Rodeo Realty's Sherman Oaks Agent Kevin Tidwell shows appreciation to Los Angeles Fire Department

Throughout the month of December, thousands of firefighters have been battling a series of wildfires across Southern California.

The Los Angeles Fire Department, along with several other crews from different areas deployed to assist, have been confronted with several brush fires in the past two weeks.

To show love and support to the local heroes, Rodeo Realty’s Sherman Oaks agent, Kevin Tidwell, decided to organize a food drop—an idea he said was inspired by his son.

“My son was concerned for the firefighters because they recently finished fighting the La Tuna Canyon fire and he heard they were suffering from exhaustion,” said Kevin. “He was interested in helping them, so I suggested we organize a food drop at the local fire house.”

Kevin began reaching out to his neighbors in Studio City and nearby areas to see if they wanted to help.

“The show of community support was incredible,” said Kevin. “I received texts, calls, and private messages from members of the community who wanted to contribute home cooked dishes, deserts, and miscellaneous things the firefighters needed.”

On Sunday, December 10, Kevin, along with others from the community, dropped off the food at the local fire station.

“The look on the firefighters faces was priceless when we finished bringing in the food from the cars,” said Kevin. “Food covered every available surface in their kitchen. We did not just provide them with dinner; we provided them with a feast!”

Kevin said the firefighters were thankful for the community support.

“I was humbled and grateful that my son got the opportunity to see how members of the community could come together and do something nice for the firefighters who are on call 24/7,” said Kevin. “I feel so lucky to live in this community full of kind people who are willing to go out of their way to support the firefighters.”


Summer Volunteer Programs In L.A.

Summer time is a great time to give back to the community and spend time volunteering.

With that being said, below are just a few volunteering options for you to check out and see which one is right for you!

1. Children’s Hospital LA

Children’s Hospital LA has a volunteer program that allows you to spend time with patients. Volunteers must be 18 years old and older and must pass a health clearance, go through orientation, an interview process, and training. A volunteer program is also available for teens 15 to 17 years of age. More info here

2. L.A. Kitchen

Create healthy meals for disadvantaged communities at L.A. Kitchen. Volunteering here consists of 3-hour shifts where you will help prepare the food: washing, peeling, chopping. Sign up here

3. 826LA

Make a difference in a child’s life and help students ages 6 – 18 with their writing skills. Volunteers have to take a 101 orientation and can then begin working with students through workshops and after-school tutoring. Orientation is July 8, 15 and 29 and August 12. -> Start here

4. Project Angel Food

Many who face poverty and life-threatening illnesses rely on Project Angel Food to receive home-cooked meals. Volunteers are always needed to help prepare and package meals in the kitchen. Orientation is offered throughout July and August for new volunteers. Make a difference here.

5. The Trevor Project

Help young individuals who may be struggling with issues such as suicide, depression and LGBTQ identity. Through The Trevor Project, TrevorChat/TrevorText volunteers help answer instant messages and online texts. Trevor Lifeline volunteers help by answering calls in the L.A. call center. To volunteer here, orientation must be completed as well as an interview, background check, and training. Support here.

6. Los Angeles Mission

Every year in August, Los Angeles Mission helps hundreds of families gear up for going back to school. Their annual End of Summer Arts and Education Fair helps students with school supplies. Volunteers needed here.

7. LA Animal Services

Make a difference in a four-legged furry friends life. Volunteers are needed at the LA Animal Services (LAAS) to help at one of the six shelters in L.A. Orientations are currently being offered. Visit LAAS Facebook page for orientation dates. More info here.

8. Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks

Volunteering through the Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks is a great way of giving back. Volunteer jobs include coaching,  helping with senior programs, special events, and much more. Learn more here.

9. Friends of Griffith Park

Help preserve Griffith Park’s 4,310 acres of land. Volunteers help with clean-ups, tree planting and other projects. Preserve here.

10. Santa Monica Mountains Fund

Help the Santa Monica Mountains Fund restore native plant life, build hiking trails, and much more. ->  All ages welcome here.

11. Reading to Kids

Volunteer on Saturdays at one of the local elementary schools throughout Los Angeles and help students become better readers. To volunteer to help Reading to Kids go to their website and complete an online application and RSVP to read at a specific school. Training and reading strategies are provided by teachers. -> Read this.

12. Food on Foot

Help Food on Foot distribute meals and clothes to homeless families and individuals on Sundays. You can help by registering online, making a $20 donation (used to purchase food to distribute) and show up on Sundays from 3:15 – 5 p.m. at the Food on Foot Hollywood location. Learn more here.

13. Swan Center Outreach

Swan Center Outreach is always welcoming volunteers ages 9+ to help with its farm and horses. To volunteer,  all you need is a kind heart and a gentle hand. If you want to work with the horses, you must sign up in Swan Center’s training class. Volunteer here.

14. The Music Center

Surround yourself around great culture and art. Volunteering for The Music Center allows you to work in various positions, whether it’s assisting at Center events or helping out with technology and social media. “Symphonians” volunteer in conducting public and private tours of the center. (email to learn more about volunteering opportunities). -> Sign up here.