The Best Local Pie Shops | LA Eats

Hosting Thanksgiving? No festive feast is complete without pie! We’ve rounded up the best local pie shops around town. Read on for top pie shops in the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Conejo Valley areas.

Los Angeles Area


Location: Eagle Rock

This pie shop has won many awards for its pies, which is what you would expect, considering its pies are handcrafted. They also offer mini pies that serve a person or two. This pie shop has unique flavors that will make you want to try every flavor profile. Some of their pies include sweet potato cornbread pie, expresso chocolate pecan pie, triple berry cabernet pie, and many more.

The Pie Hole

Location: Hollywood

Not only do they bake the best pies in Hollywood, California, but they also do catering too. They have several different pies to choose from, ranging anywhere from everyone’s favorite pecan pie to the most unique choice, earl grey tea pie.

Westside and Beach Communities

Winston Pies

Location: Brentwood

One of the best pie shops in town, Winston Pies is a true delight! They have pies that range in a variety of sizes. You could order a pie for one person or enough to feed twelve people. A popular choice is a Funfetti pie and the Carmel Twix pie. With so many flavors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any one of their choices.

Sweet Laurel

Location: Pacific Palisades

If you are a dessert lover, you will love Sweet Laurel. The Pacific Palisades sweet shop has treats for all, from exquisite paleo to grain-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free. The bakery will be dishing out its limited edition upgraded take on the traditional apple pie only for the month of November.

San Fernando Valley Area

Creme Caramel LA

They are located in Sherman Oaks, and they are known for their upside-down pies. They have several different upside-down pies to choose from, such as their strawberries n cream upside-down pie, cookies n cream upside-down pie, pumpkin spice upside-down pie, and there’s more to choose from.

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery

They use the freshest of the freshest ingredients with their own two hands. They have pies that will get you in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, such as the pumpkin cheesecake pie and the traditional pumpkin pie.

Conejo Valley Area

Suburban Pie & Treats

This bakery is most known for its handcrafted crusts. They have several different flavors for you to try, such as blueberry pie, lime pie, and pear pie. They add in fresh fruit for a much more scrumptious taste.

Sticky Fingers Baking Company

They have a little bit of everything in this shop, including gluten-free and vegan menu options. Their pies are very carefully formed and added with fresh fruit, including strawberries, apricots, apples, and more flavors.

From the Launch of Artemis 1 to the Future of AR Glasses and More | Tech News

This week, we are talking about all things tech and zero things crypto or Twitter related (you’re welcome). From the successful launch of Artemis 1 to major changes in the AR world and more, we have you covered on major tech headlines. Read on below and stay connected!

Amazon Launches Virtual Care Center

In conjunction with One Medical, Amazon has officially launched its virtual care clinic. The clinic is available in 32 states and provides a message-based service for care. The services provided are for more than 20 everyday medical issues, as per Amazon’s announcement this week. Those seeking care can do so by visiting the Amazon Clinic site, selecting your ailment, and filling out an intake form. While the service does not take insurance, it is FSA- and HSA-eligible. The Amazon Clinic telehealth physicians will be able to treat and prescribe medication for acne, asthma refills, birth control, cold sores, and more. Amazon hopes to expand to additional states within the next couple of months.

NASA Begins Historic Return to the Moon with Artemis 1 Launch

A return to the moon is one step closer for NASA with this week’s launch of the most powerful rocket built to date. Artemis 1 launched this past Wednesday, lifting off from Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center. “We are all part of something incredibly special,” launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson said just before getting her tie cut — a lovely NASA tradition that humbly marks the first solo flight of a deserving team member. “The first launch of Artemis. The first step in returning our country to the moon — and on [to] Mars.” The launch of Artemis 1 comes after years of delays and setbacks. With the success of the mission would come the groundwork to place astronauts back on the rocky surface and, eventually, one day, on the red sand of Mars. 

Qualcomm’s AR Chips Point to a Next Generation of Smart Glasses

With VR headset demand on the rise, Qualcomm has hinted that the next big product wave may be AR glasses. The company’s recent event was focused on chips. Introduced the newest Snapdragon phone processors and a new line of AR-optimized eyewear. The next generation of smart glasses will likely arrive between 2023 and 2025. Likewise, features for the tech-forward spectacles include eye tracking, hand tracking, and wireless streaming to phones or from the cloud. Qualcomm’s shared a vast list of big tech companies who will be on board to utilize the AR2 chip. These companies include Lenovo, LG, Niantic, NReal, Oppo, Pico, NTT Qonoq, Rokid, Sharp, TCL, Vuzix, and Mi.

