Rodeo Realty Winter Conference Brings Agents Together To Learn From The Best


This week, Rodeo Realty agents gathered for a conference to share knowledge and learn from some of the best. The keynote speaker was popular real estate trainer Rick DeLuca. Rick sold over 200 homes per year and was once the 8th ranked real estage agent in the country but he also has perhaps one of the most interesting stories in real estate, working first as a homicide detective before getting into the real estate market. When DeLuca says he’s seen it all, it’s clear that it is true. Although he entered the market at a time when real estate was booming, he soon had to weather one of the toughest markets ever. This helped him learn to develop the good habits that led him to future success. His goal is always to see what others are doing and then figure out how he can top that. It’s a philosophy that Rodeo Realty agents already believe in but it’s always good to have a reminder. Creating good habits is also about consistency and goal setting.  Connection doesn’t just happen when a person is buying or selling, it’s about listening, being available, sharing relevant data and helping people make informed decisions.

Throughout the conference agents shared tips and success stories. Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills Manager John Gould led a panel that featured top-level wealth management professionals. Agents Barbra Stover, Matthew Paul, and Desiree Zuckerman shared their digital marketing strategies while Carol Wolfe, Elyse Arbor, Tom Otero, and Judy Handler discussed hyperlocal marketing in a panel moderated by Rodeo Realty Sherman Oaks Manager Jason Katzman.

Rodeo Realty agents came away from the conference with many ideas and lots of energy to make 2014 the best year yet!