Tina Fanelli Moraccini Earns NAR Designation in Seniors Real Estate

Tina Fanelli Moraccini of Rodeo Realty in Calabasas Earns NAR Designation in Seniors Real Estate

CALABASAS, CA (August 27, 2019) — Tina Fanelli Moraccini with Rodeo Realty in Calabasas has earned the nationally recognized Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation from the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council of the National Association of Realtors®.

Tina joins more than 15,000 real estate professionals in North America who have earned the SRES® designation.  All were required to successfully complete a comprehensive course in understanding the needs, considerations, and goals of real estate buyers and sellers aged 55 and older.

“Working with seniors to meet their housing needs requires an expert understanding of their lifestyle and financial needs, and the SRES® designation means that a Realtor® has that understanding,” said Fanelli Moraccini.  “Whether they are buying, selling, relocating or refinancing, seniors can be confident that a Realtor® designated SRES® will be able to help them every step of the way.”

About Tina Fanelli Moraccini

Tina Fanelli Moraccini is a Realtor, Author, Founder, Speaker, Calabasas Resident, and Mom. She is specialized in helping people find their happy place (literally!), and is an award-winning member of the Rodeo Realty Executive Club.

About SRES

SRES® Council, founded in 2007, is the world’s largest association of real estate professionals focusing specifically on representing senior clients in real estate transactions. There are more than 15,000 active members of the organization world-wide.

For more information, visit SRES.org.

About National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing more than 1.1 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

Out and About: Topanga Canyon

Tucked beyond a scenic drive and just under a 30 minute stretch to the beach (without traffic) is Topanga Canyon. Said to be a sacred place by the Tongva people, the area feels every bit like a hidden sanctuary. From nature trails set against grassy peaks to brunch by the creek, whats not to enjoy? Whether Topanga Canyon is a place you call home or simply one that you visit, there plenty to do. Read on for notable neighborhood highlights for a day Out & About in Topanga Canyon.

1. Inn of the Seventh Ray.

Surrounded by nature, this restaurant is one of the most romantic in all of Los Angeles. The outdoor seating, a large terraced garden area next to a creek, is replete with sycamore trees, fairy lights, oak trees and buddha statues. During the cooler months, enjoy the interior and its roaring fireplace. The Inn offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes, and the meat they serve is sustainable and raised naturally. It’s also a great option for Sunday brunch.

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2.Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum.

Founded by Will Geer, an actor most famous for playing Grandpa on the ‘70s show The Waltons, this outdoor theater, surrounded by oak trees, offers wonderful theatrical performances with an emphasis on the classics, particularly Shakespeare.

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3. Red Rock Canyon Trail

A great place to hike, you’ll want to explore the caves and search for fossils and arrowheads left by the Chumash Indians who once dwelled here. You can also take the canyon trail up to Calabasas Peak for a pretty spectacular view of the surrounding landscape (see Modern Hiker’s write-up for more info on making that trek).

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4. Hidden Treasures

Foraging around this reasonably priced vintage clothing shop is like exploring the overstuffed house of a bunch of stylish eccentrics. Don’t forget to check out the pirate trunk near the front door with clearance items going for just a few bucks each.

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5. Jalan Jalan Imports

If you’re looking for a wide variety of Balinese imports, look no further. Jalan Jalan has a remarkable selection of hand carved statues and petrified wood furniture for your home. What is most unexpected about this outdoor showroom is not just the furniture but the setting. Set against its on quarry, a tranquil waterfall pours calmly into a small pond adjacent to the store. The owners of Jalan Jalan encourage visitors to take a seat and take in the serene setting as dragon flies and hummingbirds flurry by. At this roadside shop you leave with more than a new decor piece. You leave in peace.

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6. Topanga State Park

Hike on one of the many trails to see some of the most beautiful nature in the area — you might even get lucky and see a deer or two. Be sure to check out Santa Ynez Falls if they’re running, along with the meadows and oak groves. Keep an eye out for rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

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Topanga State Park

Topanga State Park. Credit: Neeson Hsu via flickr cc

7.  Topanga Days

This annual three-day fair, held over Memorial Day weekend, is a celebration of live music and nature. You’ll find all sorts of food and craft vendors, along with a raucous parade of singing and dancing Topangans on Memorial Day.