10-Minute Flights to the Airport Are the Way Forward with Archer Air Taxi

Imagine breezing over traffic, above the clouds, and arriving right o time for your flight. Archer Aviation is seeking to make this a reality, starting off in New York. The company has unveiled its electric aircraft that would take passengers from downtown Manhattan to Newark, New Jersey’s Liberty International Airport. The company aims to launch the service by 2025 with 10-minute flights starting at $100 each way. The San Jose-based Archer is among several companies building a new type of aircraft called an EVTOL. The acronym is short for electric vertical takeoff and landing. The company hopes to change urban travel while reducing emissions. “Over time, as we scale urban air mobility and you see lots of these planes out there, we can have a significant impact on reducing emissions,” CEO Adam Goldstein.

Airbnb Anti-Party Technology Goes Live

Consider party-going at Airbnb a thing of the past. The vacation rental platform has officially launched its reservation screening technology this week. The new system has already been put into place in the US, Canada, and Australia, and the company plans to expand the technology worldwide in spring 2023. The “proprietary reservation screening technology” works by evaluating a number of factors, such as the history of positive reviews and the length of time a guest has been on the platform. In addition, it also checks the length of stay, distance to listing, and whether the guest made a booking for a weekend or weekday, an Airbnb spokesperson said. Airbnb has also expanded its guest identity verification. It may request a customer’s legal name, address, phone number, government ID, or selfie, Airbnb said. This applies to booking guests traveling to the top 35 countries and regions on the app, and it will expand worldwide in the spring as well.

Lab-Grown Meat Gets FDA Approval 

The future of lab-grown meat is progressing forward. The FDA has given the green light to Upside Food and its production of chicken made from real animal cells grown in bioreactors. The approval marks a major milestone for the cultivated meat industry after years of venture capital funding and small-scale efforts. Upside’s production facilities still require a grant of inspection from the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition, the food itself will need a mark of inspection before it can enter the US market. These two steps are likely to be completed much more quickly. “It’s the moment we’ve been working toward for the past, almost seven years now,” says Uma Valeti, Upside’s CEO. “Opening up the US market is what every company in the world is trying to do.”

Our Favorite Pho Spots Around Town | L.A. Eats

As the weather cools down, there is one thing guaranteed to keep you warm…Pho. The traditional Vietnamese soup is an ideal meal for any time of the year, especially on chill days. Whether you are under the weather or just in need of a warm lunch or dinner, check out our list of top spots around town.

Pho Cafe

Location: Silverlake

It seems like food gems are easily found in strip malls, and so is the case for Pho Cafe. The Vietnamese eatery has an excellent pho tai bo vien, among other tasty options. Bright and modern, this restaurant makes for a great stop for lunch or a lowkey date night. 

Nong La

Location: Hancock Park

With two locations on Sawtelle and on La Brea, Nong La is a neighborhood favorite. At this local spot, you can expect meat that is high-quality and broth that is both light and lemongrass flavor. For a spicy kick, try the bun bo hue – a spicy lemongrass soup with pork patty and beef shank. 

Pho 2000

Location: Koreatown

For the days when you’re not feeling too well, Pho 2000’s oxtail pho is here to save the day. Enjoy Korean-style pho that has just the right amount of noodles and meat. Also good to know: they’re open until 2am (and 3am on weekends).

ASAP Phorage

Location: Playa del Rey

Take your pho-mission to the coast at ASAP Phorage in Playa del Rey. This eatery may be located in the back of a convenience store, but don’t let that fool you. The food is excellent with delicious meet pairings like the Washuguyu beef.

Blossom Vietnamese

Location: Santa Monica

Blossom, a Vietnamese spot that offers noodles and more in Sunset Park, is another local go-to. The bustling, compact eatery offers family-style seating and a range of Vietnamese staples.

Glendale Pho Company

Location: Glendale

Under the radar but never a disappointment, the Glendale Pho Company is a valley go-to. The portions are huge and usually fall under $10. In addition, the rare steak is excellent.

Vinh Loi Tofu

Location: Reseda

Owner and chef Kevin Tran make fresh tofu each day for his savory and sweet vegan fare. The Iron Man pho satisfies, while the warm and sweet ginger tofu “pudding” comes through for dessert. The second location in Cerritos is just as solid as the original.

