Ben Salem and Cash for Keys Transactions

Ben Salem of Rodeo Realty’s Sherman Oaks office just returned from the 2010 CoreLogic® Vendor/Broker Conference in Orlando (formerly First American) called “Insights for Success,” where he was asked to lead an educational panel on REO evictions and best practices. Here’s what Salem had to say about the experience and another upcoming speaking engagement:
“This was an amazingly insightful conference, packed with three days of educational tracks covering a wide range of vital issues involving BPOs, REO servicing, and field services. I know attendees, myself included, took away some valuable ideas and advice on what to expect from our clients and how to employ best practices in evictions. Of course it also gave us all an opportunity to network with our industry colleagues.
My panel, titled “Evictions—Avoid Costly Delays and Penalties,” allowed me the opportunity to share my experience and ideas on how to negotiate a successful cash for keys with compassion, while avoiding delays and other costly issues that can impact a servicers’ bottom line. We had a fantastic turnout.
Through a comprehensive overview of the evictions process my goal was to offer REO agents a unique perspective on how to handle this most delicate aspect of any foreclosure and effectively complete cash for keys transactions. We focused on borrowers rights; the difference between personal property and debris; techniques for occupancy determination; and how to break the ice with occupants.
Next month I’ll be speaking at the Five Star Default Servicing Conference and Expo (Sept. 21) in Dallas. I will be presenting another educational session on the do’s and don’ts when negotiating cash for keys transactions and dealing with not-so-welcome occupants. Former first lady Laura Bush will serve as one of several distinguished keynote speakers, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this upcoming industry event!
Ben Salem Properties and the Elite REO Team continue to think outside the box when it comes to innovative ways to help our clients manage and move their properties in the most efficient amount of time with the least amount of complications and for the best price possible.
Educating other REO agents on how to provide compassionate relocation assistance to struggling homeowners as we serve our clients goals is part of our commitment to excellence and to our community.”