City News: From LACMA’s Modern Art to a pair of Brothers Giving Back in Studio City

Stay current in your area with this week’s area news for Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Studio City, and Newbury Park.

Los Angeles News

LACMA Puts It’s Modern Art Collection Back on Display

Fans of LACMA’s modern art collection can now rejoice. This week the museum reopened its beloved exhibition for public display in a temporary new home.  Back in 2019 (ages ago), the museum closed much of its permanent collections to begin preparation for its planned remodel. As we all know and can see, that remodel is still underway, with an opening date of 2024. Since most of the property is now a dirt pit, collections have slowly made their way to the western half of the property. This move now includes LACMA’s modern art collection, freshly arranged and re-curated. The new set-up will reside on the third floor of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum until LACMA’s remodel is complete.

Westside & Beach Community News

Santa Monica Extends Outdoor Dining for Continued Recovery

Ahead of this week’s statewide re-opening, restauranteurs in Santa Monica received additional helpful news. Following a city council vote on June 9, Santa Monica will continue to allow for outdoor dining accommodations through the rest of the year. The pandemic era extension is meant to support Santa Monica’s continued economic recovery. The one-year pilot – “Santa Monica Outdoors” – will allow continued use of parklets, streets, sidewalks, and public spaces. This includes the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade and private property for outdoor dining, retail, and fitness. Additionally, fees will be waived through the rest of 2021. “Santa Monica’s small, local businesses need continued support from all of us, and your City is here to expedite our economic recovery in all the ways we can,” said Mayor Sue Himmelrich.

San Fernando Valley News

Studio City brothers Repair Unwanted Items to Donate to People in Need

When the pandemic slimmed back the community service opportunities for two Studio City brothers, their pair found another way to give back. Due to covid restrictions, Ben and Sam Volokh were unable to continue volunteering at their local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Instead of sitting idle, the brothers decided to continue collecting donations. Picking up any items that were being thrown away, the brothers took their activism one step further. Along with picking up items in the community, the Volokh brothers also cleaned and repaired the items before donating them to Habitat. They began their repurposing project in November of 2020 and have even created a website where neighbors can schedule a pick-up. In an interview with KTLA, Sam Volokh shared the following, “We just think it’s really important to give back to our community and do what we can to make life easier for some people.”

Conejo Valley News

Newbury Park Startup Joins with Biotech Firm on Treatment for ALS

A Newbury Park-based startup, Capsida Biotherapeutics, is partnering with a high-profile biotech company to develop a treatment for ALS. The announcement came after the startup was able to raise $140 million in Series A funding. Capisda will be working with Swiss firm CRISPR Therapeutics on therapies for the neurodegenerative disease. CRISPR, a publicly traded company, valued at $9 billion, will focus on Friedreich’s ataxia, with Capside leading the ALS program. Depending on the success of the projects, the companies would equally share the research, development, and commercialization costs and profits. This would be worldwide and related to the collaboration product, according to a joint press release statement.

LA Eats: June 14-20

Step outside your normal dining routine with our list of LA eatery options. From the new to the local classics, we’re simplifying the plethora of choices in town. Read this week’s blog for our favorite choices throughout LA, the Westside, and the Valley.

Los Angeles

All Season Brewing Company

LA eatery

Location: 800 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

After 4 years of renovations, the historic Firestone Tire shop on Miracle Mile has found a new purpose. Still completely intact of its historical features, patrons can now enjoy craft beer and cocktails and a tasty taco stand. All Season Brewing Company opened this year and the LA eatery has continued to be the buzziest spot on La Brea ever since.  Enjoy their selection of brews to quench your thirst. For bites, you have popular Mexican micro-chain Chicas Tacos.


LA eatery

Location: 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

For the best banchan in LA, head to Shiku, the Korean food stall in Grand Central Market. Grand Central is already home to some of the best food in town. Likewise, it should come as no surprise to be an LA eatery of choice. Enjoy homestyle Korean food that makes for the perfect lunch or dinner.

Cha Cha Cha

LA eatery

Location: 812 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

This year, a slice of Mexico city arrived in DTLA. Mexico City-born, LA-raised chef Alejandro Guzman opened the sister property of Mexico City’s Terraza Cha Cha Cha in the Arts District in March. The new LA eatery offers chic mid-century modern style and delicious food like the pipian mole and chicharos de sierra.


