen’s serves as one of the best steakhouses in town. The classic Encino chophouse has the perfect Prime Dry Aged Filet Mignon that any steak lover will enjoy.


Location: 13422 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

While Mistral may be a french bistro, their array of delectable steak options easily places in the category of the best. Indulge in options like their New York Steak “Au Poivre”. Or go for something more unique like the Prime Beef Steak Tartar, Toast Points, French Fries, and Green Salad. Bon appetite!

Terra e Mare

Location: 13251 Ventura Blvd Unit A | Studio City

At Terra e Mare “the earth and sea come together in culinary harmony”. The delicious eatery has long been considered one of the best steakhouses and seafood restaurants in Studio City. For an extravagant option, we recommend the Tomahawk Steak with vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Conejo Valley

Lucky’s Malibu

Location: 3835 Cross Creek Rd Suite #18 | Malibu

The new year brought about a new steakhouse for Malibu locals. Lucky’s since its opening has easily become one of the best steakhouses around town. The eatery offers an exquisite menu of buttery grilled steaks that are seared to perfection.

Old Place

Location: 29983 Mulholland Hwy | Agoura Hills

The former general store turned upscale eatery has been a long-standing favorite for the Agoura Hills community. With a western-style feel and quality eats, you truly cannot go wrong and Old Place. Dig into the Steak and Eggs Oak grilled Sirloin for breakfast or the 12 Oz Old Place Cut Sirloin for dinner. The cuts are exquisite and the hospitality is every bit as welcoming as you’d expect.

The Grill on the Alley

Location: 120 Promenade Way | Thousand Oaks

When it comes to the best steakhouses in town, no list is complete without The Grill on the Alley. The beloved restaurant has been a destination for locals seeking meat-centric American fare. What is even better is that the Westlake Village restaurant offers outdoor dining, which creates the perfect setting for an alfresco meal.

Where to go Apple Picking in SoCal this Fall | Out & About

Few activities calm the soul better than apple picking. A right of passage from summer to fall, the fresh air and peaceful surroundings always bring a smile and refresh the spirit. Southern California offers several excellent apple farms to choose from. Read on for our favorite picks of where to go apple picking in SoCal this fall.

Los Rios Ranchos

Where to go Apple Picking in SoCal this Fall

Los Rios Ranchos is one of the premier apple picking farms in the area. They have 32 varieties of apples including Gala, Spartan, and MacIntosh, but check online before you go for a listing of what’s ready to pick. Likewise, Los Rios Ranchos also has a petting zoo, store tent, apple cider, and country cooking with picnic tables. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Willowbrook Apple Farm

Where to go Apple Picking in SoCal this Fall

The Willowbrook Apple Farm features a Stayman-Winesap apple orchard that is over 100 years old, with original trees planted in 1910. Certainly, after picking your apples you can enjoy apple cider, a petting zoo, a caramel apple, and clean-crafted wine by a bonfire. Beginning Labor day Willowbrook will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Riley’s Apple Farm

Where to go Apple Picking in SoCal this Fall

Make your way to Riley’s Apple Farm. Riley’s Apple Farm features Glen Seedling, Gravenstein, Red Delicious, Early Fujis, McIntosh, Jonathan, Spartan, Rome apples, and more. Of course, weekends are particularly fun here where visitors are treated to apple cider pressing, tomahawk tossing, and archery. Contact Riley’s for available u-pick times. 

Snow-Line Orchard

Dating back to 1898 Snow-Line Orchard has been a staple of Southern California apple farming. Founded by Issac Ford and operated for the past 36 years by Mert and Shirley Hudson, Snow-Line offers a wide variety of apples for snacking and cooking. Likewise, the farm also has a winery and cidery, raspberry picking, and delicious mini-cider donuts. Snow-line is open for u-picking on the weekends only. July to the end of August the farm is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10:00 to 4:00 pm, and September through December seven days a week, 9:00 to 5:00 pm. 

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard is a family-owned farm that features 130-year-old heirloom apple orchards. The farm uses organic growing methods and has made a dedication to sustainability and seasonality. Visitors are given a 10-minute tour where they will learn of the farm’s history and unique approach to farming. Likewise, events and workshops on various topics are offered as well as a gift shop, wine tastings, and wonderful local delicacies. Contact Stone Soup for available u-pick times. 

Apple picking time is here, get out and enjoy.

It’s National Preparedness Month. Are You Prepared? | Home Tips

National Preparedness Month

Home is where the heart is and often that is where family is too. September is National Preparedness Month, you want to feel equipped and confident that you can keep your loved ones safe should a natural disaster strike. Having the skills, knowledge, and tools to handle an emergency will give you peace of mind.

In previous years Southern California has had earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding which can have left devastating effects on life and property in our communities. So it is important that you and your family prepare and have a strategy in the event of an emergency. This year’s theme for National Preparedness Month is “Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.”

With that said let’s share what steps to take to stay prepared and alert should disaster strike.

National Preparedness Month

How to be prepared.

