Testimonial for Zoe Bernstein & Terry Anderson, RODEO's Corporate Office

Hi Syd,

You gave a great meeting today, as usual, featuring a lot of information in a dynamic presentation. Need I say this was a welcome breath of fresh air for me.

I wanted to let you know that one of my goals at the start of this year (apart from the unrealistic one of removing all the clutter in my home) was to fine tune my social media platform. To that end I made contact with Zoe at the Rodeo party at the Sheraton Universal┬álast month, and we set up a strategy to meet at the beginning of this year. We had that appointment this afternoon after the Beverly Hills meeting. I know from your comments at the meeting that you are proud of Zoe from your perspective, but from mine, I’d like to reinforce that.

I was the recipient of a very welcome one-two punch of getting the things on my agenda in order. Zoe and Terry both took time from their schedules to co-ordinate with each other and me, and see what they could do to advance my marketing strategy. The time was well spent. Terry and Zoe both worked with me on improving my Rodeo website with a new photo, and profile, and Terry set up a business page for Facebook and is working on getting a profile to Rodeo’s affiliate alliances. This was time well spent for me. I hope to cover all bases.

I met with Zoe alone after the joint session with her and Terry, we worked on the finer points of Twitter and how to make it work effectively. She provided me with lots of good input, and a few tricks of the trade. I had a twitter account and followers from high sources, however, did not fully understand the whole program. We posted a couple of things and also referenced Rodeo Realty in a tweet. This was a great one-on-one educational exercise.

Upon leaving the office I had a brief chat with the young man at the front desk who was interested in what I was doing. The great thing about the whole afternoon was, there was a lot of give and take. I was the recipient of valuable knowledge and service, and also happened to be able to extend a bit of knowledge and information that seemed to be useful to the staff as well.

My time was spent mostly with Zoe and Terry, I am pleased to say to you that they, as well as other personnel I met today were all worthy of your brand, and you should be proud of them. Everyone was helpful, pleasant, (even cheerful). I received a few email messages later in the afternoon from Zoe to be sure we were on the same page, and asking if I had any other issues to address. That is great follow-up.

Now that I have some new tools, it is up to me to take advantage of my Rodeo Realty social media boot camp and be everywhere all the time.

I am very happy at your company, and tell everyone I know how great it is.

Thank you,

Marcy Braiker