Westside/Beach Communities

Ubuntu Cafe

LA eatery

Location: 335 Nieto Ave, Long Beach, CA 90814

In Long Beach resides the culinary masterpiece that is Ubuntu Cafe. From the stunning and delicious Strawberry Fields Ricotta Toast to the uplifting Lavender Latte, the cafe’s food is absolute perfection. Stop by the Long Beach establishment for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Heritage Barbecue – San Juan

Location: 31721 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Located in historic downtown San Juan Capistrano, Heritage Barbecue offers quality BBQ and great service. The food is prepared central Texas-style and one of the first to do so in the state with restrictions on operating a traditional texas outdoor offset. Overall, you can almost immediately taste the difference in dishes like the whole hot briskets and beef ribs. 


Location: 822 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Marina Del Rey’s Nueva offers a relaxed Cantina with a modern twist to classic dishes from Mexico. Chefs Vartan Abgaryan and Mesraim Llanez have perfectly encapsulated the flavors of Mexico in dishes like the Hamachi Tostadas and Chilaquiles.

SFV and Conejo Valley

Katsuya Glendale

Location: 702 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

You can never go wrong with grabbing sushi at Katsuya. The LA eatery has an equally delicious spot in Glendale offering their inventive sushi options. Most importantly, enjoy sushi rolls like the Salmon Lemon. You will love the ambiance at this elegant, modern Japanese restaurant.

Love Ramen

Location: 18635 Soledad Canyon Rd #104, Canyon Country, CA 91351

At Santa Clarita’s Love Ramen, you’ll fall in love with practically everything on the menu. Above all, enjoy a range of options like the Tori Rich ramen using 8-hour slow boil whole chicken broth topped with green onion and spinach.

Vinh Loi Tofu

Location: 18625 Sherman Way #101, Reseda, CA 91335

At Reseda’s Vinh Loi Tofu, you’ll have an array of vegan Vietnamese dishes to choose from. Many of the dishes are made with housemade tofu, like the Iron Man Pho. The setting is bright and simple. Likewise, making Vinh Loi Tofu perfect for a casual outting.


Location: 16101 Ventura Blvd #255, Encino, CA 91436

For fans of Sushi Bar and Scratch Bar, comes Pasta Bar. The restaurant offers a multi-course Italian tasting menu and sits adjacent to both Sushi Bar and Scratch Bar & Kitchen. Likewise, enjoy handmade pasta with ingredients like clams and black truffle and indulging desserts like the calamansi budinos.

Kobee Factory

Location: 14110 Oxnard St, Van Nuys, CA 91401

A Syrian restaurant offering classic Middle Eastern cuisine, Kobee Factory is a Van Nuys gem. As a result, the late Jonathan Gold referred to the restaurant’s mjadara as “a plate that could sustain a civilization. And it has.” In short, while the storefront may not be what you would expect, the food will be beyond what you could imagine. 

City News: A New Housing Proposal for LAUSD Teachers and More.

Keep current in your city with the latest news and city Updates for the LA, the Westside, and the Valley.

Los Angeles News


LAUSD Looking to Provide Affordable Housing for Employees

The LAUSD announced a new initiative this week that seeks to offer housing for employees to reside near the schools they work. The plan would provide 2,000 units of affordable housing using underutilized LAUSD-owned properties. According to the L.A. Daily News, the goal is to attract and retain employees by allowing them to live in communities where they teach and work. The school board held a vote this week to explore a program that would survey employee interest and appraise properties. Superintendent Austin Beutner said that a starting salary for a teacher is around $50,000 a year with the initiative meant to relieve the cost burden and provide the option of shorter commutes. 

Westside and Beach Community News


New Hotel and Apartment Complex Being Planned for Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is continuing to bustle with new developments after the news of a new planned complex on Harper Ave. Developer A.J. Khair has submitted his plans for The Harper on Sunset. Likewise, the proposal includes a 172-room hotel, 46 mixed-income apartments above ground-floor retail. According to a notice of the proposal, The Harper on Sunset would be located at 8240 Sunset Boulevard on West Hollywood’s northeast city limits. Renderings for the project show a nine- and a seven-story building. One of the buildings features a curved façade and a digital billboard. In addition, the ground floor retail space would include courtyard space and outdoor dining space. In the same vein, there has not been any statement regarding when The Harper will break ground once approved. 