How to Give Back this November | Out & About

November is a time of giving thanks and giving back. With a number of charities in the community looking for volunteers ahead of the holidays, it’s time to give a helping hand. We’ve put together a list of local charities you can volunteer your time with this November.

The Midnight Mission

Location: DTLA

Offering counseling, education, training, and job placement to the city’s homeless population, The Midnight Mission serves as a great place to give back. Along with regular meal services and food donation drives, the Mission holds special Thanksgiving and Christmas events. To volunteer for a special event, it’s recommended to start with regular volunteer hours and fill out the online form.

Heal the Bay

Location: Venice Beach/South Bay Area

Our coastal areas deserve some TLC in November as well. Join the environmental group, Heal the Bay on their commitment to keeping SoCal’s coastal waters and watersheds as safe, healthy, and clean as possible. The monthly beach cleanups are the easiest way in, but you can also pledge a bit more time and organize cleanups for your own favorite stretch of coastline.

L.A. Regional Food Bank

Location: Los Angeles

You can give back this November with the L.A. Regional Food Bank. The organization will need volunteers to help with food sorting, special events, and food drives. In addition, the yearly Operation Gobble returns to help deliver food for the holidays.

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Location: San Fernando Valley

As one of the organizations that Rodeo Realty frequently volunteers with, Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission offers a host of services. The organization provides hot meals, health services, and housing to the needy population in San Fernando Valley. Volunteers are welcome to help assist in handing out meals, clothing, medicine, and more throughout the week. 

SOVA Community Food and Resource Program

Location: West L.A. and Van Nuys

SOVA’s two service centers (West L.A. and Van Nuys) provide a free five-day supply of groceries and hygiene products for each family member in need. You can give back this November by becoming a volunteer. The organization needs help with everything from packaging and inventory to registering clients and entering data. SOVA offers opportunities for both “occasional” and “core” volunteers.

The Best Local Thai Restaurants | L.A. Eats

Thailand is home to the delightful foods that have made their way into South California. Regardless of location, you will find a luxurious place to enjoy an excellent rendition of Tom Khai Gai, Fragrant soups, Pak Phuk Tong, Yam Pla Dook Foo, and other staple dishes from Thai cuisine.

Read on for our top picks to enjoy around town! 

Night + Market

Location: 9043 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

West Hollywood residents enjoy Thai cuisine in an authentic restaurant. Night + Market is known for its flavorful and exotic food. A taste of chef Kris Yenbamroong’s talent will leave you wanting more. Make sure to order “Hidden Treasures” or a whole fish dish.

Araya’s Place

Location: 8101 1/2 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048

Vegans can visit Araya’s place for the vegan version of Thai Dishes. This family-owned eatery serves signature dishes, such as drunken mushroom noodles and avocado curry. You will find many cuisines to choose from on the menu. 

Galanga Thai Fusion

Location: 7440 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046

This WeHo eatery offers modern fusion dishes and traditional Thai favorites. Galanga is an unexpectedly pleasant restaurant that welcomes you with wall-mounted bud vases and traditional art. On the menu, you will get contemporary renditions of noodle-like shredded papaya and buffalo chicken wings.


Location: 11744 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604

Talesai is known for clean, flavorful, upscale Thai cuisines that go beyond the norm. The menu here exceeds the predictable traditional cuisines around town. Consider ordering grilled lamb chops, grilled rib-eye steak, or pacific calamari and plum sauce for dessert when you visit this style-conscious contemporary restaurant.

Emporium Thai

Location: 1275 Westwood Blvd LA, CA 90024 Westwood

Visit Emporium Thai for authentic cooking. The restaurant was featured in U.S. top 100 best Thai restaurants for making popular dishes such as Pad See Ew, Southern Curry, and Pad Thai.

Lum Ka Naad

Location: 17644 Ventura Blvd, Encino 91316

Get an authentic Thai experience from a crash course of delicious Thailand food in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Top dishes at Lum Ka Naad include a fusion of northern and Southern Thailand foods. Northern cuisines include crossovers from China, Laos, and neighboring Burma. Order specialties such as Khai soy, pla pling, and Tai pla country soup.


Location: 5223 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90027-5709

You will find a 300-dish menu comprising rarely-seen specialties. This authentic Thai restaurant in East Hollywood serves specialties such as khua Kling phat tha lung, steamed green mussels, fried soft-shell crab, and deep-fried whole sea bass.

