Rodeo Realty's Syd Leibovitch On Winning The Bidding Wars

Right now it’s tough for home buyers. Inventory continues to be low, prices are escalating and worries about interest rates are causing many people to worry if their window is closing. Recently the Wall Street Journal ran a story on how home buyers can compete in the bidding wars that are becoming common for major properties.

Lowball offers are a thing of the past. Syd Leibovitch, the president of Rodeo Realty was quoted in the article and told the reporter that he advises clients to make their first offer “as high as you can possibly go.” He finds that because it’s difficult to predict how high the other offers will be it’s important to come in stronger rather than risk losing a house to someone else for a price you would have been willing to pay.  It’s important also not to get carried away in a bidding war. Find your maximum and stick to it. Check out the complete article at the Wall Street Journal.