SFV and Conejo Valley News

Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic Providing Medical Services for Pet Owners in Need

For some good news, Free Animal Doctor, a non-profit veterinary clinic has been providing care to pets in need. Above all, the clinic offers medical services for pet owners free of charge. “Our mission is to raise money to pay the unexpected medical expenses for sick and injured animals whose owners can’t afford that,” said Sam Bernardo, President of Free Animal Doctor. The non-profit, which operates out of a donated bus, has also received its own helping hand recently. When seeking a permanent spot for the free clinic, staff found a home at Santa Anita Park, free of charge. A representative for the park Dan Cirimele said in a statement that Santa Anita Park is always looking for ways that they can help out the community.

From the Future of the Smartwatch to Folding Smartphones: This Weeks Tech News

Get your weekly dose of tech news in this week’s blog. This week we are talking all about the Facebook Smartwatch, folding smartphones, and more!

Tesla Launches First Underground Loop in Las Vegas


Elon Musk’s Boring Company unveiled its first underground loop this week in Las Vegas. The Loop, which runs beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center, takes vehicles (Tesla’s only for now) underground to avoid above-ground traffic. The 1.7-mile Vegas Loop has three passenger stations, connected by stretches of 12-foot-wide tunnels. Once inside the Loop, you’ll find a fleet of 62 Teslas available for picking up and dropping off passengers. This is not the first underground tunnel from Musk’s Boring Company, but it is the first Loop that’s fully operational and open to the public. The company has plans to eventually extend the Loop from downtown Las Vegas, through the strip, and out to the city’s stadium and McCarran airport. 

New Robot That Can Kill Weeds by Zapping Them with Electricity


Because why not, a trio of robots developed by Small Robot Company is ridding yards of weeds one electrical zap at a time. The robots — named Tom, Dick, and Harry — were developed to rid the land of unwanted weeds with minimal use of chemicals and heavy machinery. The startup began working on its autonomous weed killers in 2017. Currently, the other robots are still in the prototype stage, undergoing testing, and are targeted specifically for farmers. Small Robot Company, hopes that once the system becomes fully operational, it will help to reduce chemical use by 95%. The company’s overall goal along with reducing chemical usage is to improve soil quality and biodiversity. “If you treat a living environment like an industrial process, then you are ignoring the complexity of it,” Scott-Robinson says. “We have to change farming now, otherwise there won’t be anything to farm.”

Facebook Set to Release New Smartwatch Next Year

Facebook has plans to join the smartwatch game, according to new reports. In a recent report by The Verge, the social network smartwatch would include two cameras, as well as health features like a heart rate monitor. This report was released Wednesday and cites two people familiar with the project. The company’s first iteration of their smartwatch would be set for summer 2022 and cost around $400. While the company declined to comment on the news, they did point to two tweets from VP of AR and VR, Andrew Bosworth. “We’ve said we want AR glasses to be truly useful — we’re investing in technologies across the board that will make that interaction feel more natural and intuitive,” Bosworth said in a tweet Wednesday responding to the report. “This includes research like EMG, haptics, adaptive interfaces that could come together in a wrist-based form factor.”

NASA Has Its Eyes on Asteroid Psyche’s Metal Rich Surface


Chances are that you have not heard of asteroid 16 Psyche. While relatively unknown the hefty price tag attached to the space rock is sure to pique your interest. The iron-rich asteroid has a current estimated value of $10,000 quadrillion. First discovered in 1852, 16 Psyche is believed to be 82.5% metal with a much lower density than thought according to a report published by The Planetary Science Journal. NASA has said Psyche “appears to be the exposed nickel-iron core of an early planet, one of the building blocks of our solar system.” NASA will launch a mission in July 2022 with SpaceX signed on to launch the Psyche spacecraft for the targeted takeoff.

