LA Eats of The Week

Call it our catch phrase but with all the hustle and bustle throughout LA, narrowing down where to eat can be more stressful than traffic on the 405. With that in mind, spare yourself the hum drum of scrolling through yelp with our slimmed down list of the best spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Kitchen Mouse

Those with dietary restrictions will discover the many options Kitchen Mouse provides. Some of their meals include brown rice bowls, breakfast salads and snickerdoodle pancakes that are gluten-free, vegan, soy and nut-free.


This spot is popular amongst Instagrammer’s thanks to the exquisite décor and food that’s ‘pretty to look at.’ Many early riser’s love  Lincoln so much because of their 6:30 a.m. open times.

Lavender & Honey

Lavender & Honey is well-known for their avocado toast! This restaurant has a “toast bar” that features several toast specialties that are tasty and flavorful.



This Italian cuisine located in Venice, CA is run by Evan Funke. Felix serves salads, superb focaccia and their main draws, handmade pastas.


This Middle Eastern restaurant located in Sherman Oaks is ran by chef Danny and Justine Elmaleh. Mizlala serves reasonably priced dishes that display a wealth of flavor through their cooking techniques.

The Arthur J

The Arthur J provides a wide menu of grilled steaks, seafood and comfort food in a midcentury style restaurant. The crowded dining room is one of the most popular restaurants in South Bay!


Pizzeria Mozza

Opened ten years ago by Nancy Silverton, this restaurant heralds an elevated yet casual atmosphere. Pizzeria Mozza has consistently served extraordinary desserts, salads and pizzas.

Luv2eat Thai Bistro

Luv2eat has become one of the most popular Thai spots in LA. This restaurant prepares plates of Southern and Northern specialties that complimented by mild to medium, intense spices.

Park’s Barbeque

Park’s Barbeque is arguably one of the world’s epicenters for Korean cuisine. With some of the best banchan found in Los Angeles, this restaurant provides many options to pair your meat selection with.

10 Tips to Limit Screen Time

You’re probably reading this on your phone right now [aside from the few opting for a desktop version]. Smartphones have replaced most house phones and practically serve as the majority source of information. While screen time is necessary and pretty unavoidable in our modern world, one question remains. How do you limit your time spent on the phone without becoming a digital hermit? Luckily for you, we’re somewhat of a whiz when it comes to this stuff. Thats why we’ve rounded up 10 tips for you to cut your screen time in half, so you can get back to the outside world…our weekend events is a good place to start!

 1. Turn on Screen Time on your iPhone (and actually check it)

When Apple launched its iOS 12 operating system, it introduced Screen Time – a function which tracks exactly how much time you spend engaging with your phone. Accessible via ‘Settings’, you have to turn Screen Time on for it to start recording your data. When you do, it’ll record how long you spend each day on your phone, breaking it down into different categories including ‘social networking’, ‘productivity’, ‘entertainment’ and more.

2. Download the Digital Wellbeing app on Android

On Google’s Pixel phones, you can utilize the Digital Wellbeing app in Settings, which is similar in function to Apple’s Screen Time. The dashboard helps users understand how they’re using their phones, with a graphic of how frequently different apps are used, how many times the phone is unlocked, and how many notifications it receives. There’s also an App Timers function, which lets you limit the time spent on them, and a Wind Down feature which puts your device into Do Not Disturb mode and fades the screen to grayscale to help you disconnect at night.

3. Download Flipd

If you can’t be trusted to enforce your own limits on screen time, download an app that’ll do it for you. Flipd lets you lock your phone for a set period of time – with no option to go back once you’ve done the deed – not even if you restart your phone. Bravery required, but you’ll thank yourself for it. (Plus, it’s free if you want to use it at a basic level.)

4. Switch off iPhone’s ‘Raise To Wake’ feature

iPhone owners will be aware that whenever they pick up their phone, the lock screen will appear, displaying any notifications waiting for you. You’ll probably also be aware how distracting this can be; you only picked up your phone to check the time, and now you’re down a Whatsapp hole, replying to the 45 messages your friends (who clearly don’t have jobs to go to) have been busy sending you over the past half hour. But there’s a way to reduce that distraction, and the accumulating screen time that goes with it: switch off the ‘Raise To Wake’ setting that enables your iPhone to turn on every time you pick it up. Here’s how to do it: Settings > Display > Brightness > switch Raise to Wake toggle off.