1. Have a kit ready

Buy or build an emergency preparedness kit, that would sustain your family for up to 14 days. You would need to make sure it is portable and placed in an easily accessible area and the whole family must be made aware of the designated area. Make sure the kit consists of (but is not limited to):

  • water,
  • non-perishable food items,
  • batteries
  • battery operated radio
  • Whistle (to signal for help)
  • First aid kit
  • Masks
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags
  • Manual can opener (for tinned food)
  • Flashlight
  • Cell phone with chargers
  • Power banks for cellphones
  • Do not forget to factor in food for pets and children if it applies.
2. Have a Plan

Communication is key. Have a contingency plan in place that is clear and detailed, and all the occupants of your home should be informed of the steps they need to follow. The plan should cover, home emergencies and out-of-home emergencies. Please see the American Redcross Family Disaster Plan Template as it gives you a detailed guide on what you would need to cover.

3. Stay informed

With the rise of social media and the internet, information is readily available, however, it is also very easy to be a victim of “Fake News”. Ensure you are following reputable pages and sites and register with FEMA preparedness programs.

4. CPR Certified

At least one member of the family needs to be trained in CPR. Should an event occur, you will be the first responder and may have to save a life. It is imperative that have enough knowledge and skill to perform CPR and check vitals whilst waiting for emergency personnel to reach you.

Natural disasters can be sudden and devastating therefore the time to prepare for all types of emergencies is now, to avoid being court off guard. No need to fear when you are prepared.

From Amazon’s Venture into Live Audio to Super Follows on Twitter and More! | Tech News of the Week

Get your dose of weekly tech news! This week we are diving into Amazon’s venture into Love Audio, Twitter SuperFollows, and more. 

Amazon to Build Live Audio Business

After working on expanding their Podcast reach, Amazon is venturing into live audio. The company has reportedly been working on a live audio service for use with Alexa. The tech giant has invested heavily in the new project headed by their music division. The new feature would include paying podcast networks, musicians, and celebrities. According to a report this week, users could access the feature for live conversations, shows, and events. With podcast and live audio on the rise since 2020, Amazon made the earlier move to expand its music subscription service to include podcasts. It was just last December that Amazon announced the acquisition of podcast publisher Wondery.

Futuristic Bionic Arm Helps to Return Natural Reflexes to Amputees

The future of bionic limbs is now. This is coming after scientists designed a “bionic arm” that utilizes tony robots to re-create vital sensation. The sensations work to create those forfeited when one loses an upper limb. The robots can mimic the sensations by safely vibrating muscles at the amputation site. According to reports, the global prosthetics and orthotics market is expected to reach over $8 billion by 2028. This is according to a 2021 report from Grand View Research. Until recently, artificial limbs had been at a roadblock. Paul Marasco, an associate professor in the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been at the helm of the new bionic arm study. The team at the Cleveland Clinic is helpful that their current project will make future cost-effective strides.

Yahoo Acquired by Apollo Funds

It’s on to the next one for Yahoo, as Verizon’s sale of the company to Apollo Funds was announced this week. Apollo Global Management, the private equity firm in May, agreed to acquire Verizon’s media group. This includes brands such as Yahoo and AOL and ad tech and media platform businesses — for $5 billion. Yahoo will now operate as a standalone company under Apollo, according to the release. Guru Gowrappan leads the company, previously the CEO of Verizon Media. Verizon will retain a 10% stake in the company. Verizon acquired AOL in 2015 and Yahoo in 2016. The company paid about $9 billion for the pair. In 2017, Verizon merged AOL and Yahoo into its business. This created the media division dubbed Oath, later rebranded to Verizon Media.

Apple Announces Several States That Will Use the Apple Wallet Drivers License Feature

Don’t get too excited, Californians! Apple has added a Drivers’ License feature to its Apple Wallet, with a few states making the early launch list. While there has been no word on when the new feature will make its way to other states, it serves as yet another digital shift. Apple Wallet users in certain states will now have the ability to add their driver’s licenses or state IDs to their wallets. The news was announced by Apple in a blog post this week. Arizona and Georgia are among the first in line for the driver’s license feature. Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah will join the digital license list. The company also stated that the Transportation Security Administration would create security checkpoints and lanes in certain airports to accommodate the new update.

Twitter Unveils Super Follows on iOS.

As reported earlier this year, Super Follows, Twitter subscriber-only content, has been unveiled. The new feature lets users charge for subscriber-only content. Content creators can set their tweets to go out to Super Followers only. The tweets will appear in the timelines of only those subscribed to the content creator. Currently, the feature has only been launched on Twitter’s iOS app and is limited to a test group of people in the US who applied to try it out. US and Canada iOS users can Super Follow accounts within the initial test group. Users can identify Super Follow creators by a badge that appears under their name when they reply to tweets.

NASA to Test Electric Air Taxi’s

Test flights of NASA’s electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft recently went public. The eVTOL aircraft — referred to as “flying cars” — with Joby Aviation are part of a national campaign by NASA to observe these experimental aircraft in action. NASA is seeking to determine whether they are safe for passengers. Joby is the first eVOTL company to participate in  NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign. Test flights commenced this week at the company’s airfield in Big Sur, California. NASA will be collecting “vehicle performance and acoustic data for use in modeling and simulation of future airspace concepts,” it said. One of the major selling points for eVTOL companies is that these aircraft are less noisy than helicopters and better suited for flights over populated areas.