GM Expands OnStar Guardian Service to Anyone with a Smartphone

The exclusive Cadillac service OnStar will be coming to a smartphone near you as soon as you download the app. The OnStar app debuted last year, but it was this week that GM opened up to all smartphone users in the U.S. and Canada. The OnStar Guardian app is available for both Android and iPhone. For valuable services like a crash response and roadside assistance users can pay $14.99 per month for the basic plan. The services packages range from there with $49.99 per month for the Premium plan. You also have the option to pay a yearly fee for the Premium plan ($549.99) at a small discount.

Google’s First Folding Pixel Set for Release Later This Year

If you miss the joy that your flip phone brought you, Google has heard your calls. The company will be moving forward with the launch of its first folding Pixel phone later this year. Samsung will begin production of folding OLED panels this October. The panels will be for Google’s upcoming folding phone, which will reportedly be revealed late this year. The phone will have a single 7.6-inch panel that folds inward with other details not yet provided. 

Weekend Events: June 11-13

Enjoy a screening of fan-favorite films or take in the boys in blue at Dodger Stadium. Make the most of your weekend with our weekend events guide.

Los Angeles


Pride Night at Dodger Stadium

When: June 11, 2021

Where: Dodger Stadium

What: This Friday, LA Pride and the Dodgers team up for Pride Night, featuring drink specials, a special recognition of frontline workers from Los Angeles’ LGBTQ+ community, and a few other surprise guests. After the game fans can stick around for the Friday night fireworks show Grab tickets and get info

‘Hacks’ Virtual Screening

When: June 11, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

Where: Virtually

What: Join KCRW Virtual Cinema and Behind the Screens Event: ‘Hacks’. After the screening of the hit HBO Max series, there will be a special conversation with Madeleine Brand and the cast and crew from the show. You won’t want to miss out and since you can watch from home you don’t have to. 

Cinespia @ the Greek Presents: ‘Beauty and The Beast’

When: June 12, 2021

Where: Cinespia at The Greek Theater

What: Join Cinespia at The Greek Theatre for a picnic on the lawn with DJs, and a movie in the heart of Griffith Park. This tale as old as time is sure to bring joy to your Saturday evening, with Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Westside and Beach Communities


Grand Opening of The Row on Harbor

When: Jun 12, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

Where: The Row on Harbor

What: Join The Row on Harbor for its highly anticipated Grand Opening Extravaganza. Featuring food specials, live music, a beer garden (age 21+), kid activities, and more! Kick-off the Summer fun at this culinary family experience for all senses.

Rooftop Cinema Club Presents: The Sandlot

When: Jun 13, 2021 @ 8:30 PM

Where: The Drive-In at Santa Monica Airport, Santa Monica

What: A PIECE OF PARADISE A HALF BLOCK WIDE AND A WHOLE SUMMER LONG. It’s the summer of 1962, and Scotty Smalls is the new kid in town. A budding ballplayer, Scotty is taken under the wing of baseball prodigy Rodriguez and joins a neighborhood gang of sandlot kids for a series of misadventures. Get your weekend movie fix at The Drive-In!

Montana Avenue Annual Sidewalk Sale

When: June 12, 2021, 10:00 am

Where: Montana Avenue

What: Mark your calendars! This Sunday, the Montana Avenue Annual Sidewalk Sale is back on. Shop along Montana Ave from 6th to 17th Street. Don’t miss great deals on clothing, accessories, beauty, home goods, and gifts for up to 75% off!


SFV Valley and Conejo Valley


Electric Dusk Drive-In presents Black Panther

When: Jun 12, 2021@ 8:30 PM

Where: Sears Glendale Parking Lot

What: Enjoy the Valley’s favorite drive-in this weekend Wakanda style with a screening of ‘Black Panther’. Tickets can be purchased early or same-day. Films are screened in the Glendale Sears Parking Lot. 

California Dance Academy presents Spring Showcase

When: June 12, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

Where: Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks

What: Join the California Dance Academy for their Spring Showcase. Tickets are available through TicketMaster for their Saturday afternoon performances. The showcase will take place at the Fred Kavli BofA Performing Arts Center.

Angel’s Envy Personalized Bottle “Father’s Day” Event

When: June 12, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

Where: Oak & Iron, Thousand Oaks

What: Join Oak & Iron for a special afternoon celebrating Angel’s Envy – handcrafted, small-batch whiskey produced by Louisville Distilling Company. A “Bourbon” ticket includes access to the event, one personalized engraved bottle of Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon, one Angel’s Envy cocktail, and smoked eats from Bludso’s Bar & Que. Tickets are available to purchase through Eventbrite.

