Six Rodeo Realty agents ranked in REAL Trends The Thousand list, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal

REAL Trends Inc., in conjunction with The Wall Street Journal, has published the 13th annual The Thousand list of America’s top 1,000 real estate sales professionals and teams.

Rodeo Realty is proud to announce that six agents from the company qualified to take part in the prestigious list.

“In an industry that has nearly 1.3 million people involved in residential real estate sales, the fact that these sales associates have achieved the level of sales it takes to be in this esteemed group is outstanding,” said REAL Trends Inc.

The Thousand is divided into four categories, each listing the top 250 designees: Individual Agent—Sales Volume; Individual Agent—Transaction Sides; Agent Team—Sales Volume and Agent Team—Transaction Sides.

The following Rodeo Realty agents were ranked Top 250 in the nation for their sales volume: Jordana Leigh, Josh Flagg, Adi Livyatan, Carol Wolfe, Ben Bacal, and Joe Babajian.

“The average agent ranked in The Thousand closed 204 transaction sides and the average team closed over 533 transaction sides,” said Steve Murray, president of REAL Trends and publisher of The Thousand. “These kinds of results show that those who commit to being full-time professionals can build meaningful businesses and succeed beyond expectations. Achieving this level of results is simply incredible.”

Congratulations to all our agents who made the list!