Rodeo Realty at the Beijing Real Estate Expo

Yan Yan Zhang of Rodeo Realty’s Beverly Hills office is currently in China at the 2011 Beijing Real Estate Expo.
More than 10,000 investors are expected  to attended the event. Yan Yan has a booth -complete with Rodeo Realty signage- to promote her listings and other Los Angeles area properties.
The Expo attracts vendors from more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.
YanYan advertises her properties quite a bit in Chinese publications and frequently travels to China to meet potential clients and get referrals. She also facilitates presentations both nationally and internationally on topics ranging from how to find income properties under the market, to the business of 1031 tax deferral strategies.
She speaks Chinese Mandarin fluently and attended Beijing University and the Beijing National Sports Academy. Outside of real estate, Yan Yan has worked on stage at both the Academy Awards and the American Music Awards. She can be contacted at (310) 724-7100 or