Staycation in Oak Glen

If you are looking for a staycation that’s slightly outside the regular go-to retreats, look no further than Oak Glen. This picturesque town in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains serves as a quaint agricultural destination. So what makes Oak Glen so unique? The town has been growing apples for over 100 years, making it the perfect place for picking, eating, and enjoying all that this delicious fruit has to offer. Oak Glen offers activities and fun throughout the year, with foliage in the spring and fall and snow in the winter. Read this week’s blog for our advice on where to stay, what to eat and what to do on your visit to Oak Glen, California.

Where to Stay

If you prefer to make your trip to Oak Glen an overnight one, the town has a wonderful selection of lodging that will make you feel right at home.

Stone Oak Manor

Have you always wondered what it would be like to have an entire manor to yourself? Well, at Stone Oak Manor, you’re invited to do so. The almost 100 years old estate has not yet reopened its bed and breakfast for multiple bookings because of the pandemic. Instead, visitors can now rent out the manor entirely via AirBnB. Rates for the five-bedroom estate start at $1000 per night with accommodations for up to 16 people. 

Fun Fact: The estate was designated as a Historic Point of Interest in California. Formerly, The Baumann Manor was built in 1926 by Murle & Samuel Baumann and architect Reginald Inwood. The house was made from local stones gathered from all over Oak Glen. 

Rileys Farm

While you can only stay overnight at Riley’s Farm for specific overnight events, it’s still worth the visit. The working apple orchard and living history farm feature a bounty of activities. From masquerade balls in their barn to pick-your-own fruit and dinner theater, you’ll have a blast. Their offered stays are historically themed, so be ready to get into character for this particular choice in lodging. 

Oak Glen Retreat

For those seeking to rough it out a bit more, the Oak Glen Retreat makes for a great option. Their campground features everything from luxury cabins to simple tent sites. Enjoy a fun-filled weekend with plenty of amenities and activities to entertain you. The camping site offers two large pools, a spa, a miniature golf course, horseshoes, hiking, and much more. Call (909) 790-1801 for more information.

What To Do & Eat

One of the obvious activities will be picking apples when visiting an apple orchard community, but there is so much more in Oak Glen. 

For apple picking…

Los Rios Rancho

The Los Rios Rancho orchard has over 300 acres, with over 10,000 apples to choose from on this family-owned farm. Not a fan of apples? The farm also produces raspberries, corn, strawberries, and pumpkins for picking.

Willowbrook Apple Farm

Make a planned visit to the 100-year-old Stayman-Winesap apple farm. Willowbrook Farms offers over 300 acres of apples for you to pick. What’s even more fun is the chance to participate in activities like pressing your own apple cider.

Oak Tree Village

At this local community hub, there is no shortage of activities. Pursue through multiple artisan shops and food stands for tasty treats to eat or take home. Enjoy live music, a petting zoo, and even ax throwing for a perfect Oak Glen day.

Wilshire’s Apple Shed

Who doesn’t love complimentary cider? Visit the tasting room at Wilshire Apple Shed and try their hard cider samples for free from Oak Glen Cider Company. Once you feel hungry, you’ll definitely want to enjoy a pizza from their wood-burning pizza oven for a truly delicious day.

Apple Annie’s Bakery And Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in the area, Apple Annie’s bakery and restaurant, makes for a perfect spot to grab a bit. They are best known for their 1/4 mile-high apple pie, among other delicious baked goods. Since it’s popular, you should know you will need to book in advance.

City News: A New Affordable Housing in Venice, Metrolink Saturday Service in SFV, and More.

In this week’s city news, a new affordable housing project is underway in Venice, and Metrolink Saturday service comes to SFV. 

Los Angeles 

One Beverly Hills Nears Final Approval After City Council Vote

City News: LA, Westside, SFV

After a years-long wait in the approval process, One Beverly Hills has finally inched closer to breaking ground. The Beverly Hills City Council voted 4-1 the Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR), General Plan Amendment, Overlay Specific Plan, and the development agreement. One Beverly Hills will include a luxury condominium and hotel development that includes renovations to the Beverly Hilton. The 17.4-acre multi-billion dollar project spanning Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard will also provide 4.5 acres of green space. As a result, the proposal projects the property would generate $1.7 billion in gross revenues for the city over the first 30 years. City staff that helped negotiate the agreement believe it to be historical in the benefits afforded to the city. Once approved, One Beverly Hills will likely begin construction in 2023.


