Your Award-Winning Golden Globes Party Guide

If you are like the rest of us, awards season means one thing…watch parties! Unless you happen to be invited to one of these star-studded events, then lucky you. If you don’t happen to be so lucky to snag an invite, our guide below will surely make you an award winning host. So grab your left over NYE confetti and a bounty of Jiffy-Pop for your Golden Globes watch party 2019!!


A few great suggestions are Chicken Meatballs with Cumin and OrangeGolden Rosemary Garlic Mixed Nuts, and Moroccan Shrimp with Pomegranate Sauce. For an easy treat, try dipping the tops of donuts in a simple icing, and then adding gold sugar or sparkles. Use store-bought glazed donuts (easy!), mix together some confectioners’ sugar and milk to make a thin glaze (also easy), and dip the tops of the donuts in the glaze then into gold sprinkles.


If you’re looking for some signature drinks to spice up the evening, look no further than the Golden Night Cocktail from Salt & Wind or a Sparkling Golden Globes Cocktail. Or if you don’t want to mix up a cocktail, a little champagne, sparkling wine or cider is just as chic in a golden sparkled rimmed glass.

Red Carpet

The entrance sets the tone for the entire party, so why not wow your guests and welcome them in style? You can never steer wrong with a red carpet. If you don’t have an actual red carpet, you can use a roll of red paper, fabric, or a long red plastic tablecloth. You can even go a more simple route and just decorate your entrance with gold stars and helium balloons.

Photo Booth

The paparazzi may not be hanging out around your house, but if you give your guests a selfie stick, you can pretend like they are. If you still have gold or silver Christmas wrapping paper and New Years photo booth props laying around the house, then you’re halfway to the finish line on this one. Put the wrapping paper on the wall and set out the props and selfie stick. It’s as simple as that. Trust me, your guests will have no problem taking it from there.

Print out our Golden Globes ballot below for even more party fun for you and your guest!!

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West Hollywood Lifestyle hits the road with Josh Flagg

West Hollywood Lifestyle/Photography By Jim Jordan

Rodeo Realty’s Josh Flagg is covering the 2016 spring issue of West Hollywood Lifestyle magazine.

Writer Lindzi Scharf met with the star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing to discuss real estate. She mentions meeting Flagg outside the Four Seasons Hotel off Doheny, where he currently resides.

“I just can’t seem to stay in a house,” Flagg tells Scharf. “I keep buying houses, and people keep offering me more money for them — right after I buy them.”

The two pull out of the hotel’s driveway in a  Rolls-Royce 1960 Silver Cloud Convertible.

West Hollywood Lifestyle/Photography By Jim Jordan

“My grandmother used to drive Rolls-Royces, and I guess that’s what got me into them,” Flagg tells Scharf. “New cars, you buy them, and they go down in value the minute you take them off the lot. An old classic car only goes up — granted, you’ve probably spent more money just maintaining the car over the time, but at the end of the day, these cars are incredible investments.”

Flagg hits the road and starts talking cars — the article states he reportedly owns a fleet of Rolls-Royces.

“I’d rather not say how many, but quite a few,” said Flagg.

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