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8. Cafe Mimosa

Very popular with locals, this coffee shop boasts a shabby chic atmosphere and a koi pond in the garden, the perfect place to linger over a coffee, a Pirates Chai (made with Matcha green tea) or hemp milk. Hungry? Try the pain au chocolat, vegan muffins, quiche or salads.

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9.  Tuna Canyon Park

This dog-friendly park is a lovely place to stroll and take in some breathtaking sights: the nearby beaches, Catalina Island, Malibu Pier and Santa Monica Pier.

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10. Los Angeles Horseback Riding

A wonderful place to disconnect from our screen-centric lives, you can go on sunset rides, moonlight rides and more. If you prefer, ride a mule while taking in views of the beach and mountains.

More information

11. Boubolina

This tiny clothing store, a local mainstay for over 30 years, features beautiful hippie dresses, Native American jewelry and lots of organic cotton clothing. The selection is eclectic, the size range is large and they have excellent sales.

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12. Summit Valley

Edelman Park offers some 650 preserved acres to explore. While not as well known as the other Topanga walking and hiking areas, there are certainly beautiful views and bountiful wildflowers when in season.

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L.A. Eats: Best Hot Chicken Spots in Town!

“Hot Chicken” has quickly become the hottest food trend in L.A.! From serious chile-based heat found on Nashville-style hot chicken all the way to spicy spots inspired from all around. Here are eight places to set your mouth on fire (figuratively speaking of course) serving some of the best spicy bird in town right now.

Howlin Ray’s

Location: 727 N Broadway, Ste 128., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Everyone already knows this place for their lines at the Far East Plaza. You can get it by the piece, as a box of wings or in a sandwich, and as hot as you want it, from country (no heat) to howlin’, a smoldering too-hot-to-handle, scale-tipping heat. Side dishes change, but look for things like braised greens, succotash, mac ‘n’ cheese, crispy okra, various market salads and crinkle-cut fries dusted with their secret shake spice.

Dave’s Hot Chicken

Location: 970 N Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029

One of L.A.’s biggest hot-chicken success stories, Dave’s began as a stand and worked its way up to a brick and mortar—and now it’s one of Hollywood’s late-night go-to’s with a line out the door. They’ve only got one rule: no pickups. Don’t worry, the line moves quickly, as the menu is particularly limited. The bright-red hot chicken only comes in strips and (hefty) sliders, juicy and a little greasy and wildly hot, especially as you climb toward the “reaper” spice option. You’re gonna need a side of those cheese-topped crinkle-cut fries to cool things down.

Sweet Chick

Location: 448 N. Fairfax Ave.

When this chicken and soul food shack (hip-hop star Nas is a proud investor) opened on Fairfax, we thought it was all about waffles, greens and mac ‘n’ cheese to accompany the classic crispy, juicy bird. It’s all of that and so much more. To start, there are a few options for heat seekers, including the Nashville hot chicken with a milk jam waffle, or hot sauce–drenched fried chicken sliders on buttery mini biscuits. Want some sweet heat? Try the honey hot chicken instead.

McFly’s All-Natural at Electric Owl

Location: 1451 N. Gardner St.

If you’re familiar with the amazing smoky fried chicken from Plan Check, you already know what chef Ernesto Uchimura can do with the bird. Now you can find him at Electric Owl, the restaurant he opened in West Hollywood earlier this year. For lunch, he’s launched a daytime pop-up called McFly’s, where he serves egg-dipped, fried chicken sandos with a searing chile baste alongside things like tater tots and pink lemonade. Check it out Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 AM until gone.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Location: 1262 Crenshaw Blvd. and 509 S. Glen Oaks Blvd.

A long-standing family business, the Memphis chain is known the world over for its cayenne-spiced, red-tinged crisp chicken. It’s surprising that it’s taken this long to make it out west, but it finally has, landing in a brick-walled spot in Mid-City and most recently in Burbank. Although it calls its fried chicken “hot and spicy,” it’s not mouth-searing like Nashville-style chicken. There’s no extra coating of seasoning and spice on the outside; instead, the batter is laced with cayenne pepper for its kick. Every meal (usually two pieces of white and/or dark meat) at Gus’s comes with white bread, which helps soothe the burn, but a little ranch dressing doesn’t hurt either.

