Testimonial Letter for Dolores Blumfeld

Testimonial Letter we received for Dolores Blumfeld 

Clients Purchased a Triplex in Culver City at the end of a  Cul de Sac adjacent to the new Expo Line which was nearing completion during the purchase.  We  did a lot of homework and research during the Diligence Period.  We all  had the vision and understanding of a developing neighborhood!

Meg Sullivan has an Administration position at UCLA.
Husband, Stephen Roe is an Engineer Brainiac working on NASA projects.  

Dearest Dolores,

We remain THRILLED TO BITS with our purchase.  You’ll recall we bought our triplex in 2011 for $770,000.  Zillow is valuing it now at $1,560,000—or more than double what we paid for it!


And possibly the Zillow estimate is low as the triplex next door, which isn’t as nice as ours and doesn’t have as strong of rents, is valued at $1,750,000.  (I assume Zillow is devaluing our property based on its proximity to the Expo line without knowing – and how could they? — the considerable sound-abatement measurements we’ve taken, particularly with regard to the new sound-abating windows.)

As expected, the new mall is developing rapidly just two blocks away.  And other exciting neighborhood improvements are coming along too.

We are so so so grateful that you helped us realize this particular investment.  It was so tricky and scary and fraught with risk.   I just don’t see how we could’ve carried it off without your steady guidance.  But it’s working out to be a better investment than we ever dreamed possible.  It will make all the difference in the world for our retirement. 

I’m going on vacation with a girlfriend beginning Nov. 6 and returning Nov. 17.  Let’s connect after that point.

Maybe we could go down and have lunch in Melita’s neighborhood.  It’s really fun to watch how that area is improving, too!

Please forward this email to the head of your real estate firm.  I would do so but don’t have his/her name.  He/she should know the pearl that the company has in you!

All the very best and again THANK YOU!