Rodeo Realty's Brentwood agent Deidre Powell sells the most expensive home in Santa Monica's history

A two-story home on an acre of land in Santa Monica has sold for $41 million, the most expensive home sale historically in the city, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rodeo Realty’s Brentwood agent, Deidre Powell, was the only agent involved in the $41,082,000 off-market deal. The sale made news in the Los Angeles Times, Mansion Global, Observer, and Yolanda’s Little Black Book. In addition to breaking a record, it is also recognized as one of the top real estate sales of 2017.

“Deidre, Congratulations! I noticed that the home you sold was among the top 10 most expensive homes sold in Los Angeles in 2017,” said President of Rodeo Realty, Syd Leibovitch. “Your sale of just above $41 million also marked the most expensive home ever sold by any agent in our Brentwood office. I especially admire how well you handled yourself, and what an outstanding job you did in assisting the buyer and seller in the transaction. Your knowledge of the high-end real estate market on the Westside and the expertise you exhibited in handling every detail was just remarkable!!”

According to Mansion Global, the property includes four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theater, gym, an entertaining room with an indoor/outdoor bar, and a swimming pool.