Weekend Events: Labor Day Weekend Edition

Make the most of the unofficial end of summer with our list of Labor Day weekend events around town! From Los Angeles to the coast and San Fernando to Conejo Valley, we have you covered on weekend fun!


Maestro of the Movies: The Music of John Williams

When: Sept 3-5, 2021

Where: The Hollywood Bowl | Hollywood

What: When it comes to classic cinema, there’s no one comparable to John Williams. What better way to celebrate the last weekend of summer than with David Newman and the LA Phil. Join them this Labor Day weekend as they tackle the composer’s iconic film scores set to a selection of movie clips, with an appearance from Williams himself.

Cinecon Classic Film Festival

When: Sept 3, 2021

Where: Online

What: Calling all film buffs. Cinecon Classic Film Festival returns for its fifth decade showing classic film fare. Enjoy a three-day program of rare and unusual old silent films and shorts, once again streamed online (with an in-person event due back next year).

The Music Center’s Summer SoundWaves

When: until Sept 4, 2021

Where: Music Center | DTLA

What: Make your way this Labor Day weekend to the Music Center for Summer SoundWaves last weekend. Listen to sets from JLin and a host of DJs as this summertime, family-friendly concert sets up on the Music Center’s Jerry Moss Plaza.


Fiesta Hermosa

When: Sept 4-6, 2021

Where: Hermosa Beach

What: Hit the beach this Labor Day weekend for Fiesta Hermosa. The fun arts festival features art (of course) and samples of fine foods and music. This year’s event ditches the on-the-street layout for sidewalk sales along Pier Avenue. The carnival and music area will also be capacity-limited (tickets required, $20).

Rooftop Cinema Club Presents: The Great Gatsby

When: Sept 6, 2021

Where: Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo

What: Since it’s the new roaring 20’s why not spend your LDW Gatsby style. See ‘The Great Gatsby’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio on Labor Day. Rooftop Cinema offers the perfect alfresco rooftop movie viewing experience for some well-deserved weekend fun.

Labor Day Ferris Wheel Lighting

When: Sept 3-5, 2021

Where: Santa Monica Pier | Santa Monica

What: Light up your LDW weekend with a trip to Santa Monica Pier. Pacific Park will join other landmarks across the country in displaying red, white, and blue colors in observance of the holiday for the weekend of September 3-6. This special light program will run from dusk (around 7 PM) to midnight on Friday, September 3 to Monday, September 6.


Beyond Breath – An Introduction to SKY Breath Meditation

When: Sept 4, 2021

Where: San Fernando | Location Provided Upon Registration

What: Find some time for inner zen this Labor Day weekend with Beyond Breath-An Introduction to SKY Breath Meditation. In this 75 min workshop, you will get the chance to take a breath and clear your mind with the help of a calming breathing technique and a guided meditation.

Wendy Liebman’s Locally Grown Comedy

When: Sept 4, 2021

Where: Feinstein’s at Vitello’s | Studio City

What: Get your laughs this weekend with Wendy Liebman’s Locally Grown Comedy. The comedy and music variety show will feature hilarious local talent. These comedians will be hilarious, uplifting, and entertaining!

Elton John: The Early Years

When: Sept 5, 2021

Where: 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd | Woodland Hills

What: The Valley Cultural Foundation’s concert series returns with this weekend’s concert. The free event is open to the public and takes place in the beautiful Lou Bredlow Pavilion. Enjoy a late afternoon picnic with family and friends as you take in the sounds of talented upcoming artists. Sunday’s concert will feature an Elton John tribute, titled Elton John: The Early Years.


39th Annual Malibu Chili Cook-Off

When: Sept 3-6, 2021

Where: 23575 Civic Center Way | Malibu

What: Talk about a delicious way to celebrate the unofficial end of summer! The 39th Annual Malibu Chili Cook-Off will take place this Labor Day weekend. Hosted by the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, an advance ticket purchase is required. Tickets are $15 per person, per day, or $55 for a 4-day weekend pass. Carnival tickets will be sold separately.

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show

When: Sept 4, 2021

Where: The Gardens at Los Robles | Thousand Oaks

What: Mystery is afoot this weekend with America’s LARGEST interactive comedy murder mystery dinner show. At The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show, you’ll tackle a challenging crime while you feast on a fantastic four-course dinner. Just beware! The criminal is lurking somewhere in the room, and you may find yourself as a Prime Suspect before you know it! All shows performed at Los Robles Greens, tickets are still available for this weekend!

CRPD Summer Concerts in the Park

When: Sept 6, 2021

Where: 175 Hendrix Ave. | Thousand Oaks

What: Don’t miss the final CRPD concert of the summer. This Labor Day brings The Jack of Hearts Band – A celebration of Bob Dylan & the Band, to the Conejo Valley. For over five decades, Bob Dylan has remained one of the most important figures in modern American music.