Rodeo Realty’s Beverly Hills agent John McQuilkin among ‘Top 20 Los Angeles Real Estate Agents on Social Media in 2018’

PropertySpark has released their list, “Top 20 Los Angeles Real Estate Agents on Social Media in 2018”.

“These real estate agents have managed to turn Los Angeles real estate into a global social media phenomenon,” said PropertySpark.

Coming in at #11 is Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills agent John McQuilkin.


“The realtor to the stars,” said PropertySpark. “John McQuilkin gets his fancy title from his presence on television as an occasional guest star on various shows to discuss real estate. Clearly educated in his field, John is a top real estate agent who is with an already prestigious brokerage, Rodeo Realty. He also has a nice looking website created with several resources to assist home buyers and sellers, and links to his other social media accounts.”

According to the Internet marketing service company, hundreds of Los Angeles real estate agents’ social media channels were researched and went through a certain process in order to be selected as the best.

Congratulations John on your recognition!

Rodeo Realty recognized as one of the top real estate brokerages on social media

After looking through hundreds of popular real estate brokerages across North America, Property Spark made a list of the top 30 companies who have a great social media presence.

“These real estate brokerages are reaching thousands of people by using the power of social media,” said the computer company.

Rodeo Realty was one of the brokerages ranked, being featured at #8.

“If you want to visualize incredible luxurious properties, follow their Instagram account, as it is one that shouldn’t be missed,” said Property Spark about Rodeo Realty.

Real estate brokerages were selected based on Facebook page likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, comments, shares, views, brand image, value of content, and types of posts.

Rodeo Realty thanks Property Spark for recognizing them as one of the top brokerages on social media in North America!

To view all top 30 real estate brokerages recognized, click HERE.

Rodeo Realty Agent Chelsea Robinson Shares Her Experience In Using Facebook In Real Estate

52575_genThe value of Facebook in selling real estate is a strongly argued topic. Some see it as a waste of time, others  are learning how the world’s most popular social network can become a way to increase their personal brand online and attract a new audience as well as communicate with their existing sphere of influence. However Facebook has made a lot of changes lately including shifting their algorithms for business pages and limiting the amount of followers that see posts. Advertising is increasingly necessary to get a viewership on Facebook. 

In a recent article on RISMedia, Rodeo Realty’s Chelsea Robinson described her experience in using Facebook. Chelsea has a Facebook business page, and is a member of the Facebook Agent Directory. She talked about spending money on Facebook advertising and the  value of the network to help show what people are responding to: “If I buy a Facebook ad that has a reach of 500,000 people, it’s slowly building up brand recognition. I can specifically target my key audiences, and they see my name a little more often.”

Chelsea also told RISMedia that she is planning on increasing her Facebook advertising budget because her business is growing. For more on Chelsea’s strategy and how it helps her sellers, check out the article on RISMedia.


Tips For Real Estate Agents Using Facebook

In the world of social networking, Facebook is one of the most popular sites to connect with friends, family, businesses and more. The site has more than 400 million active users, and 50 percent of those active users log-on in any given day, according to Facebook.
A huge opportunity for spreading the word about your work as a real estate agent, right? The answer is yes. But agents would also do well to think before they post a Facebook profile and kick the marketing machine into high gear.
First of all, Facebook personal profiles are meant for people; Facebook Pages are meant for businesses, organizations, products and brands. It only takes a few minutes to set up either. And once you create a profile, you can add information, photos, links to your favorite past-times and more.
Personal profiles can be a blast, but also a little awkward. Once you put your name into the system you start getting “friend” requests from people you haven’t seen in years. You can accept or deny each friend request, and you can establish privacy settings to limit the amount of info available to the public.
The Huffington Post recently ran a useful story on Facebook privacy settings. Check it out at: The number of friend requests adds up quick.
If you want your personal profile to be a fun social outlet, I recommend focussing on just that. Sure, mention in your stats that you’re a real estate professional and even link to some of your favorite real estate groups. But steer clear of posting your latest home listings and using the forum to hard sell your old buddies from high school.
As an avid Facebook personal profile user, I have deleted numerous connections as a result of being bombarded with marketing material.
The people that get the most attention and followers on personal profiles are the ones who are funny, relevant and above all…social. Many business professionals I’ve spoken to say their Facebook personal profiles have netted business connections and deals. But the latter is more a result of networking and socializing than selling.
If you accept both business colleagues and old aquaintances as “friends,” know that your business connections now have a view into your personal life. Make it a policy to accept only colleagues, no colleagues, or just the ones you feel comfortable sharing your personal life with. And make sure all of the content on your profile is appropriate for public consumption.
Setting up a separate Facebook Page is one of the easiest ways to focus just on your business. You can do it by visiting
Once you create a profile, you can send a note to your personal profile friends encouraging them to become “Fans” of your business page. And -this is an important point- you can place a Facebook icon on your company’s home page that links directly to the Facebook profile. Facebook also offers an advertising option that can increase your number of connections.
The same rule applies for business pages as personal profiles: The ones that get the most attention post relevant information, stay up-to-date, and make an effort to socialize versus just hard selling their fan base. The point is to stand out from the millions of other people and companies trying to do the same thing.
By Eric Billingsley, Publicist, Rodeo Realty, Inc.