The Top Comedy Shops to Check Out for Locals | Out & About

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening with plenty of laughter, giggles, and mirth, why not book tickets to watch live entertainment at one of the awesome local comedy shops? From stand-up and improv to open mic and alternative, there are plenty of options to keep you amused. Here are some of the best comedy clubs around Los Angeles and the wider Southern California area.

The Comedy Store

One of the oldest and most well-known comedy shops in LA, the old-school Comedy Store dates back to the early 1970s. It’s still in its original location on the Sunset Strip. Home to three stages, you can expect a huge lineup of fresh and funny stand-up comedians all throughout the week. Well-known names in the comedy world often grace the stage in the Original Room, and regular appearances include Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, and Natasha Leggero. The Main Room and Belly Room usually feature up-and-coming acts to entertain the crowds.

Hollywood Improv

Hollywood Improv is the flagship store of the well-known Improv brand. It’s renowned not only locally but throughout the whole of the USA. Live entertainment blends independently created routines and experimental shows, with legendary comedians often taking the mic. In addition, we recommend you to arrive early in the evening on a weekday to take advantage of Happy Hour prices.

The Comedy Union

With the accolade of being the first Black-owned comedy shop in LA, The Comedy Union specializes in urban comedy. The ambiance is intimate and cozy, and there are regular family-friendly performances where you can take the kids along. The lineup features performances from both well-established artists and newbies, and Damon Wayans is a regular well-known name.

Flappers Comedy Club

Located in Burbank, Flappers exudes an air of nostalgia with its cool 1920s vibe. There are several rooms offering a variety of humorous acts. In addition, you can enjoy a full meal and a wide selection of drinks for a well-rounded evening out.

The Laugh Factory

Situated on the iconic Sunset Strip, The Laugh Factory is a popular comedy club in Los Angeles. Likewise, tickets sell out fast. Celebrity comedians entertain the audience, and there are regular open-mic sessions and listings that include new talent. Famous for both hilarity and controversy, there’s definitely plenty of hype surrounding The Laugh Factory.

Westside Comey Theater

A top spot for a night of laughter in Santa Monica, Westside Comedy Theater features stand-up, improv, and sketch acts, with frequent celebrity drop-ins. Most Importantly, past big names have included Bryan Callen, Dave Chappelle, Tig Notaro, Tone Bell, Moshe Kasher, and Dana Carvey. Likewise, the theater also offers classes for adults and kids who want to hone their own talents.

For even more rib-tickling comedy shows in Southern California, check out:
  • iO West
  • Second City Hollywood
  • Dynasty Typewriter
  • The Groundlings
  • The Nitecap
  • Nerdist
  • Lancaster Laughs
  • Upright Citizens Brigade
  • Ice House
  • The Virgil
  • The Backdoor Lounge
  • Irvine Improv

10 Recycling Ideas to Help Your Home Go Green this Year | Home Tips

There are many benefits to going green and recycling at home. Going green does not always have to be a costly affair. Here are some simple but overlooked recycling Ideas that can help you reduce your carbon and water footprints and make your home an eco-friendly habitat for your family.

  1. Installing Solar Panels

When it comes to recycling ideas, the use of solar panels in a home is an eco-friendly and efficient way to save energy costs. Although solar panels might be costly to install initially, they are a long-term investment that could potentially save you money in the long run.

  1. Energy-efficient Lighting

LED light bulbs offer high cost and energy savings because they use less electricity. In addition, they do not need to be replaced as often as the traditional incandescent bulbs. For this reason, energy-efficient lightbulbs are a great recycling idea!

  1. Recycling Bins

Buy recycling bins for recycling storage containers and paper around the house. Make sure to sort out the recyclable waste such as old cardboard and plastic bottles before throwing it in the bins. The recycled plastics can be reused for food storage making it a great dual recycling idea.

  1. Reuse

Reusing items in your home can help to save money. Items such as glass jars and old coffee canisters can be reused to store bulk pantry items, such as bathroom containers or desk organizers.

  1. Turn Off Lights and Appliances When Not in Use

Switching lights off and remembering to unplug devices such as phone chargers and laptops when not in use is one of the simplest ways to reduce energy consumption at home.

