Rodeo Realty's Wendy Furth Offers Advice On Selling An Imperfect House

wendyfurthEvery house has someone who will buy it, love it, and treasure it. Some houses however, may have some imperfections that may make them a bit harder to sell. Recently Rodeo Realty Assistant Manager Wendy Furth spoke with reporter Marcie Geffner with her tips for making your house shine. Decluttering is one of the most important things you can do. Wendy advises that if you are not sure where to start, your Realtor can advise you as you go along.

She also recommends small things to make a home seem fresher: “Sometimes it’s as simple as taking down those awful curtains and having a good cleaning crew come in. Cleaning is always a good idea.” Even an inexpensive paint job and commercial-grade carpet can make a positive difference and prevent potential price cuts down the road. 

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