Appreciating the hard work and commitment of our Rodeo Corporate Staff

We love when we receive emails from our agents recognizing the hard work our corporate office puts in everyday! Have a recommendation? Send it our way and let the corporate staff know their hard work everyday is appreciated!RR_Logo_Black_0111

Hi Everyone,

You’re probably all sick and tired of my emails, but I just had to send this one.  I can’t get over the fact that I emailed the package order form on Monday and 4 days later, I’ll have a brochure, property business cards and a website.   I can’t’ begin to fathom how you made change after change to accommodate the concerns of the client so quickly and without complaint.  You worked so well as a team and had wonderful communication skills.  I truly appreciate everything.


Warm regards,





Debra Ziven


Rodeo Realty, Inc.

202 N Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210