  1. Composting

You can turn any food waste and kitchen scraps into compost instead of throwing them away. You can scrape any leftover food into compost bins and simply leave it over for some time. This compost will, in turn, be useful manure for the garden. Likewise, this makes it another great dual recycling idea.

  1. Water Conserving Fixtures

Invest in low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilet cisterns in order to conserve water at home. In addition, always ensure to only use as much water as you need for cleaning around the house.

  1. Cook Your Food

Buying takeout almost every day is expensive and inevitably ends up with a miniature heap of plastic packaging waste. Making your own food is a healthy and safe way to preserve the environment. You can also bring your lunch to work in reusable containers.

  1. Install a Smart Meter

Having a smart meter in your home is an ingenious way to conserve energy consumed by boilers and water heating systems. A smart meter can be programmed to be on only when the heating devices are in use and can be used to monitor your electricity consumption.

  1. Take Your Clothes Out to Dry

We all love the feeling of pulling a fresh pair of pants out of the dryer. However, dryers are enormous energy consumption hogs. You are better off hanging your clothes outside from time to time and letting nature do what it does best.

Weekly Economic Update for Week Ending January 15, 2022

Economic update for the week ending January 15, 2022

 Stock markets down slightly for the week – This week the December CPI number, a key indicator of inflation, showed that consumer prices had risen 7% year-over-year, the largest increase since 1982. The Commerce Department reported that U.S. retail sales dropped 1.9% in December, indicating that higher prices have consumers holding off on some purchases. Higher inflation often equates to higher interest rates. To combat inflation the Federal Reserve has indicated that they intend to hike short-term interest rates this year. They have also indicated that they intend to reduce their balance sheet by dialing back bond and mortgage security purchases. That has already caused long-term mortgage rates to rise. It should be pointed out that interest rates are still near historic lows, but well higher than the all-time low levels in the depth of the pandemic. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the week at 35,911.81, down 0.9% from 36,231.66 last week. The S&P 500 closed the week at 4,662.85, down 0.2% from 4,677.03 last week. The NASDAQ closed the week at 14,893.75, down 0.3% from 14,935.90 last week.  

U.S. Treasury bond yields – The 10-year treasury bond closed the week yielding 1.78%, almost unchanged from 1.76% last week. The 30-year treasury bond yield ended the week at 2.12%, almost unchanged from 2.11% last week. We watch bond yields because mortgage rates often follow treasury bond yields.  

Mortgage rates – The January 13, 2022 Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Survey reported mortgage rates for the most popular loan products as follows: The 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 3.45%, up from 3.22% last week. The 15-year fixed was 2.62%, up from 2.43% last week. The 5-year ARM was 2.57%, up from 2.41% last week. 

Housing sales numbers for December will be out next week. We had a call with the California Association of Realtors on Friday. The housing numbers for December are quite strong. When they release their final numbers next week they will report that more homes sold in 2021 than any year since 2006, which was when sub-prime mortgages allowed virtually anyone to qualify for a home loan. You can get December housing data now from my website for your city or zip code. Just look under market trends to print your report. 

 Have a great weekend! 

From LV’s New Smartwatch to LinkedIn Audio and More! | Tech News

Stay connected with the latest in tech news with this week’s roundup of top headlines. Read this week’s blog for the latest news from LV’s New Smartwatch to LinkedIn Audio and more! 

Louis Vuitton To Launch Luxurious Smartwatch

This week the luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton added to their portfolio of high-end consumer goods. The Tambour Horizon Light Up, serves as LV’s statement-making digital timepiece. Louis Vuitton’s latest launch comes fives years after the companies first dabble in the high-end tech market. This year’s timepiece ditches Watch OS, instead opting for LV’s own proprietary operating system. Likewise, the stunning timepiece has various features and personalization options. Consumers interested in LV’s luxury smartwatch can get their own starting at $3,300 in retail stores and online. 

