Rodeo's Marketing Department recognized by Debra Ziven

An honorable mention jeffglen2for Rodeo Realty’s marketing department. Debra Ziven, of the Beverly Hills office, personally took time to give thanks and praise to Glen Berg and Jeff Weston.

“Dear Glen and Jeff,

How are you?  I hope you are half as ecstatic as the clients on [address redacted].  Your extraordinary execution of your jobs is greatly appreciated.  As an agent, I am proud to carry a Rodeo Realty card and boisterously brag about the marketing department.   The best part is that I’m 100% confident those claims will be  backed up.

As the lucky one who gets to seeing the unabashed happiness on the clients’ faces and hear the excitement in their voices, I wanted to take a moment to let you know.   You may feel that you’re just doing your jobs, but really, you’re making a tangible,  positive difference in people’s lives.  The marketing provides a sense of  structure and helps the clients better envision the selling process and manage any inklings of trepidation.  Thanks for all you do!

Have a wonderful day,