5. Install Teeny Breaks in your browser

Remember limiting screen time isn’t just cutting down on your smartphone use – it can also be about stepping away from your computer more often. Teeny Breaks is an app built by an ex-Googler, which you install on your computer to remind you to get away from your computer screen, even if only for a short time. The app reminds you to take breaks at work by offering tips backed by research – like ‘take a walk’ or ‘take a musical break’ – about how to distance yourself.

6. Disable autoplay on streaming services

Binging TV shows takes up a lot of our time these days, but there’s a simple way you could reduce your temptation to devour episode after episode each night. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are automatically set to have autoplay on, meaning when you reach the end of one episode, it’ll give you a short countdown before playing the next one. By disabling this, you’ll have to make the conscious decision to click ‘play’ and watch the next episode, increasing the likelihood you might decide you actually have more productive (non-screen-related things) you could be doing instead.

How to disable autoplay on Netflix:

Sign in and click on ‘Your Account’

In the ‘My Profile’ section, click on ‘Playback settings’

Untick the box that says ‘Play next episode automatically’ in ‘Preferences’

How to disable autoplay on Amazon Prime:

Sign in and go to ‘Settings’

Find ‘Player Preferences’ and look for the ‘Autoplay’ toggle

Switch it to off

7. Set Whatsapp to Vacation Mode

We all know you can mute Whatsapp groups to stop being notified of all the incessant chat going on in your groups, but Whatsapp is reportedly introducing a setting that helps people go one step further when they want to switch off (without actually switching the phone off – we wouldn’t go that far). Currently, it’s still in development, but when Vacation Mode (will they call it Holiday Mode for us in the UK?) launches, it’ll mean you get no notifications about messages even when you open the app – they get immediately archived. Only when you switch Vacation Mode back off will your missed messages come flooding through.

8. Download Freedom

If you’re not quite prepared to go the whole hog of locking your phone entirely, there’s another app that might work better for you. Freedom works across multiple devices (so you can use it on your phone, tablet and computer) to block certain sites or apps for a set amount of time, ensuring you aren’t distracted by them. Freedom’s function to enforce blocks across more than one device means you can’t cheat the system by logging on to TopShop’s website on your phone when you’ve already blocked it on your laptop.

The app’s free trial lasts for 7 blocking sessions (length determined by you), but after that you’ll have to cough up for your self-imposed tech restraining order.

9. Get free counseling for high levels of screen time

After discovering that more than a quarter of people use their phones for four or more hours a day, online local services marketplace decided to offer a free counseling session to people on the more… intense end of a smartphone addiction.

iPhone users who spend more than 6 hours a day on their phones – and pick it up 300 or more times a day – can apply to be given a free counseling session by someone in their local area here. If that doesn’t curb your usage, we don’t know what will…

10. Download Siempo

We’re simple creatures, really, and that means part of the reason we get so captured by our phone home screens is because of how ~colorful~ they are. Siempo, an app currently only available on Android phones, changes that.

Siempo transforms your smartphone home screen into a more intentional and less distracting digital experience by literally simplifying it with a black and white display minus all the distracting app icons that represent your apps. As well as that, it enables you to select ‘batch notifications’, so you’ll get them all in one go at specified intervals. It can randomize the location of your distracting apps, making it hard to find and open them, and it also offers the opportunity to include an ‘intention’ – a personalized you’ll see every time you unlock your phone – that would be helpful to read dozens of times each day. Nothing short of genius.

Content Sourced from: Consumer Reports and Cosmopolitan

Weekend Events: May 31-June 2

The weekend is upon us, in what was already a short week for the majority of us. With the summer season drawing ever so near, the options for fun in L.A. are ramping up at full speed. And since most of our favorite binge worthy shows are also reaching their summer hiatus, you’ll need something more to do than Netflix and take-out. So ditch the usual routine and read on for our round-up of the city’s best activities happening this Friday through Sunday!!

Friday May 31
Friday Night Wine Tastings at Barnsdall park

Location: Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles

Join the Barnsdall Art Park as they kick off Friday Night Wine Tastings on the Hill this Friday May 31-September 6. The signature fundraising event, is considered one of L.A.’s most treasured summer traditions. Sip wine and picnic as you watch the sunset with 360-degree views.