NordicTrack to bring Alexa-powered adjustable dumbbells to your home gym

If you’ve ever wanted to control your dumbbells by voice (probably not) now you can. This week NordicTrack announced their newest gadget: voice-controlled dumbbells. The latest tech product from the fitness company comes powered by Alexa. The NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells can change between 5- to-50 pounds with a simple voice command. In addition, the weights like other NordicTrack products come with a free 30-day iFit subscription. Likewise, with it being a free trial, you won’t have to pay for the subscription to use your high-tech dumbbells.

Airbags for pedestrians will be included on Nuro Delivery Robot

Nuro, the autonomous delivery company, is putting pedestrian safety first. The company has announced that its third-generation vehicles will come equipped with external airbags for pedestrians. The announcement was made by Nuro along with other new improvements coming to the autonomous vehicle. Currently, the company has a fleet of driverless pods delivering across the Southwest. In addition to the airbag news, the new vehicles will also be able to carry twice as much cargo. Likewise, the new autonomous vehicles will have temperature-controlled compartments to ensure deliveries arrive hot or cold as they should. 

The Associated Press to Join the NFT World with Its Own Marketplace

Last year NFT craze continues, with The Associated Press, becoming the latest to stake its claim. AP announced this week that the publication will start its own marketplace to sell NFTs. The NFTs will be of photojournalist’s work and will be in collaboration with a company called Xooa. This new venture from the Associated Press will be a way for collectors to purchase award-winning and historic photojournalism. In addition, the company stated the virtual tokens will be released at “broad and inclusive price points”. The first collection to launch from The Associated Press will be up for purchase on January 31st.

LinkedIn Readying to Launch Audio Events this Month

With audio platforms becoming a social media craze in 2021, LinkedIn has decided to give it a go in 2022. The company announced this week that its audio experience will debut later this month. LinkedIn Lead for Video, Creators & Events, shared the following:

“This month, we’re taking a big step forward and building on the success of LinkedIn Live broadcasts by launching an entirely new interactive events experience that allows our members to more actively participate in the conversation,” 

In addition, the company will continue to expand on the all-virtual events platform with new features expected. Such features will eventually include moderated panel-style discussions, roundtables, and fireside chats. 

Take-Two Interactive Acquiging Zynga in $12.7 Billion Deal

The deal, which may be the biggest in video game history will merge video game heavyweights Take-Two Interactive with Zynga. Take-Two, which owns Rockstar and 2K Games will acquire the social game developer in a deal valued at $12.7 Billion. According to The Wall Street Journal, the deal will close in the first quarter of 2023. In addition, the acquisition of Zynga by Take-Two mark’s the company’s foray into the mobile gaming marketplace. Those who may not be familiar with Take-Two will know of their popular games like Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K. Likewise, Zynga has its own portfolio of popular games like Farmville and Words with Friends. 


Weekend Events: January 14-16

Add some fun to your weekend itinerary without a roundup of the best events around town! From L.A. to the Westside, Conejo Valley, and SFV, we have you covered!!


Pipilotti Rist: Big Heartedness, Be My Neighbor

When: Until Jun 5, 2022

Where: MOCA | Little Tokyo

What: For a trippy and immersive art experience, head to MOCA in Little Tokyo. Artists Pipilotti Rist. The 360-degree installations are backed by a hypnotic soundtrack installation that’s bound to boost your day.

Wine & Succulent Event

Weekend Events: January 14-16

When: January 15, 2022

Where: San Antonio Winery | Los Angeles

What: What could be more fun than plant potting and sipping delicious wine? Join San Antonio Winery and Fenny’s Flowers for an afternoon of succulent planting & wine sipping.

Annual Carrol Shelby Breakfast Club Cruise-In

When: January 16, 2022

Where: Petersen Automotive Museum | Los Angeles 

What: The Petersen Museum is continuing its Cobra celebration in honor of Carroll Shelby. As a part of the celebration, the museum will hold the largest Shelby cruise-in in the U.S. Stroll through rows of Cobras and Mustangs and listen to influential Cobra owners on what makes a collectible.



