Testimonial for Studio City Agent, Gail Reed Cox!


Hi Gail,

That is the sweetest note I’ve ever received from a fellow realtor. Thank you so much.

I know it was a very difficult and challenging situation there at the end and am glad to have been able to help it resolve gracefully and without too much aggravation and contention.

I also know that you worked very hard for Jeff and found him what we all know was/is a great deal. I’m sure he’s not going to find a better combination of location, price and house in Malibu. But, at the end of the day, he’s the one who has to live there and be happy. And if not, then we’ve all done him a disservice. Fortunately the people at Pepperdine, particularly Dennis Torres (who is an amazing person), were agreeable as well. So No hard feelings, hopefully Jeff is relieved, and we are back in escrow with the back up Buyer who is very appreciative and happy!

I wish you well and please know that your kindness is an inspiration to Shirley and I as well.

All the Best,