Click here for more info.

Hola Mexico Film Festival

Location: The Montalban Theatre

The Hola Mexico Film festival will take place this Friday May 31 through June 8. The week long film festival starts off with an Opening Night Gala screening the LA premiere of LAS NINAS BIEN/THE GOOD GIRLS. The Gala will also include an opening night party with VIP ticket options available.

Click here for more info.

Late Night! Pride in Fashion

Location: Skirball Cultural Center

Kick off Pride Month at this late-night celebration of fashion. The Skirball Cultural Center will play host to two new exhibits, Fearless Fashion: Rudi Gernreich and Black is Beautiful: The Photography of Kwame Brathwaite. Come during their after hours of 6:00-10:00pm and enjoy access to the galleries, a DJ set, food trucks, cash bar and much more. Just don’t forget to EXPRESS yourself in daringly appropriate attire!

Click here for more info.

Saturday June 1

Location: Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro

For the second year in a row Soundpedro returns to Angels Gate Cultural Center. This signature event featuring single and multi-media sound artists takes place atop Native American Land overlooking the Port of L.A. A sanctuary for the arts, the purpose of Soundpedro is the aural equivalent of cinema, painting, theater, sculpture and literature.

Click here for more info.

LAWineFest 2019

Location: Pike Outlets, Long Beach

An event that needs very little explanation is the LA Wine Fest. The 14th annual festival brings wines and brews from around the world  as a ‘Celebration of All Things Wine’.  Besides adult beverages the event also features boutiques to browse, gourmet nibbles live music and artisan merchandise for sale.

Click here for more info.

Gilmore Heritage Auto Show

Location: The Original Farmers Market

Don’t miss the annual Gilmore Heritage Auto Show as it returns for its 25th anniversary. The cherished event is held annually on the first Saturday of June featuring more than 100 classic cars on display. Free to the public, the event is known for its up-close-and-personal access granted to spectators.

Click here for more info.

Sunday June 2
Charles Phoenix: Catalinaland

Location: Avalon Casino Theatre, Avalon

Presented by the Catalina Island Museum, Charles Phoenix will be taking guest on a time traveling storytelling show adventure. The show will take the stage at the iconic Casino’s spectacular 1929 Art Deco Movie Palace. There will also be an after show party as a true celebration of the island and its hidden gems.

Click here for more info.

17th Annual LA OC Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma

Location: La Mirada Community Regional Park

Be part of the tradition in bringing awareness and raising funds for the Scleroderma Foundations annual walk-a-thon. The event will also feature a health fair, mission booths, raffles live music and a kidzone. Bring the entire family and share your story as you help the foundations SoCal chapter take a STEP towards a CURE.

Click here for more info.

9th Annual Pedal on the Pier Spin-a-thon

Location: Santa Monica Pier

We Spin, Kids Win! Come join us for the 9th Annual Pedal on the Pier Spin – a – thon in benefit of the Harold Robinson Foundation. This fitness fundraiser transforms Santa Monica Pier into a high energy outdoor cycling studio to raise money for the foundation’s Camp Ubuntu, which provides LA’s underprivileged children with a unique camp experience. The 5-hour spin-a-thon features teams riding stationary spin bikes, live musical performances, DJs, spin instructors from Revolution Fitness Santa Monica, celebrities, athletes, food and drinks from local restaurants, influential brands and fun festivities in the sun.

Click here for more info.

10 Best Summer Travel Spots

While summer brings many things, one of the most notable highlights is where you’ll travel to. Although not all of us can be so lucky to vacay in all of these spots, setting aside a week to relax seems almost mandatory. So read through our 10 best travel destinations this summer and treat yourself to some time abroad!


Contrary to belief, Fiji is a relatively cheap place to visit unlike its expensive island neighbors. Enjoy tasty seafood, pristine beaches, world-class dining without breaking the bank!

Montreal, Canada

With its strong French influence, Montreal is home of one of the most ambitious public art works ever created! Without the long and expensive flight, this city offers a European fix that is nothing short of spectacular.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona – Park Guell, Spain

This Catalan city offers some of the best architecture and museums in the world. Barcelona is still among the more affordable cities in Europe compared to last year.


