Real Estate Upgrades for No Cash Up-Front

Lou Woolf of Rodeo Realty’s Sherman Oaks office recently launched a program to help home sellers upgrade their properties for no cash up-front. Woolf said he has provided this service to probate attorneys for years and is now opening it up to the public.

In a nutshell, Estate P.A.C.T. ( provides sellers with real estate services including: preliminary title reports; market evaluations; property profiles; transaction coordination; and more. The program also helps clients realize top dollar for their properties by offering repair and upgrade work that is billed from escrow disbursement funds.

A sample of upgrades includes:
Painting & drywall / stucco repair
Estate sale & furniture disposition
Shipping of personal items
House cleaning
Debris removal/ hauling
Landscape & garden maintenance
Handyman repairs
Locksmith & security

The program is free of charge to listing clients and the services provided are billed at the regular rate. Woolf said Estate P.A.C.T. has a track record of success in securing higher listing and selling prices after completing the upgrade and repair work.

Estate P.A.C.T. is currently looking for 8-12 home sellers for the program. Prospective clients will have to go through a qualification process. The program does not handle short sale properties and prospective clients need to have equity in their homes. For more information call Lou Woolf at: (866) 692-WOLF.