Yoga in the Park

Weekend Events: January 14-16

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Ivy Station | Culver City

What: Take some time to find your inner om moment this Saturday. Join YogaSix for their fun and free yoga classes at Ivy Station in Culver City. The classes offer a sample of the available courses at the studio as a celebration of opening their newest location. 

Pico Grand Mural Unveiling

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Upper West | Santa Monica

What: Join Pico Improvement Organization for their mural new Pico mural unveiling. The event will feature a FREE rockin’ block party where Pico Blvd crosses Urban Ave in Santa Monica.

South Coast Botanic GLOW 

When: Until January 17, 2022

Where: South Coast Botanical Gardens | Palos Verdes 

What: It’s the final weekend of South Coast Botanic Garden’s illuminating light display. Walk through the Palos Verdes Peninsula garden, set to a genre-spanning mix of music for an evening like no other. For this year’s event, you’ll find additional lit areas like the lavender garden, koi pond, Fuschia garden, and lower meadow. 



Saturday Afternoon Valley Tequila Tasting

When: January 15, 2022

Where: The Oaks Tavern | Sherman Oaks

What: A fun event for tequila fans, The Oaks Tavern will be serving up a tequila tasting event this Saturday. Choose a flight of new tequilas for your tasting experience and perhaps you’ll find a new favorite. 

Women Painters West: A Century of California Women Artists

Weekend Events: January 14-16

When: Nov 13, 2021-Jan 8, 2022

Where: Brand Library and Art Center | Glendale

What: Celebrate Women Painters West for its centennial at this Glendale exhibit of over 100 works from current members. The Laguna Beach-based women’s art organization will also feature 25 paintings of past members to view. 

All-Age Skate Night

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Moonlight Rollerway | Glendale

What: Get your roll on this Saturday at Moonlight Rollerway’s All-age skate night. The

Saturday night skate will be for all ages from 8 PM to 11 PM with tickets required for entry.



Scenic Drive and Brunch with TeslaClubLA

When: January 15, 2022 

Where: Marmalade Cafe | Westlake Village

What: If you own a Tesla and are looking to meet fellow Tesla drivers, this will be the perfect outing for you. Join TeslaClubLA for a fun brunch and drive this Saturday. Meet in Malibu for brief cars and coffee gathering before your scenic drive along PCH to Westlake Village. 

MLK Day of Service: California Native Plant Garden Maintenance

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitor Center – King Gillette Ranch | Calabasas

What: Give back this Saturday by helping to protect and preserve the California native garden at King Gillette Ranch. The day of service will be at the visitor center with volunteers helping to plant, prune and fertilize the various plants. 

Baby Goat Yoga

When: January 16, 2022

Where: The CABRA Farmhouse | Thousand Oaks

What: Yoga that is cute and healthy? Yes please! Don’t miss this outdoor yoga class for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike. Your yoga session will be alongside miniature goats for a playfully zen time. 

The Best Burgers in Town | L.A. Eats

Whether you want something quick and casual or something a little more upmarket, there’s usually a burger to suit all tastes. We’ve curated a list of the best burgers in the local area, including options for all times of the day. If you’re craving a delicious bite around Southern California, check out these awesome burger joints.

The Escondite

Location: 410 Boyd St | Los Angeles

The Escondite is an intimate bar with a chilled-out vibe. Relax on the patio in the evening and enjoy live music as you savor a succulent burger. You can also pop in earlier in the day for a Captain Kangaroo. The breakfast burger contains a beef patty, egg, hash browns, bacon, cheese, and homemade gravy for a filling start to the day.

Monty’s Good Burger

Location: Culver City, DTLA, Riverside

Monty’s Good Burger has five locations throughout Southern California, in LA, Culver City, and Riverside. With a plant-based menu, Monty’s serves up delicious burgers for vegetarians and veggie lovers alike. The artisan burgers are made using locally sourced ingredients. The namesake Monty’s Good Burger is available as a double or single and is topped with vegan cheese, salad, and the house spread.

D-Town Burger Bar

Location: 216 W 6th St, Los Angeles

As the name suggests, you’ll find D-Town Burger Bar in DTLA. Designed to resemble a 1950s diner, the atmosphere is cool and casual. Open for classic burgers and hotdogs from breakfast to dinner, the eatery stays open late at weekends for those craving a quick bite on their way home after a night on the tiles. The new Corona Burger is definitely an eyebrow-raiser!

