Rodeo Realty's Beverly Hills agent Tregg Rustad fronts Los Angeles edition of Top Agent Magazine


The new Los Angeles issue of Top Agent Magazine is out this week with Rodeo Realty’s Tregg Rustad as the cover Realtor.

The Beverly Hills agent fronts the publication and is featured within, with stories about his very first sell, his real estate team, and his life.

“The most interesting part of Tregg Rustad’s work is putting the pieces of a real estate transaction together,” said Top Agent Magazine. Rustad’s attitude and expertise have earned him and his partner, Peter Maurice, a ranking as Rodeo Realty’s top team, states the article.

“Year after year, the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends rank them as one of the Top 12 real estate teams in the Greater Los Angeles area…and one of the Top 250 teams in America, out of 1.1. million Realtors® nationwide,” said Top Agent.

According to the feature, in the 15 years that Rustad and Maurice have been working together, they’ve closed 1,300 transactions, representing almost $1.3 billion.

Before becoming a real estate agent, Rustad worked in film production. He tells the magazine that he wanted something different, so he got his real estate license between movie productions and sold his first property to a writer on one of the shows.

“I started selling real estate at 22 years old with a network of zero,” Rustad tells Top Agent. “Part of the benefit of starting young as I did is that I was open-minded about who I worked with. No deal was too small. For example, I sold a one-bedroom condo to a client in 2002 and have done five transactions for him since, as well as six or seven for his friends and family. Word of mouth is the best way for me, because people come with trust.”

In the article, Rustad also talks about his real estate partner, Maurice—who was a studio lawyer for 10 years before he got into real estate.

“We built our practice with the same dedication to excellence and client satisfaction that you should expect from your attorney,” said Rustad.

During his spare time, Rustad tells the publication that he enjoys relaxing with his wife and daughter, and also loves to surf, hike, and go camping. He also likes to buy and remodel property—which he says gives him real world experience he can share with his clients.

The article closes off by stating that it’s important to Rustad to be efficient and professional from the first phone call to the close of the transaction.

“My first 10 years were about learning,” said Rustad. “Now halfway through my second 10, it’s about perfecting and expanding. My last 20 will be about having the business where I want it to be and enjoying the benefits.”

To read the entire feature on Tregg Rustad, click HERE.

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Rodeo Realty's Beverly Hills agent Peter Maurice mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter


The Hollywood Reporter recently came out with an article, “Hollywood’s Newest Home Trend: Safe Rooms.”

According to THR, a glance at luxury real estate listings reveals that there’s an increasing demand for safe rooms—particularly high-end designs with luxurious interior design details and amenities.

Mentioned in the article is Rodeo Realty’s Beverly Hills Estates Director, Peter Maurice. A quote by him is emphasized in the story and used as a pull quote—attracting attention and drawing the reader into the piece.

“Safe rooms have become an important luxury ‘checklist’ item for high-end sales and more common request in the past five years,” said Maurice.

Creative Home Engineering uses bookcases or mirrors as entries to converted home theaters, master suites or wine rooms.

Many celebrities are said to have secret entries in their homes—A-listers from Lady Gaga to the Beckhams boast the feature. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly is building a stand-alone safe room inside his Palo Alto compound. L.A. Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan has one with thumbprint entry in the Pacific Palisades home he listed on the market this year. Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez also have a safe room.

With safety and security a persistent concern across the country, some builders of safe rooms are seeing a boom in sales.

Tom Gaffney, president of Gaffco Ballistics, tells THR that his company has installed safe rooms in New York and Los Angeles for celebrity residences that start at $250,000.

“Our clients tend to have a higher sense of the lack of security in the world today.”

According to THR, Nick Paster of American Saferoom Door Co., said home theaters, master suites and cigar and wine rooms are most preferred for safe-room conversions.

To read the THR article on safe rooms, click HERE.

The article is scheduled to be published in The Hollywood Reporter’s magazine and should appear in the next issue, which is expected to come out October 12.

Rodeo Realty Agent Helps Buyer Acquire Venus Williams Home

la-fi-hotprop-venus-williams-20140110-pg-010Rodeo Realty agent Peter Maurice helped a client pick up a desirable property in the Hollywood Hills West area. The LA Times Hot Property section reported the news that Venus Williams has sold her mid-century home for $1.7 million. The three-bedroom home was built in 1955 and has an updated kitchen. There is a swimming pool and deck area as well as a lawn, all with canyon views. Congratulations to the new owners on the purchase of a lovely home!