Top Juice Bars Around Town | L.A. Eats

When it comes to staying healthy and fit, there is one thing L.A. is known for besides Equinox and its…juice bars. From Kreation to SunLife Organics, we have no shortage of fresh pressed juice open to help you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Whether you are doing a cleanse or looking to add to your routine, there are many options around town. read on for our list of Juice Bar favorites!

Best Juice Bars in Southern California

Most are tucked in strategic corners while others hug the coast, making them a favorite spot if you are looking for a healthy drink as you swim or relax. But which are the best juice bars? Here are the top spots to check out.


This exquisite place in Thousand Oaks, CA, is a quick service stopover to drink your way to health. A quick look at their menu gives you various options, from their unique Grabba Cleanse, freshly pressed juice to smoothies. Likewise, there is always something for everyone. In addition, you can try Fab & Fruity, Pina Protein, and Power PB &J, among others.

Beverly Hills Juice Club

If you are looking for a healthy shot, Beverly Hills Juice Club is the right place. Located in Mid-Wilshire and spread across Los Angeles (LA), this juice bar has been operating since 1975. Most of their produce is sourced from farmer’s markets. You will be treated to raw, pressed, unpasteurized juice. Try juices like the Banana Manna, Berry Coconut, Hot Tomato Tonic, ginger, and vegetable cocktails.

Body Energy Club

This juice bar is located in West Hollywood and specializes in healthy, delicious smoothies and bowls. Established in 2002, the family-owned and operated juice bar offers walk-ins, free parking, vegan-friendly, healthy dining, and grab-and-go services. You can choose from classic smoothies such as the banana berry blast, berry delicious, or the signature smoothies like the cherry ripe, chocoberry acai, and others.

Juice Budz

As you check out the best available properties in Sherman Oaks, a quick stop at the Juice Budz will refresh you with splashes of color through their variety of raw, cold-pressed fruits and vegetable drinks. Likewise, this is not one of those ordinary juice bars in town but a unique blend of refreshment and detoxification benefits through their juice kits. 

SunLife Organics

The list of top juice bars is never complete without the magnificent SunLife Organics. With their unique signature juices in Calabasas, West Hollywood, and other locations, you can always drink up that sunshine in a cup, as they state. Try the Malibu Sunrise, loaded with natural fruits, including strawberries, carrots, oranges, and more.

Kreation Juicery

A typical business day in Beverly Hills and Downtown LA must always wind up at Kreation Juicery. It is the go-to place for a juicer-friendly, gluten-free snack and your favorite smoothie. Try a dreamy mixture of raspberries, bananas, ginger, apple, and lemon, and satisfy every healthful drink craving in you.

With these top juice bars spanning all over Southern California, you can never run out of options.

Getting Your Home Fall-Ready this Season | Home Tips

Fall is right around the corner. Is your home fall-ready for this transition from summer to autumn? Well, there are lots of steps you can take to keep your home cozy and efficient in the fall season. These are easy and affordable everyday activities you can do as part of your annual home inspection. They include:

1. Clean, Organize, and De-clutter to get it Fall-Ready

Cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering your home gives it a tranquil and simplified ambiance into fall. To get fall-ready, start by scrubbing all surfaces, including windows, doors, floors, and home appliances. Next, empty and organize your fridge, pantry, and storage areas. Here, check the expiration dates of your food supplies. Throw expired food, and donate the foodstuffs that won’t make it to the fall season. Third, de-clutter and donate your summer clothes and shoes. Also, clean and replace your bedding, towels, and linens.

2. Decorate Your Home

Did you know that installing cozy wallpaper or adding a vintage runner to your entryways can warm up your home for fall? And you can use your pottery and glassware to accessorize and create a fun centerpiece as a focal point in your living room. Donate your unused items in the store and turn the extra space into a hideaway room complete with accented lighting, a reading table, a lamp, a bed, and cozy pillows and blankets. Hang your woven baskets and add some fresh fall flowers for a tasteful look.

3. Make Sure Your Installations are Fall-Ready

Not only should your home be clean and attractive, but it should also be functional. That’s why you should inspect your installations to confirm that they are in tip-top shape and fall-ready. Now is the best time to scrutinize and clean the filter furnace and change the humidifier filter too. Next, check the air quality in the attic. Here, you want to confirm that the insulation is working; all the air vents are clean, dry, and mold-free. Seal any air leakages into the attic to prevent ice dams from forming in winter. Finally, check for cracks in and outside your home. Call a professional to assess and repair any rift at least an eighth of an inch wide.