City Planning Commission Approves Venice Canal Affordable Housing Project

City News: LA, Westside, SFV

The Eric Owen Moss-designed Reese Davidson Community project has received the green light from the city planning commission. Architect Eric Owen Moss designed the supportive housing complex, which has been cleared for construction. A $75 million joint venture with the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, the community, will run alongside Venice’s Grand Canal. The approximately 100,000-square-foot development will take over the space of two former surface parking lots. Most importantly, the project will primarily provide housing for homeless and low-income tenants with severely live-work spaces for artists. Additionally, the area will include a 3,000-square-foot community room and performance space called the Gregory Hines Community Arts Center.


The Valley

Metrolink Begins Saturday Service in San Fernando Valley

City News: LA, Westside, SFV

Metrolink’s Ventura County Line began Saturday services this month. The weekend service will connect Moorpark and Simi Valley with stations in the SFV and Union Station in LA. For example, the line will stop in areas like Chatsworth, Northridge, Van Nuys,  and Glendale to help encourage weekend leisure travel. Subsequently, Ventura County Transportation Commission Vice Chairman Tony Trembley believes the new Saturday service will “help families get out and explore Southern California again”. Metrolink riders will be able to purchase a Weekend Day Pass for unlimited rides on the day of purchase. Likewise, free rides will be available for up to three children age 17 or younger that are traveling with a paying adult.

Weekend Events: June 4 – June 6

Enjoy all that the first weekend of June has to offer. Now that we are officially in summer territory, the options are endless, from in-person to at-home virtual fun. Whether you live in Los Angeles, the Westside, or the Valley, we have an event for you!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Westside, Valley Weekend Events

First Fridays at the Natural History Museum

When: June 4, 2021 | 6-8 PM

Where: Online

What: The virtual series First Fridays Connected returns with a new format. Tune into lively discussions, DJ sets, and live music performances from wherever you are. This season the museum will explore Los Angeles at the Intersections.

Hike to Yoga LA 2021

When: June 5, 2021 | 8-10 AM

Where: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

What: Find your inner Zen with Hike to Yoga LA. Their weekly yoga series will increase individual self-awareness and collective physical health by connecting nature, community, and intentional movement. The event is FREE and beginner-friendly. Advanced registration is required. 

Pride Shining Through

When: June 5, 2021 | 8PM

Where: Online

What: The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles goes virtual for Pride 2021. Join the celebrations online with this streaming, hour-long set and enjoy tunes like “Hallelujah” to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”


Los Angeles, Westside, Valley Weekend Events

Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo Presents: The Greatest Showman

When: June 4, 2021| 7:30PM

Where: Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo

What: Join the Rooftop Cinema Club as they turn 10 this June! They’ll be kicking things off with a weekend that celebrates their founder’s journey! This month’s films are Circus-related, starting with the critically acclaimed film “The Greatest Showman.” 

Santa Monica PRIDE Rainbow Road Art Walk

When: June 4, 2021 | 10AM-11:30PM

Where: Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica

What: Enjoy13 incredible one-of-a-kind art installations by LGBTQIA+ artists as a part of Santa Monica’s Pride Month celebrations. The art walk is presented in partnership with Allies in Arts. The event is FREE and open to the public. 

June Bloom Wellness Fair

When: June 6, 2021 | 12 – 5PM

Where: 6781 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach

What: RSVP for June Bloom, the Wellness fair from Peak State Yogas monthly Pop Up. The event features various vendors, from vegan foods to hand-crafted items, clothing, functional art, and more! The event is FREE, with advanced registration required.


Los Angeles, Westside, Valley Weekend Events

Pickwick Vintage Show

When: June 5, 2021 | 9AM – 5PM

Where: Pickwick Gardens, Burbank 

What: The Pickwick Vintage Show returns this Saturday. Make your way to Pickwick gardens for this fair featuring vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more from over 65 local vendors. Entry will be limited to (2) Hour windows, and reservations are required.

