8 Thanksgiving Host Hacks to Know | Home Tips

Cut out the stress when it comes to Thanksgiving hosting this year! If you are taking on the major task of being the head host on Turkey Day, you deserve some ease. Read below for ten helpful hacks to ensure your Thanksgiving is a breeze!!

Bake Ahead to Get Ahead 

How do you have a delicious Thanksgiving feast without stress? Rely on make-ahead options for the big day! If you’re used to homemade Thanksgiving rolls, then get the jump start on your from-scratch dough. Make sure your rolls are prepped, in the fridge, and ready to go on Thanksgiving day. 

Opt for White Plates

Along with being picture-perfect for food, white plates are a neutral color that is easy to mix and match with other holiday table settings. No matter the dish, you’ll shine as a Thanksgiving host with a feast that takes center stage on simple dishes.

Prep Your Pans

Make sure you have all the essential kitchen tools you need before you start baking. The night before, set out your baking dishes and label each one with a sticky note. Major hack: You can even purchase one-time-use pans at the grocery store to make clean-up easier.

Mulled Wine and Holiday Cheer 

Welcome your guest in for the holiday with a warm mug of mulled wine. With mulled wine, you can prep it ahead of time in a pot or your slow cooker. With ingredients like wine (of course), spices, fruit, liquor, and fruit juice, it’s an easy drink to make! Check out this recipe from NYT Cooking for simple steps to follow.

Let Your Guests Play Mixologist

Another way to be the ultimate Thanksgiving host? Skip playing bartender this year. Set up a well-stocked bar cart and let your friends and family do the rest. Your guest can create their own drink, or you can print out instructions for holiday-inspired cocktails. Just make sure you have the essentials like the following:

  • Liquor like vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, and rum.
  • Fun mixers like club soda, tonic water, fruit juice, and simple syrups.
  • Garnishes like olives and fresh fruit.
  • Basics include ice, cocktail napkins, and straws!

Simplify the Centerpiece

Create a simple platter filled with seasonal gourds to give the table a festive feel. You can assemble a Thanksgiving centerpiece lightning fast with just a few sprigs of grass, autumn gourds, and pillar candles.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Looking for easy crafts to have for your Thanksgiving kid’s table? Try opting for printable holiday placemats to spark creativity and avoid boredom. All you need are pencils and crayons, and kids can amuse themselves by filling out silly puzzles and drawing a turkey feast of their own!

Show Some Love to the Slow Cooker

Create some space on your stovetop this Thanksgiving. As the Thanksgiving host/chef for the day, you can free up space on the stove with your slow cooker! Use it for recipes like mashed potatoes or stuffing, for a dish that can be hands-off and ready to go right on time.