Unlike some of the other islands, Curacao has some of the best snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean. The dip in hotel prices gives travelers a few extra dollars to spend on water activities.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

This East African island consists of colorful coral reeds, pristine white sand beaches, varied culture and endless spices. Despite an pricey plane ticket, your dollars will definitely go far once you’re there.

Dakar, Senegal

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to travel possibilities in Africa, Senegal is the place to go! Among the top three recommended African countries, this city is easy to navigate; especially if you speak some French.

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Herceg Novi is famous for mud spas, hot springs and hidden beaches that are only accessible by boat. Travelers are able to learn European history and view architectural styles in addition to traveling the more affordable parts of Europe.


Splurge and enjoy fancy meals and hammams without breaking your pockets! Morocco is filled with colors, tastes and smells that will make you feel as if you’re in another world.

Santiago, Chile

This up-and-coming city is starting to get the recognition it deserves. Santiago contains hip restaurants, start-ups, co-working spaces and incredible nightlife experiences for a very affordable cost.

Bastimentos Island, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

This large island is a bustling backpacker’s dream, leaving much to discover. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, travel between cities is cheap and simple to explore new areas.

Content Sourced from: Forbes Travel Guide

Josh Flagg and Syd Leibovitch Named One of LABJ’s 500 Most Influential

The Los Angeles Business Journals 500 Most Influential list is out! Rodeo Realty Owner and President Syd Leibovitch along with top producing agent Josh Flagg are among those listed.

“The people who comprise this year’s LA500 are featured players in the city’s development. Their vision, energy and resourcefulness are on full display as they bring about changes to Los Angeles that run from the subtle to the seismic.”-Anna Magzanyan Publisher & CEO LABJ

The annual publication profiles those that have contributed to the city of Los Angeles across varying industries. This is the second year Syd Leibovitch has landed on the list and the first year for Josh Flagg.

With the contributions Rodeo Realty has made to the real estate industry, it is no wonder its leader lands among those considered influential to LA.

Read below for the LABJ’s Profile on Syd and Josh or head to to get your copy of the publication today!

President, Rodeo Realty Inc.

THE LATEST: Leibovitch has guided Rodeo Realty, the Beverly Hills-based residential real estate firm, for more than three decades. The agency has 12 offices throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties and more than 1,000 licensed realtors focusing on the luxury market, while its Paramount Properties Division handles more mid-priced properties.

BACKGROUND: Leibovitch began selling real estate in Los Angeles in his early 20s and opened Paramount Properties in 1986 at the age of 25. Paramount later acquired the Rodeo Realty brand. Today it’s one of the largest single-owner residential real estate companies in California.

WORTH NOTING: Leibovitch was a track and field athlete during his time at UCLA.


Realtor, Rodeo Realty Inc.

THE LATEST: Last year was a banner year for Flagg, who sold 10 properties in the $10 million to $25 million range. He was No. 12 on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s list of residential real estate agents ranked by 2018 L.A. County sales volume, with 56 properties sold for a total of $237 million.

BACKGROUND: The agent with the longest run on Bravo’s real estate reality show “Million Dollar Listing,” Flagg has sold more than $2 billion worth of property, including many homes in tony neighborhoods such as Brentwood and Beverly Hills. Flagg’s clients are a who’s who of the entertainment industry, including Shonda Rhimes, Adam Levine and Steve Aoki. Flagg and his husband Bobby Boyd hosted the Rock for Research fundraiser for Cedars-Sinai in 2017 and are on the organizing committee from this year’s event. He also serves on the board of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

WORTH NOTING: Flagg is the grandson of designer Edith Flagg, a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to the United States and built a sportswear brand in Los Angeles under her name. Before her death in 2014, she frequently appeared with her grandson on episodes of “Million Dollar Listing.”


Get Your Home Summer Ready

Yes, summer is the time to vacation and break out the pool floats but it’s also that time to spruce up the house. As the seasons change, making sure your home is ready for the Summer heat come June means putting in a little elbow grease. Read below for what to do to get your abode Summer Ready!

Clean the walkway
Pressure-wash the walkway, then replace damaged pavers or bricks, or just flip them over. If any pavers are sticking up too high, raise them, remove a little dirt, and drop them back in place. On concrete walkways fill in cracks with a masonry crack filler that matches the color of your concrete.