Stout Burgers and Beer

Locations: Santa Monica, Hollywood, Studio City, Ventura

With several locations around SoCal, including one right on Santa Monica Boulevard, Stout Burgers and Beer is a cool gastropub that’s bursting with character. Combine a refreshing hand-crafted microbrew with a creative burger for the ideal taste sensation. When it comes to burgers, the menu includes options made from ground beef, organic chicken, and quinoa. The beef-based Stout Burger is bursting with flavor, topped with different cheeses, bacon, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, and tangy horseradish cream.

Shaka Shack Burgers

Location: 1701 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica

Located on Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Boulevard, Shaka Shack Burger features laid-back surf-style décor with tiki torches. The vibe is friendly and relaxed. Choose from the signature beef-based Shaka Burger or the Turkey Shaka, and grab a range of comforting sides, such as corn on the cob, fries, onion rings, and coleslaw. Veggie options are also available.


Location:  1816 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach

Serving some of the best burgers in Manhattan Beach, Tomboy’s is known for its fiery chili hamburgers. The ide menu includes many different types of burgers made using diverse patties and toppings, as well as salads, wraps and Mexican favorites.

By The Way Burger

Location: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks

In addition to the intimate outlet in Sherman Oaks, By The Way, Burger also serves up its tasty menu in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The gourmet burgers are made using grass-fed beef for top quality, and the menu also includes burgers made using Japanese-style Kobe beef produced from beer-fed cows. As well as the signature beef-based BTW Royale, you’ll also find delights like the BTW Turkey and BTW Salmon.

The Surly Goat

Location: 7929 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood

With two branches, one in Encino and one in West Hollywood, The Surly Goat is a gastropub that serves tasty burgers and a wide selection of drinks. In addition, you can pop in for dinner and enjoy a Daddy Burger or Beyond Daddy Vegan alongside craft beers and fruity cocktails.

District Pub

Location: 5249 Lankershim Blvd, San Fernando Valley

A great place for some of the best burgers in the San Fernando Valley, District Pub is located in the fashionable NoHo Arts District. Most importantly, you can enjoy craft cocktails and beers with your meal, with gourmet burgers to tempt both meat-lovers and vegetarians. The District Burger is made using a patty of Creekstone Angus beef, along with arugula, cheese, bacon, grilled onions, and chipotle aioli.

Dog Haus

Location: Westwood, Burbank, NoHo

For a casual meal comprised of classic Americana, it’s hard to beat Dog Haus in Thousand Oaks. Beef is hormone and antibiotic-free. Dog Haus serves their burgers soft King’s Hawaiian rolls. In addition, the burgers come with popular items including the Ringer, Little Mule, Holy Aioli, and the vegan-friendly Impossible Burger.

Winchester’s Grill and Saloon

Location: 632 E Main St, Ventura

An old-school Western-style restaurant in Ventura, Winchester’s Grill and Saloon exudes a sense of nostalgia. The menu is extensive, including burgers served with a choice of fries or broccoli slaw. In addition, gluten-free bread is available. Try the Original Angus Winchester Burger for a veritable meaty treat.

Chef Burger

Location: 4397 Township Ave, Simi Valley

For a quick-and-easy grab-and-go burger, check out Chef Burger, a long-established independent burger shack in Thousand Oaks. Likewise, limited seating is also available inside if you prefer to sit and watch the world go by as you dine. Open throughout the day, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks here.

Staycation in Laguna Beach | Out & About

Known for its heavenly beaches, splendid coves, wonderful outdoor adventures, and fascinating art galleries, Laguna Beach is a fabulous place for a staycation. Even if you’ve lived in the area for decades, you can often still find plenty to do. With so much on your doorstep, why travel farther when you can enjoy a great staycation in Laguna Beach?

