Rodeo Realty Presents Rick DeLuca Seminar

What a great turnout for the Rick DeLuca seminar this morning at the Arclight Cinema Sherman Oaks! Syd Leibovitch and Rodeo Realty hosted DeLuca’s two hour seminar titled “90 Days to Success.” More than 200 agents attended.
DeLuca is a real estate veteran who averaged more than 200 sales per year for six years. The guy knows this business. He shared a wealth of practical tips and systems that real estate agents, and any business person for that matter, can use to ensure success.
A few subjects he discussed include: trust; the importance of agent’s database and communicating with target clients; hosting client gatherings; becoming a student of the real estate industry by knowing market statistics; creating new habits; self promotion and day-to-day organization; customer service; and being in the right place at the right time.
One of the most important ingredients for success, according to DeLuca, is self discipline.

This only brushes the surface of what amounts to nothing less than a great seminar. Thanks to Rick DeLuca, Syd Leibovitch, organizers of the event and everybody who attended!