Spruce up the front door
Probe the weather stripping around the door with a screwdriver and caulk any post-winter gaps before tightening hinges that may have come loose due to shifts in temperature.

Prep the windows
Caulk any gaps in the framing and check that the mechanics are working by opening and closing each window a few times. Fill up two buckets: one with 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of ammonia, and 1 gallon of hot water; the other with warm water. Wash windows with the vinegar-ammonia solution first, then with water only. Dry with a squeegee.
Quick tip: Wash windows on a cloudy day. The sun may dry the solution too soon, leaving streaks.

Tidy up the flower beds
Clear out weeds and use a spade to redefine bed edges. Till the top inch or two of soil if it’s tightly packed, being careful not to disturb any bulbs below. Apply 2 to 3 inches of mulch.

Fill in the grass
Remove leaves and twigs and de-thatch dead grass with a metal rake. Ask for help choosing the right seed at a garden center, then apply it to bald patches or anywhere you want a thicker lawn.
Quick tip: Weed-killing fertilizer will work fastest if applied right before it rains.

Fix the sprinkler
Check for any winter damage, including broken heads and cracked pipes, by running your sprinkler one zone at a time. Any bubbling or geyser-like area needs a new head.

Hose down the air-conditioning condenser
Shut down the power on the electric panel, then clear away any leaves or branches lodged in the unit. Wash down all the coils with a garden hose. If you find any chewed wires, call a pro to repair them.

Clear out the gutters
Clean leaves and debris from your gutters. The next time it rains, stand outside and look for breaks or leaks in your gutters and downspouts.

Repair the siding
If your house has wood siding or shingles, inspect for post-winter rot, repair the damaged areas, then touch up any faded stain or chipped paint. A nylon scrub brush and all-purpose cleaner should eliminate dirt and mold on engineered wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding.

Inspect the roof
Grab a pair of binoculars and look at your roof from across the street. Locate curling, cracked, or missing shingles. Also look out for damaged metal flashing around the chimney, pipes, and skylights. Get in touch with a roofer for fixes.

Clean the deck
Use a deck brush or power washer plus a deck-cleaning solution (like Cabot Ready to Use wood cleaner pump spray, $12 a gallon, to remove mold, dirt, and mildew. If the finish is worn, let the wood dry for a few days, then reseal it.

Wash the cushions
Most outdoor fabrics are safe to throw in a warm wash. Air-dry, then put the cover back on the insert while it’s still slightly damp to keep it smooth. If the fabric isn’t removable, clean it using a soft scrub brush, dish detergent, and warm water.

Scrub down the gas grill
Heat the grill for 10 minutes at a high temperature so it’s easier to scrape off gunk inside the cook box. Disconnect the gas line and let the grill cool before removing and washing the grates, burners, and drip tray in warm, soapy water. Wipe down the grill’s exterior before putting everything back together.
Quick tip: To check the grill’s propane level, feel the outside of the tank. The area with fuel will be cooler than the empty portion.

Content Curated from HGTV

10 Tips for Every Gardener to Know

Whether you’re the next HGTV star or simply wanting to spruce up your outdoor area, there are certain things every gardener should know. Rather than picking up a Farmers Almanac and scouring the web, let us save you some time! Read through these top ten tips for the gardener in you and let nature do the rest.

1. Know your USDA Hardiness Zone. Use it as a guide so you don’t plant trees, shrubs, and perennials that won’t survive conditions in your area. You’ll also get a better idea of when to plant vegetables and fruits in your area.

2. Most in-ground garden plants grow best with 1 to 2 inches of water per week. If not enough rain falls, water deeply once a week instead of watering lightly daily. Frequent, shallow watering only moistens the top layer of soil and encourages the plant’s roots to move there instead of growing deeper.

3. Apply only composted, rotted manure that has cured for at least six months to your soil. Fresh manure is too high in nitrogen and can “burn” plants; it may also contain pathogens or parasites. Manure from pigs, dogs, and cats should never be used in gardens or compost piles because they may contain parasites that can infect humans.

4. Learn how long your growing season is—your last frost in spring and first frost in fall—so you can start some plants inside or avoid growing them.

