Rodeo Realty Agents on Good Morning America

In late October, we announced that two of Rodeo Realty’s agents were interviewed by Good Morning America, and that the clip was supposed to run a couple days later. The interviews followed a story in the Los Angeles Times titled “Real estate agents are going all out to sell luxury homes.”

The Times story quoted three Rodeo agents including Lisa Sorrentino, Ben Salem and Ron Tanzman. Good Morning America then interviewed Joe Babajian and Ben Salem the next day. The clip didn’t run a couple days later -that’s how the media world works- but it did air on Good Morning America today.

The spot has some great shots of one of Joe Babajian’s listings, includes interviews with Babajian and Salem, and shows Salem taking clients on helicopter tours of high-end neighborhoods. Check it out:

Thank you to ABC and Good Morning America for putting together a really fun story. Thanks also to all of the agents who were involved in the media coverage.