Stay Awhile

Montage Laguna Beach enjoys an amazing location atop a coastal bluff overlooking the shimmering waters of the Pacific Ocean. With a large spa that offers an extensive menu of treatments and therapies and two appealing outdoor pools, you won’t be short of ways to unwind. Younger members of the family can have fun in the kids’ clubs while you enjoy some pampering. Dine on sumptuous cuisine in the three signature restaurants and luxuriate in well-appointed rooms, suites, and villas.


Situated right on the beachfront, Surf & Sand Laguna Beach is a great option for anyone who loves to fall asleep to the sounds of the sea. Designed like a Mediterranean village, the pretty resort boasts an award-winning spa and an oceanfront restaurant. All of the gorgeous rooms have a balcony from where you can soak up the ocean vistas, and each features pale pastel decor to enhance the glorious views.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is a prime choice for guests who love to combine active days in nature with blissful beach relaxation, with easy access to plentiful hiking trails and the sandy shores. You can perfect your swing at the nine-hole golf course, relax in the outdoor pool and hot tub and enjoy some TLC in the Sycamore Spa. Enjoy delectable dishes made from local produce in the on-site restaurant before retiring to the patio to sip craft cocktails to the sound of live music.

Dine and Sip

Right next to the sea, Driftwood Kitchen has a choice of indoor and outdoor seating. You won’t miss the incredible views if you sit inside, though, thanks to the large windows. Open all throughout the day, savor a laid-back brunch or come in the evening to enjoy delicious dishes like pan-seared king salmon, lobster spaghetti carbonara, and New Zealand sea bream. Round off with a sweet treat, like apple tart tatin and chocolate mousse, and sip craft cocktails, wine, Champagne, or a glass of refreshingly cool beer.

The Cliff also offers gorgeous 180-degree ocean views from its split-level patio. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s an especially cool spot for a romantic evening meal while watching the sun go down. Whet your appetite with starters like coconut shrimp or calamari steak before enjoying seafood, burgers, or pasta dishes. House specials include surf and turf, macadamia chicken, and ribeye steak. Enjoy a drink near the bar or fire pits to enjoy live music.

For a romantic escapade with a hip twist or a fun time with friends, check out the fine selection of California wines at McClain Cellars. The trendy tasting room features a shaded patio, eye-catching artworks, and a huge glass garage-style door.

Bianchi Winery and Tasting Room boast amazing views of both the coast and the mountains. There’s also a shimmering lake, lush vineyard, and a cozy tasting room with an open fire. And, that’s not to mention the tasty wines made using the best local grapes.

Shop and See

Browse a large collection of unique quality garments for men and women at the high-end Simple Laguna boutique. With a focus on luxury brands, it’s a great place to add to your wardrobe.

Crystal Cove State Park is one of the top places to visit around Laguna Beach. The area is home to sparkling tidal pools, spectacular stretches of sandy beaches, wooded canyons, and rolling hills. You can hike or bike through the tranquil backcountry. Or you can relax next to the sea, the state park ticks all boxes. There are many ways to enjoy the water too, with swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing all possible.

Soak up the area’s arty vibe and admire the collection of fine arts in Laguna Art Museum. Home exclusively to works by Californian artists, it is the only such museum in the state. You’ll find works from various eras and in various styles.

How to Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022 | Home Tips

Pantone’s color of the year inspires the development of products and consumer decisions in Southern California. The industries include product packaging, fashion, graphic design, industrial design, and home furnishings. Pantone’s color for 2022 speaks for the transformative moments, as it gives you carefree confidence and daring curiosity.

The vibrant periwinkle blue has violet-red undertones to make you feel decidedly energized and hopeful. The color has an empowering mix of newness to make you dare and emerge from the challenging season. If you consider decorating your home in 2022, Very Peri, a blue-purple hue, is the perfect color.

Here are tips for incorporating Pantone’s color of the year into your home décor and design.

Bring in Statement-making Accents with Pantone’s Color of the year

You can use periwinkle to create a beautiful splash of color in your not-so-bright colored rooms. You can also bring a vibrant hue through some statement-making accent, such as artwork or furnished chairs. The bright purple appearance will bring an eclectic ambiance to your modern dining room.

