Southern California Gets Its First LOVE Sculpture

Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture is iconic, in part because the artist neglected to copyright it, opening it up to countless imitations. You know the one: four red block letters spell out the word “love,” the L and O stacked atop the V and E, with the O tipped at a 45-degree angle. Indiana first completed this work in the 1960s, with installations in Manhattan and, famously, in Philadelphia’s Love Park.

Southern Californians no longer have to travel far see one of Indiana’s sculpture for themselves. We’ve now got our own in Rosemead, installed by Panda Restaurant group founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng, who donated the sculpture to their restaurant and community as a gift, Pasadena Star News reports.

The Cherngs hope that visitors will see the sculpture as a symbol of kindness and love.

“The LOVE Sculpture reminds us to take a stand for ourselves, so that we can stand for others,” the Cherngs said via a statement. “At Panda Express, our mission is to inspire better lives. In order for us to do this, we have to be the best versions of ourselves and we get to this by embracing love. With love, the possibilities are enormous. Love is about working harder, being more accepting and growing personally, so that you can be the best version of yourself and in turn become a role model to help others.”

To see the sculpture for yourself, visit the Panda Restaurant Group Support Center in Rosemead (map here). Visitors are encouraged to view and photograph the art. Some parking is available.

See the assemblage of the sculpture in the video below:

Manhattan Beach will get its own LOVE sculpture in the near future, donated by Steel Partners Holdings founder Warren Lichtenstein.

Story courtesy of We Like LA.