5. Deadheading is a good practice for perennials and annuals. Because the goal of annual plants is to flower, set seed, and die, removing the old blooms tells annual plants to produce more flowers. Removing spent flowers also encourages plants to place energies into stronger leaves and roots instead of seed production. Avoid deadheading plants grown especially for their fruits or pods, such as money plant (Lunaria).

6. How much light do plants need? Grow vegetables in a location that gets at least 8 hours of direct sunlight every day. Most vegetables need full sun to perform well. If you have some shade, try growing cool-season crops such as lettuce, spinach, radishes, and cabbage.

7. The best approaches to controlling weeds in the garden are hand-weeding and hoeing. Avoid deep hoeing or cultivating that can bring weed seeds to the soil’s surface. Weed early and often so weeds don’t go to seed. Use mulch to smother and prevent annual weeds.

8. Avoid digging or planting in wet soil; working it damages the soil structure. Wait until the soil is crumbly and no longer forms a ball in your hand (it doesn’t have to be bone-dry) to till or dig.

9. Fertilizer is not the answer to growing the best plants; soil quality is. Add organic amendments such as compost and well-aged manure to your soil. The best soil structure is crumbly, easy to dig, accepts water easily, and offers oxygen for plant roots. If you choose to use fertilizer, use an organic one to add nitrogen, phosphate, and potash.

10. When transplanting container-grown plants, dig a hole larger than the soil ball of the plant to aid with root establishment.

Content Sourced from: BHG and Martha Stewart Living

Weekend Events: May 24-26

As the countdown to summer begins, the wait for our holiday weekend is over. With so many options to kick-off your Memorial Day festivities , allow us to cut away the activity clutter. Whether you prefer the usual day-off fun or something a bit more lavish, we have you covered. So read on with the list below of this Friday through Sundays round up of fun things to do(and check-out our Memorial Day blog for even more weekend fun)!

Friday, May 24

Pacific Visions

Location: Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach has just completed a major expansion called Pacific Visions featuring stunning interactive exhibitions, a state-of-the-art immersive Honda Pacific Visions Theater, an art gallery designed to transport visitors under the ocean, and live animal exhibits. The new wing officially opens to the public this Friday.

Click here for more info.

RuPaul’s DragCon

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center

RuPaul’s DragCon comes to the Los Angeles Convention Center May 24 – 26 for three days of art, pop culture, and all things drag. The convention features panels, photo ops, meet and greets, shopping, and much more.

Click here for more info.


Location: 1262 Palmetto St., Los Angeles

A free 10 day pop-up festival (May 18-27) will honor Mental Health Awareness Month through artists presentations, creative programming, workshops, activism, panels and more – all focused on supporting a call to action for mental health as a civil right.

Click here for more information.

Saturday, May 25

 Fiesta Hermosa

Location: Hermosa Beach

This Hermosa Beach free annual party will feature local vendors, food, beer gardens, games and live music right in the heart of Downtown Hermosa Beach.

Click here for more info.

46th annual Topanga Days Country Fair

Location: Pine Tree Circle

The Topanga Country Fair returns for its iconic, bohemian fundraiser in the Santa Monica Mountains. This family-friendly three-day festival includes musical acts on two stages, old school contests and games, local artisans, craft vendors, food and an annual Memorial Day parade.

Click here for more info.

Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival

Location: Rancho Santa Susana Community Park

Simi Valley’s Cajun & Blues Festival is set to take over Rancho Santa Susana Community Park this Memorial Day weekend May 25-26. The event will have live music, Cajun-Creole food, a Mardi Gras Parade, kid friendly activities and more.

Click here for more info.

Sunday, May 26

2nd Annual Corgi Nationals

Location: Santa Anita Park

The 2nd Annual Corgi Nationals comes to Santa Anita Park for a corgi-centric, family-friendly day in the sun. Highlights include carnival rides, food, drinks, corgi races and more.

Click here for more info.

Heritage Fest

Location: Angel City Brewery

The Art Districts Angel City Brewery will be hosting their annual celebration of the brewery. The day includes food, live music, live mural painting, an art tour, educational tastings and tours of the brewery, a “museum of Old Angel City Stuff” and lots more.

Click here for more info.


Location: Main Street, Santa Monica

A Monopoly themed neighborhood party with food samples and drink specials from participating restaurants will takeover Main street in Santa Monica.

Click here for more info.