National Trails Day

When: June 5, 2021 | 8AM–12PM

Where: Camarillo Grove Park

What: This day is set aside to recognize all the incredible benefits that trails provide for recreation and exposure to nature. Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District invites the community to come out to help maintain the hiking trail system at this natural park for all to enjoy. The event will also feature an educational presentation about the area, followed by a guided hike. Advanced registration is required.

Makers Market at Valley Relics Museum Experience

When: June 6, 2021 | 11AM–3PM

Where: Valley Relics Museum, Van Nuys

What: Enjoy a fun-filled day of taking in the relics of the San Fernando Valley Relics Museum and this Sunday’s Open-Air Market. Pursue through artifacts of Pop culture and take home your own hand-crafted finds. Space is limited and advanced registration is required.

The Great LA River CleanUp: Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

When: June 5, 2021 | 8AM–4PM

Where: Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, Van Nuys

What: The River needs YOU! This summer, join FoLAR for a series of small, in-person cleanups to prevent waste from polluting LA’s watershed and urban waterways. Together, you’ll make a collective impact to tend to the vibrant urban ecosystems that thrive throughout Los Angeles. All registered volunteers will receive a CleanUp Starter Kit.

Electric Dusk Drive-In Presents: School of Rock

When: June 6, 2021 | 8:20PM–10:20PM

Where: 211 West California Ave., Glendale

What: Everyone’s favorite Valley drive-in returns this weekend for a rockin’ screening of ‘School of Rock’. Tickets are available to purchase early or same-day. 

City News: BH Tour D’Elegance Returns, a New Dog Park in Santa Monica, and More

From LA to the Valley, the coast to the city, we are breaking down this week’s top local headlines. Stay current on the latest news for your area and never miss a beat. In this week’s blog, we’re talking about the return of BH Tour D’Elegance, a new dog park in Santa Monica, and new housing in the valley for the homeless.

Los Angeles News

BH Tour D’Elegance Will Return on June 20

City News: BH Tour D’Elegance Returns, a New Dog Park in Santa Monica, and More

The annual Concours d’Elegance Father’s Day event will return this year on June 20 after forgoing the event in 2020. Tour D’Elegance has become known throughout Los Angeles as the premier classic car showcase for the local community. Likewise, the popular event will celebrate its 27th year and has been updated for public health and safety measures. This year’s event will feature an hour-long procession in place of the traditional display of vehicles on Rodeo Drive. According to the Beverly Hills Courier, the event will support local first responders, benefitting both the BH Police Association and the BH Fire Association. In short, Concours d’Elegance Father’s Day event will start at 10:00 AM on June 20th.

Westside News

New Dog Park Planned for Santa Monica Water Garden

City News: BH Tour D’Elegance Returns, a New Dog Park in Santa Monica, and More

A new destination for furry companions could be coming to Santa Monica’s Water Garden soon. The dog park would be located in the plant area and parking ramp near 26th Street. Plans for the proposed park include a 2,300-square-foot pet space that will use a mix of concrete and greenery for the design. KSA, a landscape architecture firm is planning to design the project which will also feature benches and lighting. The news was announced this week, with no word on when the dog park will be approved. 

Valley News

New “Cabin Community” for Local Unhoused Angelenos Opens in Reseda

City News: BH Tour D’Elegance Returns, a New Dog Park in Santa Monica, and More

West Valley’s first “Cabin Community” for local unhoused Angelenos opened at the end of May. The new community consists of 52 tiny homes with 100 beds that will be available to those experiencing homelessness. The site, Sycamore Cabin Community, will be operated by The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. Construction of the community came to a cost of about $3.1 million. Sycamore Cabin Community plans to operate for five years. The second cabin community in the West Valley will be located on an underutilized Metro lot in Tarzana.

Weekend Events: May 28-30, 2021

Make the best of your memorial day weekend with our roundup of the best events in town and online. With a trip down memory lane with Motown and Symphonic sounds from the cities best, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From LA to the Valley, this is your weekend events guide

Los Angeles

Immersive Van Gogh

When: May 27, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022

Where: Secret Venue

What: Immerse yourself in the work of one of history’s most famed artists. The Immersive Van Gogh exhibit, aside from being safe to Gogh, is also 100% worth the ticket price. While availability is limited for the immersive experience, you may be able to snag your spot if you happen to be an AMEX cardholder. Don’t miss out on what news outlets are calling “The future of experiential art.”