4. Carry Out Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will save you unnecessary utility bills and repair costs when getting fall-ready. Have the gutters clean, and debris-free, with water flowing freely through them. Add a drain spout extension to divert water away from the foundation. Ideally, you want water to drain 4 to 6 feet away from your home. Next, inspect and repair any visible damage on your windows, door frames, and surrounding drywall. The weather-stripping should be secure to prevent drafts responsible for escalating heating bills. Test and replace fire alarms and carbon monoxide detector batteries. And reverse the ceiling fan to push the heat down from the ceiling to the floor.

5. Work With a Professional

Some areas around your home require professional handling only to get fall-ready. For example, ask a professional to clean your chimney. And contact an HVAC professional to check the ductwork and tune up your heating system. Then, as a rule of thumb, call an expert to address any concerns you have after inspecting your home.

A savvy homeowner is proactive in preparing their home for fall. Then, use the tips above to enjoy a comfortable, safe, and cost-efficient transition into the cooler season ahead.

Best Design Showrooms in Town | Out & About

Are you a homeowner looking for the perfect interior design for your home? Maybe you are a real estate buyer or seller in need of the most fitting design for your house. Well, you are in luck, as Southern California is home to an array of design showrooms that offer multiple designs and setups for you to choose from. The following is a list of design showrooms to look at:

1. Kreiss – West Hollywood

This family-owned store has been in business for over 75 years. Kreiss offers an exclusive furniture collection with a casually elegant and timeless style. Their design portfolio is known worldwide for giving what is popularly known as “The California look”.

2. Hammer and Spear – Los Angeles

Founded in 2013 by husband and wife Scott Jarrell and Kristan Cunningham, Hammer and Spear is not only a showroom but also a multidisciplinary design studio. It comprises a team of interior designers, architects, and product designers. This design showroom is thoughtfully curated with impressive furniture and accessories that truly depict the couple’s love for creating inspiring and memorable spaces for its clients.

3. Grayson Luxury – Beverly Hills

This showroom in Beverly Hills is well known for its luxuriously crafted home interiors. With its blend of the traditional with the modern, Grayson Luxury is the fitting interior design destination for a traditional, sophisticated homeowner with a modern sensibility.

4. Stansbury Collection – Santa Monica

Founded by Armand Stansbury, this showroom has been in existence for 30 years. Stansbury Collection is known for its locally-made custom furniture that is masterfully built in only seven days with an eye-catching design that adds an elegant feel to the comfort and splendor of your home.

5. Scandinavian Designs -Venice

Boasting over 30 showrooms, Scandinavian Designs is a family business with over 50 years of experience in the design industry. The home furnishings here are of contemporary style. Scandinavian Designs are inspired by Nordic culture, modern style, and quality craftsmanship.

6. Croft House – Los Angeles

Located 1.2 miles away from Mid-Wilshire, Croft House aims to represent the sophisticated and comfortable feel of the California lifestyle through its handmade statement furniture.

7. Nathalie Interior Motives – Tarzana

With its experienced specialists in residential design projects, Nathalie Interior Motives seeks to formulate areas that integrate comfort and elegance with ergonomic expertise and sustainable design.

8. Westside Remodelling – Newbury Park

Having been in existence for over 30 years, Westside Remodelling has built a solid reputation throughout the Conejo Valley. The quality of their work has landed them features in Architectural Digest, L. A Home and Remodelling, and the L.A Times. The design experts here specialize in residential design-build and remodeling.

9. Luxe Interior Design and Drapery – Calabasas

Founded in 2004, Luxe Interior Design and Drapery helps people formulate the home of their dreams. The designers here specialize in blending one’s taste with a balance of accessories to create comfortable and memorable spaces.

The Best August Garden Plants to Add this Summer! | Home Tips

August is usually one of the quieter months for planting. With autumn closing in, many think it’s best to wait until the return of spring to begin planting again. But nothing is further from the truth, and August is still a great time for gardening if you want to look forward to colorful blooms and delicious crops for the colder months. Read on to find out what are the best August garden plants for August in California.

August Garden Vegatables

1. Carrots

When it comes to August garden plants, carrots keep your kitchen well stocked. Keep in mind you should plant carrots in areas that get a lot of sunshine, and don’t forget to add manure to the soil before you plant the seeds. This will ensure your carrots are in optimal condition for winter harvesting.

