QR Codes and Real Estate

As most real estate agents, home buyers and home sellers know, technology plays a major role in marketing homes these days. Social networking, the Internet, smartphones, and other gizmos and gadgets, are all staples of the trade. Some agents estimate 80 percent or more of home buyers begin their property searches online.

Rodeo Realty has always been on the cutting-edge of marketing technology. So in an effort to take another step forward, we are beginning to use what’s known as QR codes. The bar codes, which kind of look like figures out of the 1980s video game “Space Invaders,” will soon be included on all of the company’s newspaper advertisements.

Consumers can download a mobile phone application that allows them to take a picture of the QR code. After taking the picture, the mobile phone automatically downloads a Web site with property listings.
Rodeo Realty’s QR code
If the consumer plugs in their geographic coordinates, the application will also allow them to view listings within a 10 mile radius from where they’re standing. In addition to including QR codes on newspaper advertisements, Rodeo Realty plans on placing them on For Sale signs. Our in-house information technology (IT) department can provide QR codes for agents creating property Web sites.

Is this just a fad or a legitimate and long-term tool for advertising? Data shows a significant increase in the use of QR codes. Scanning grew 1,200 percent from July to December 2010, according to the mobile payment and marketing company Mobio Identity Systems.
Scanning codes to receive information on a product or service makes up for 87 percent of usage. Payment scans only make up for 5 percent. This is good news for real estate agents, since Rodeo Realty’s codes will primarily be used for information about properties.
Sample of how QR code might look on Rodeo Realty sign.
The majority of QR scanning is coming from individuals in the 35-44 years of age bracket, according to Mobio. And steady adoption is being seen amongst all age brackets between 18 and 54 years of age.
Rodeo Realty’s IT department is constantly developing new ways to help agents and their clients effectively use technology to market their properties. Stay tuned for more information about the IT department, QR codes, and other technology tools of the real estate trade.