Fritzi Coop

Location: Fairfax District

Redbird’s Neal Fraser technically calls his hot chicken “Memphis-style,” though he admits there’s really no difference when it comes to the Nashville-inspired dish. You can find his take tucked into the Original Farmers Market, where the chef’s fast-casual chicken shack, Fritzi Coop, sells it in wing, boneless-wing and sandwich form—and the sandwich is where it’s at. Fraser isn’t fooling around with the spice (available as “hot” or “super hot”), and on the sandwich, the fried dark meat gets some added oomph from a spicy slaw. Cool off with whatever the daily agua fresca is. You’re going to need it.

Angry Birdz


Location: 5065 Hollywood Blvd ste102, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Thai Town’s Angry Birdz is a bit of a dive, but that’s just fine by us—we’re not here for the frills, we’re here for the fried goods. The setting is sparse, the menu straightforward. The Nashville spice? Way hot. Like Howlin’ Ray’s, the basic level is “country,” but here, the hottest setting warns you that you should probably sign a waiver. (It’s hot, but it’s not litigation hot.) The birds here come in slider and tender form, but what it lacks in poultry option it makes up for in sides, with choices like mashed potatoes, slaw, mac and cheese, fries and even buttered rice—in ode to the owners’ Middle Eastern heritage—available until midnight every day of the week, for all your late-night hot cravings.

Theatre Productions not to Miss This Month

September means back to school—and that might even include all of us. As the kids head off, we start to look back on our own schooldays, sometimes recalling long-forgotten texts, sometimes wishing we’d paid more attention in class. September’s local theatrical offerings seem to transport us back to school, with plays bringing to life history, social studies and literature. Start off the Fall season by falling in love with these stories set to stage. Read our selection of productions not to miss this September.


  1. The HealLocation & Dates: Getty Villa, Sept 5-28

Aaron Posner, a gifted adaptor who skillfully turns the classics upside down and sideways, adapted and directs this work. Based on the Sophocles original, about wounds and healing is a beautiful show not to be missed. Taking place at the time of the Trojan War, The Heal tells the story of Philoctetes, a gifted archer and a relatively faithful soldier. Music for the production is by Cliff Eberhardt.

  1. Sisters in LawLocation & Dates: Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Sept 18 – Oct 6

Of different generations, differing politics and distinct personalities, U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor had one interest in common: making sure we remained a nation of laws and not of only men. Jonathan Shapiro penned this script, based on Linda Hirshman’s nonfiction bestseller.

  1. A Play Is a Poem Location and Dates: Mark Taper Forum, Sept 11-Oct 13

Expect to be engaged and challenged by the co-writer of such films as The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men. Ethan Coen, one-half of the filmmaking Coen brothers, penned this world premiere of one-acts. Each is set in a different region of the United States: New York, Hollywood, Mississippi and Appalachia. Neil Pepe directs. Live music by Nellie McKay.

  1. Latin History for MoronsLocation & Dates: Ahmanson Theatre, Sept 8 – Oct 20

Playwright, filmmaker, actor and wry guy John Leguizamo takes the stage in this much needed cultural crash course. Noticing that his son’s American history books made little mention of Latin History, Leguizamo saw this as a call to action. Tony Taccone directs this solo show, which takes us along as Leguizamo searches for a hero. For himself and as a topic for his son’s homework.

  1. On BeckettLocation & Dates: Kirk Douglas Theatre, Sept 13 – Oct 27

Longtime actor and clown Bill Irwin offers this master class on the works of legendary writer Samuel Beckett. Relishing Beckett’s absurdism and humanity, ever more so as Irwin enters his own burnished theatrical maturity.

Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom

Aside from work, your bedroom is where you spend quite a bit of home time. Whether it is simply where you sleep and keep your belonging or doubles as your home office, its your space. That’s why we have selected some helpful tips on keeping your space as organized as possible. Read below for ways to organize your bedroom and cut out some unneeded clutter!


  1. Picture Rail Shoe Rack

Some of your heels are works of art, so why not display them as such? Line the walls of a walk-in closet or a dressing area with picture-rail molding to make a tidy yet visually arresting display.

  1. Shadow Box Jewelry Holder

Some baubles are just too pretty to put away at the end of the day. But with a jewelry holder and display case made from a basic shadow box, you’ll have less clutter, more chances to admire your favorite pieces, and everything within reach.

