Walk-in Leads to Multiple Listings for Sherman Oaks Agent

Derick Vallance knows the value of working floor time. In a recent case, a young woman walked into Rodeo Realty’s Sherman Oaks office at about 6 p.m. with the L.A. Times Homes Section in-hand. She asked if she could speak with somebody about listing a home.
Vallance was on floor time and took the meeting.
The woman needed an agent who could get two houses on the market the next day, host open houses by the weekend, and somebody who was not going to make a bunch of empty promises.
In two days, and with the help of the Rodeo team, Vallance had ads running in the newspaper, professional quality signs in place, photos of the properties, color brochures, lock boxes, and flags and balloons for the open houses. The open houses were a success.
The client came back the next week and asked him to list and host open houses for three additional homes. Vallance plans on spreading the open houses out a little bit in order to give each one his full attention.