Rodeo Realty Pumpkin Giveaway

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Well everyone, we had a wonderful time Saturday October 25th at the Pacific Palisades office, because of our Rodeo Realty Pumpkin giveaway. We featured a full Pumpkin Patch with the IN-N-OUT Burger truck providing the catering service. This event is just one of many that Rodeo Realty hosts for it’s agents, their families and the community.

Now, for what we were doing at the event. The purpose of the event was to cater to the community, our agents and their families by giving away pumpkins, and providing IN-N-OUT Burger all of which was free. Tons of people turned out and really enjoyed the event. So many people came to the Rodeo Realty Pumpkin Giveaway that we served over 500 burgers, and over 400 pumpkins; we were also cleaned out of candy. In fact the event turn out was so massive that the only thing we had left was hay. We are definitely happy with the response and how everyone from all ages loved the event. If you missed the event and never want to miss another, then keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest information on upcoming events hosted by Rodeo Realty.