  1. Keep a Duvet Cover in Place

Although a duvet cover does an admirable job of protecting a comforter from stains, it is notorious for being a shifty character. Keep it and your comforter neatly in place by turning the cover inside out and sewing two pieces of five-inch-long fabric tape to all four corners. Then tie the fabric tape around each corner of the comforter and sleep tight.

  1. Jewelry Palette

Ceramic watercolor palettes provide perfect slots for sorting and separating earrings and other jewelry — with no tangles. They’re also small enough to tuck in a drawer.

  1. Stepladder Bed Stand

Take advantage of every bit of bedroom space by stacking your nighttime necessities instead of crowding them on top of a tiny stand. The four wide rungs of an extra stepladder provide a steady spot for a row of books as well as the necessary alarm clock and reading lamp.

  1. Ever-Open Laundry Bag

A hanging laundry bag saves floor space, but you have to wrestle with the drawstring to deposit dirty clothes. Have it both ways when you prop open the suspended bag with a large embroidery hoop at least 14 inches in diameter.

  1. Accessory Haven

Square acrylic organizers give ties and belts their own homes. Underneath, blue acid-free mat board lines the drawer for extra color. Additional trays are cushioned with coordinating felt to protect the jewelry inside.

  1. Portable Hooks

To create a belt rack that matches your other hangers (and doesn’t require making holds in the wall), try this: Pre-drill a row of holes in alternating spots on both sides of a wooden clamp hanger, and screw in cup hooks. Make as many of these hangers as you need to accommodate your belts.

  1. Stylish Jewelry Storage

To set it up, measure the height of the drawer’s side (not the front), then gather dish-ware that’s slightly shorter. Line the drawer with velvet or felt to prevent rattling and sliding, then position the porcelain. Hook drop earrings on rims of cups, nestle necklaces within them, and stash chunkier beads and bangles on individual saucers.

  1. Boot Hangers

Homemade hangers preserve the shape of tall boots and maximize space. They’re created by replacing the knobs on cedar boot trees with large cup hooks, which are screwed into the tops. The trees and boots then hang from a cafe-curtain rod.

Weekend Events: September 6-8

After such a long week, the weekend has finally arrived. Subtle sarcasm aside, this week flew by quicker than summer. Rather than opt for the usual routine now that fall dwindles ever so close, we’re suggesting otherwise. Don’t let the back to school/work/whatever it is you were doing prior to summer get you down. LA still has plenty of fun to be had! Lucky for Angelenos, weather wise it’ll be summer midway through November. So read on for our weekend round up of fun things to do and discover your inner Angeleno!


Friday, September 6
 The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival

Location: Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach

Returning for the 23rd year is LB’s annual Lobster Fest! Taking place this weekend only, enjoy copious amounts of delicious lobster prepared in a variety of ways. Grab your “Lobster” and head down to LB for a seafood-sational weekend.

Click here for more info.

The Heal

Location: Getty Villa

Head to the Getty Villa for an outdoor performance of The Heal in the Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater. Sit in the stunning venue modeled after ancient Greek and Roman theaters. Enjoy a new version of Sophocles’ timeless tale. The show runs every Thursday through Saturday from September 6-28.

Click here for more info.

Burbank International Film Festival

Location: AMC Burbank 16, Burbank, CA

Don’t miss the 11th Annual Burbank International Film Festival. Featuring 180 films is a film fest not to be missed. Partake in a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 30th anniversary screening and a science fiction themed party! It’s all happening this weekend only at the Burbank Film Fest. Most-Excellent!

Click here for more info.

Saturday, September 7
Muse ’til Midnight: The Allure of Music

Location: LACMA

Muse ’til Midnight: The Allure of Music is LACMA’s annual after-hours party inspired by current exhibitions at the museum. This years focus if the exhibit The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China. Multiple performance stages, music curated by DUBLAB and Ninja Tune, sound and visual installations will be sprinkled across various locations of the museum.

Click here for more info.

Moon Festival Spectacular

Location: Santa Anita Park

The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is time to celebrate the Moon Festival. Head to Santa Anita Park for The Moon Festival Spectacular, a two-daylong celebration featuring Chinese and Asian arts, a lantern festival, traditional food and live entertainment.

Click here for more info.