2. Cabbage

Nothing is tastier than a tender head of spring cabbage. Planting these delicious veggies in August will ensure you start harvesting soon after the new year. Don’t forget you must provide ample space for your cabbages to grow, so allow about 19 inches of spacing around each head. Additionally, make sure your seeds are well protected and don’t dry out during the growing season. Keep in mind you should provide the plants with a mesh covering to keep them protected from insects and other pests that might be looking for a yummy morsel to feed on during the winter months.

August Garden Flowers

3. Hydrangeas

If you are looking for a colorful autumn garden, hydrangeas are a great option for August garden planting. These beautiful blooms, with their large flowerheads, are great for flower beds and are available in different shades of pink, blue, white, and more. Don’t forget to plant hydrangea seeds with enough mulch or compost and add enough water to keep the soil moist.

4. Honeywort

With delicately colorful hanging bells, honeywort will add a fantastic touch of color to your fall garden if planted in the early days of the month of August. This amazing annual foliage plant grows beautifully when planted in the direct soil after soaking the seeds for 12 hours. It can be planted both in your garden and in individual pots. Honeywort flowers are great for attracting bees and hummingbirds well into the autumn months, which makes them a great addition to your garden at any time.

5. Polyanthus

Great for creating colorful borders to your garden, polyanthus flowers also add some much-needed color each autumn. One of its great benefits is that once you plant them, they will continue to grow back year after year. Remember to provide some shade as they grow because they don’t do well in the direct California sunlight.

From new AI on IG to Updates at FedEx and More! | Tech News

Another week, another round-up of the leading tech news across the world wide web. In this week’s weekly write-up, we’re talking about a new AI tool from IG, major updates with FedEx, and more! Read on and stay connected with the world of tech!!

Google News Unveils Personalized Desktop Redesign

In honor of its 20th birthday, Google News has unveiled a revamped version of its desktop design. The latest version gives more prominence to local news and personalized content. Likewise, with the latest update, users will be able to customize topics to better fit their search. In addition, users can also add multiple locations to the “Local News” section through their settings button. This change marks Google’s latest effort to become more user-friendly with a series of platform updates in the past two quarters. Of course, the biggest change is that various categories of news like world, business, and science will be more accessible. 

New AI tool being tested at Instagram can Verify Your Age through Facial Scan

A new AI tool is in the works at Instagram. The social media platform is currently testing a tool that can verify age via facial scan. Built by a third-party company, Yoti, the tool is Instagram’s latest attempt at providing a safer space for users 13 and older. Likewise, the tools are meant to aid with privacy and child safety across all users of the platform. Approved for use in the UK and Germany, Yoti is well–established in the field of the online age and ID verification. Users can even try out Yoti’s age verifying tool now directly on the company site if interested in seeing how the potential IG tool may work.

Gene-editing Technology CRISPR may be able to help combat climate change

The technology behind CRISPR and its ability to create new crops may be able to help fight climate change. Researchers recently received $11 million in funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to aid in the efforts. Likewise, the funds will go towards enhancing plants like rice and soil. The technology would be able to better trap carbon dioxide emitted through sourcing the crop. CRISPR, which was founded by Nobel laureate and co-inventor Jennifer Doudna, is led by the Innovative Genomics Institute. “[Jennifer] and I saw eye to eye on climate and how big of a problem it is in the world. And we just didn’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore,” says Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) executive director Brad Ringeisen.

FedEx to soon Photograph Packages as Proof of Delivery

If you have ever had an issue locating a delivered package from FedEx, you may soon have a solution. The company is working on creating its own tool to provide proof of delivery via photo in instances where a signature is not required. “This is something e-commerce merchants and customers have been asking for, and we are proud to be the first to announce this service will be available to residential customers,” Brie Carere, FedEx’s chief customer officer, said in a press release announcing the program this week. Likewise, the service will be free and available for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground delivery customers. The service will also serve as a good form of protection for FedEx, in instances where a package is reportedly lost. The tool will be available in select markets first before launching in the US and Canada.

Twitter to Create built-in Notes feature

Character limits may be coming to an end on Twitter. The company is currently developing a tool for long-form blogging on the popular social media platform. Aptly name Twitter Notes, the company confirmed the new tool via tweet this week. Currently only available to select users in the US, UK, Canada, and Ghana, users will be able to read notes on and off Twitter. The company showcased how the tool will work through two separate GIFs in its tweet announcement. The tool will allow users to embed a Note into their tweet for a long-form post option. Likewise, users can also mix in images and videos to the long-form posts.