Motown: The Sound Of Young America

When: Until Feb 28, 2022

Where: The Grammy Museum, South Park

What: Explore the culture-defining history of the famed record label that dives into the history of all things Motown. The decade-spanning exhibit includes stage outfits from the Supremes, the Jackon 5, and Boyz II Men. Enjoy newly added additions like Stevie Wonder’s harmonica; and a station where you can learn the Temptations’ signature dance moves!

Rights and Rituals: The Making of African American Debutante Culture

When: May 26 2021-Feb 27 2022

Where: California African American Museum, USC/Exposition Park

What: The CAAM’s latest collection examines how stereotype-challenging organizations support young Black women. Explore an array of photographs and ephemera at the California African American Museum from the 1890s to the 1960s. 

Westside and Beach Communities

Melissa Meier: Laced/Skins/Masks

When: May 28, 2021

Where: 2525 Michigan Ave, Space A2, Santa Monica, California CA 90404

What: bG Gallery offers a fascinating look at the work of  Brazilian artist Melissa Meier. The internationally multi-hyphenate artist has been recognized for her evocative 3-dimensional installations, found-object sculptures, collages, and photography. Admission is free.

Memorial Day Weekend Concert Live Stream

When: May 30, 2021

Where: Online

What: Join the Santa Monica Symphony in a pre-recorded digital concert live stream on Sunday, May 30 at 2 PM. A Zoom Q&A will follow the concert with the performing artists, moderated by classical KUSC’s Rich Capparela. Registration for the event will close on May 30 at 10:00 am.

Rhythm and Prana Flow – Dance Walk Yoga in Nature

When: May 30, 2021 | 11:00am-2:00pm

Where: Corral Canyon Loop Trail | Malibu, CA 90265

What: Find your zen during this movement meditation journey in the Santa Monica-Malibu Mountains. Rhythm + Flow brings together the power of nature, yoga, and movement meditation in community. Registration for the event will close on Friday, May 28th.

The Valley

Studio City Farmers Market

When: Every Sunday from 8:00am-1:00pm

Where: Studio City

What: Is there anything more perfect than spending your Sunday at the farmers market. Plan your visit to Studio City’s weekly and family-friendly outdoor marketplace. With so many fresh and local produce and craft items, what’s not to love?!

Conejo Valley 2021 Summer Concerts in the Park Series

When: May-September, 2021

Where: CRPD’s Conejo Community Center, Thousand Oaks

What: This summer concert series presented by the Conejo Recreation & Park District makes for a fun and family-friendly way to spend your weekend. The concert series will kick off with a Memorial Day weekend concert, with the next show slated for July 4. Due to the city ordinance on covid-safety for events, capacity will be limited, and advance ticket purchase is required.

Scenes at the Greens: New West Symphony Trio 

When: May 28, 2021

Where: Los Robles Greens, Thousand Oaks

What: The ‘Scenes at the Greens’ concert series is not one to be missed. Taking place outside, you can enjoy live soothing music from world-class artists, all while enjoying the beautiful Thousand Oaks weather. The May 28 show features familiar tangos by Piazzolla, Porgy and Bess by Gershwin, and Russian dance by Tchaikovsky. For more information and to purchase tickets visit

San Fernando Valley Master Chorale presents American Voices

When: May 28, 2021

Where: LIVE on Facebook & YouTube

What: Don’t miss out on this fantastic virtual concert from the San Fernando Valley Master Chorale. Featuring home-grown locally-sourced melodies, the virtual show will represent musical styles and backgrounds throughout our country’s history. Listen to iconic sounds, from gospel, folk, and bluegrass to contemporary works.

Art in the Park – Summer Concert Kickoff

When: May 29-May 30, 2021

Where: Libbey Park, Ojai

What: After a postponement last year, one Ojai’s favorite summer events, the Ojai art show returns for the 44th year. Walkthrough downtown Ojai’s Libbey Park and enjoy fine art in a stunning setting. Admission is free—Call 805-646-0117 for further information.