Visual Artists Guild’s: Art & Democracy VI

Location: City of West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood presents an opening reception for Visual Artists Guild’s Art & Democracy VI. Artists from all over the world will address issues of human rights, immigrants rights, democratic aspirations, social justice and freedom of speech and expression through their artwork. The event taking place from 1-4 p.m. will feature live entertainment, light refreshments, interactive art installations, artist meet-and-greets and more.

Click here for more info.

Summer Movies in the Park

Location: Morrison Park, 29909 Forest Cove Lane

Get ready for a SUPER summer in Agoura Hills! Each movie this summer will be at a different park location and on the first Saturday of each month (June-September). Be sure to bring a blanket & cash for the snack bar! There will also be $1 raffle tickets for some super prizes! Movie starts at sundown.

Click here for more info.

Sunday, September 8
KCRW & Gustavo’s Great Tortilla Tournament


Writer Gustavo Arellano and KCRW’s Good Food host Evan Kleiman have been hunting for the tasting tortillas in Southern California, and this Sunday they’ll present the best of the best at KCRW & Gustavo’s Great Tortilla Tournament. Expect music via DJs Raul Campos and José Galván, tortilla tastings, margaritas and michelada bars, and more.

Click here for more info.

Belmont Shore Car Show

Location: Downtown Long Beach

Returning for its 30th year, the Belmont Shore Car Show boasts over 500 classic, custom and novelty vehicles parked on over 14 blocks in Downtown Long Beach. Guests get to peruse, take pictures with, and sometimes, even get inside some of the cars.

Click here for more info.

Doggie Yoga Series

Location: Pan Pacific Park

Instantaneous Pet Service and Pan Pacific Park will host a summer Sunday Doggie Yoga Series highlighting pet fitness. Grab your fur baby, a mat, and water for a one hour yoga session. Coffee and snacks will be provided by Le Pain Quotidien. This is a donation based event.

Click here for more info.

Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival

Location: Ventura Harbor Village, 1583 Spinnaker Dr., Ventura

This waterfront juried art festival features more than over 40 talented street chalk artists creating colorful murals along the Village promenade overlooking the boats. Visitors to the seaside event will watch as street painters create spectacular chalk pastel murals along the promenade, and enjoy original artwork available for purchase including paintings, sculptures, woodwork and wearable items.

Click here for more info.

Tam Nguyen Paints for a Purpose

Tam Nguyen​‘s Artwork Up for bid this Saturday to Benefit Tower Cancer Research​ Foundation.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (September 3, 2019)- Tam Nguyen is a top selling agent, but this weekend she will showcase a different impressive skill. A talented artist, Tam’s work will be on bid for a worthy cause. Donating her own original artwork, the funds will go towards the Tower Cancer research Foundation Fund.

The foundation will host their “Ante Up Celebrity Poker-Casino Night on September 7, at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. The event will be a full red carpet celebrity event and tickets to attend are still available for purchase.
Tower Cancer Research is an independent community foundation transforming the cancer journey through research and support.

Founded in 1996 by a group of dedicated physicians, patients, and volunteers, Tower Cancer Research Foundation has developed a legacy of supporting high impact research and clinical trials. The event taking place this Saturday serves as one of the many ways in which Tower Cancer Research Foundation is working to find a cure.

When asked what allured Tam into contributing her works of art she had this to say :

“Having been to one of the foundation events a month prior I was truly inspired by all the work that they are doing as well as touched by all of the survivors and advocates in attendance. Cancer research is something deeply personal to me that touches my heart in a way that I couldn’t help but want to give back and shed a positive light on the important work being done by Tower Cancer Research Foundation. Since art is something I put my heart into, I feel like it was the best way in which I can contribute. “

Those interested in placing a bid on Tam’s artwork for the foundation fund can click here.

To purchase tickets for the charity event or see how you can contribute in other ways, click here.


L.A. Eats: Labor Day Picks

One of the best parts about summer and holiday weekends is the food…and the extra day off of course! With that in mind, we could not have a labor day weekend without labor day eats. We have you covered whether thats brunch or bbq’s and everything in between. Celebrate LDW like a true foodie would!