Paint a Light Color on the Walls Pantone’s Color of the year

Very Peri is a vibrant shade; therefore, using it on the entire walls of your large rooms can be devastating. Choose a paint chip inclusive of similar blue-tinted purples to achieve a subtle dose of color. Select the lightest shade as your paint color. Pale periwinkle’s walls will make your dining space beautiful. But you will need to accent them with black trim and accessories to achieve a modern appearance.

Sprinkle Very Peri in the Purple Decorations

Start by sprinkling the Very Peri, Pantone’s color of the year on a vase of purple flowers. Sprinkle Very Peri on artwork that has a periwinkle palette. You can stay with the shade for a while to observe how it looks. You can make periwinkle your main color stream if you love its appearance.

Paint your Rooms with Shades of Periwinkle

Periwinkle is playful and bright enough to make you feel more energized and alert. You can apply the color in small quantities to cheer up the interiors without feeling too over-the-top. Use the periwinkle shade to paint the walls of a powder room. You can alternatively use it in updating a piece of accent furniture.

Bring Comfort to your Bedroom Pantone’s Color of the year

A warm sprinkle of blue brings feelings of comfort and familiarity to your bedroom, so do periwinkles. You can carry onboard accent periwinkle colored pillows and throw blankets to cozy your bed. Free-flowing drapes made of periwinkle material can be great in creating a stylish air. Periwinkle looks luxurious, particularly on soft and velvety textiles.

Use Periwinkle with the Nature-inspired Shades

Periwinkle matches with colors of nature because it is picked from nature. Try periwinkle, Pantone’s color of the year, on sky blue and light green to attain a soft and serene appearance. Go for deeper shades such as forest green and cobalt if you need a moodier effect. Forest green and cobalt will prevent cobalt green from appearing too sweet.

Getting Started

The season for remodeling your home is here. If you live in Southern California, you can try the Pantone’s color of the year 2022. Go bold with Periwinkle or Very Peri to give your home a stylish yet mood-elevating appearance.

Economic Update for the week ending January 8, 2022

Stock Markets – Stock markets rose to record levels on Monday despite a surge in COVID cases. The past seven days have been the highest weekly number of positive cases during the pandemic. New guidance from the CDC shortening quarantine times to five days from ten days was seen by investors as a shift in policy to keep people working due to labor shortages. This has investors feeling that further shutdowns were no longer going to be the policy. This was the best explanation for why stocks were rising while COVID surged. Unfortunately, on Wednesday minutes from the latest Federal Reserve meeting signaled that the Fed would make three rate hikes this year and dial back on bond purchases in order to combat inflationThis news caused interest rates to rise. Bond yields and mortgage rates rose fairly significantly, and stock markets dropped.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the week at 36,231.66, down 0.3% from 36,338.30 last week. The S&P 500 closed the week at 4,677.03, down 1.9% from 4,766.18 last week. The NASDAQ closed the week at 14,935.90, down 4.6% from 15,644.97 last week.

U.S. Treasury bond yields – The 10-year treasury bond closed the week yielding 1.76%, up from 1.52% last week. The 30-year treasury bond yield ended the week at 2.11%, up from 1.90% last week. We watch bond yields because mortgage rates often follow treasury bond yields.

Mortgage rates – The January 6, 2022 Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Survey reported mortgage rates for the most popular loan products as follows: The 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 3.22%, up from 3.11% last week. The 15-year fixed was 2.43%, up from 2.33% last week. The 5-year ARM was 2.41%, unchanged from 2.41% last week.

U.S. employers added 199,000 new jobs in December – The Department of Labor and Statistics reported that 199,000 new jobs were added in December. Economists surveyed had expected 422,000 new jobs. December marked a second straight month of job gains that were less than half of the number expected.  Despite slowing the past two months, 6.4 million new jobs were added in 2021 which was the most jobs added in a year ever. The unemployment rate was 3.9% in December, down from 4.2% in November. The labor-force participation rate (the share of workers with a job or actively looking for a job) stood at 61.9% in December. It remains below the 63.6% level before the pandemic. Average hourly wages rose 4.7% year-over-year.