TAG: Brunch, Booze, & Beats – Brunch & Day Party

Date And Time: Saturday, August 31 from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Location: District 7 DTLA, 555 West 7th Street., Los Angeles, CA 90017

Labor Day Weekend, come out to the next brunch and day parties hosted by The Alumni Group. With special sounds by LA’s favorite DJ’s that will be bringing you the hottest sounds of spring. District 7 Bar & Lounge is located in Downtown Los Angeles and features a delicious brunch menu.

Labor Day Organic Brunch Buffet

Date and Time: Monday, September 2 from 9 AM – 4 PM

Location: UPSCALE VEGAN, 8781 West Pico Blvd., Beverly Hills

Promoting diversity in traditional media, DiverCity Media Foundation presents their fundraiser to support women and filmmakers of color. To encourage a healthy lifestyle they are offering a delicious weekend vegan brunch.
Their mission is to catalyze film careers for female and minority filmmakers through new media projects by increasing opportunities for women in film.
All tickets are tax deductible and help to fund their foundation and ongoing efforts.

No Jealousy Sunday Party Brunch – Labor Day Weekend White Party

Date And Time: Sunday, September 1 from 1:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT

Location: Liaison Restaurant + Lounge, Los Angeles

Forget your usual Brunch and Experience the Epic Party Brunch at Liason Restaurant and Lounge. They combine the Best of Brunch and Day Party together in Hollywood. Be sure to wear white or at least a white top (it is required) and have fun this Labor Day weekend!

Bernadette’s Boozy Brunch Party DTLA

Date and Time: Saturday and Sunday from 11-4pm

Location: Bernadette’s, 361 South Broadway, DTLA

They’ve got Tots Benedict, Frozen Mimosas, Bacon Egg & Cheese sandwiches, French Toast Fried Chicken, and much more! If you’re looking for the perfect savory brunch this Labor Day weekend, then look not further. The food is absolutely delicious and the drinks are a perfect toast to the weekend.

Labor Day BBQ Lunch Cruise with Live Jazz

Date And Time: Monday, September 2 from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Location: Hornblower Cruises and Events, San Diego

This Labor Day, get out on San Diego Bay to end the summer! Enjoy the beautiful weather on a yacht with a gourmet buffet lunch and incredible views. Sparkling waves and soft breezes set the mood for this relaxing mid-day tour. This LDW cruise features free-flowing champagne and domestic beer, and live Jazz by the Dave Scott Duo. The relaxing bay cruise also includes a buffet stocked with classic American breakfast dishes, plus plenty of seasonal lunch entrées and richly decadent desserts. Sail past amazing San Diego sights while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ideal way to see the Bay.

Labor Day Celebration BBQ

Date And Time: Monday, September 2 from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Sinder Lounge at Marina del Rey Marriott, Marina del Rey

Chef David will be showcasing his famous BBQ platter for 2. BBQ ribs, Chicken, Smoked sausage, shrimp skewers with Potato salad and warm house baked corn bread. All for just 28 bucks!. Pair is with some great local Ice Cold craft beers.

Labor Day Brunch with DJ Q!

Date And Time: Monday, September 2 from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT

Location: Sonoma Wine Garden, Santa Monica

Head to Sonoma Wine Garden for a wine and music filled labor day brunch. DJ Q will be dishing beats while you pour into their delicious brunch items and sip on perfect wine pairings. To book you must email reservations@sonomawinegarden.com. Tables are not guaranteed without a reservation made directly with Sonoma Wine Garden.

Weekend Brunch at The Local Peasant Woodland Hills!

Date and Time: Saturday and Sunday from 11-3:00pm

Location: The Local Peasant Woodland Hills

Live like kings and queens! Don’t miss this delicious brunch at The Local Peasant. Indulge in Crab Cake Benedict made with jumbo lump crab cakes, or dive into a custom Bloody Mary at their Bloody Mary bar. The world is your oyster. Stop in for delicious food and craft cocktails at your local favorite, The Local Peasant!

DAMA Fashion District-ALL DAMA DAY Brunch!

Location: DAMA Fashion District, Los Angeles

Date and Time: Sunday, September 1 from 11:00am-11:30PM

Party with in the DAMA Fashion District with their All DAMA Day every Sunday in the summer, starting at 11am. Sip on handcrafted cocktails and enjoy tropical eats while our guest DJs set the vibe with live tunes. Secure your reservation for you and your friends now on @resy or by visiting our website.