Los Angeles Confidential: 25 Questions with Josh Flagg of 'Million Dollar Listing'

Josh Flagg.
Josh Flagg.

When it comes to LA’s real estate scene, Josh Flagg is at the top of his game—literally. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star, who’s the only original cast member and the youngest, has more than $100 million in sales under his belt, and that’s just for 2015. Real estate, however, is just one of his many interests. Flagg’s other favorites include fashion, collecting cars and art, traveling, and living in hotels.

To celebrate the show’s recent season eight premiere, we asked Flagg 25 quick questions to get to know him a little better. Find out why he wants to moonlight as the President of the United States, what super power he wishes he had, and much more.

1. What’s the best thing about being a real estate agent? Seeing how differently every single person lives.

2. What’s the hottest thing in LA real estate right now? Trousdale.

3. What makes a property great? Location!

4. What’s your favorite way to celebrate a sale? Staying at home and eating Chinese food.

5. Describe season eight of Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles in three words. Drama, drama, drama.

6. What has been your proudest career moment? Selling a home twice in two months for $15 million and $16 million. I just did this again with another house for $6.25 million and $7.25 million within 29 days.

7. What’s your best piece of real estate advice? A house is a diminishing asset. The land is what appreciates in value. Only buy the worst house on the best lot in the best neighborhood. Create your own value.

8. Penthouse or mansion? Penthouse. My grandmother had, and now I have the best one in the city.

9. What was the most surprising thing about living in a hotel? Nothing. I have done this three times and never regretted it once.

10. What’s the best thing about living at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills? The beds.

11. What car do you hope to add to your collection next? 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Drophead.

12. If you could switch closets with anyone, who would it be? Chris Benz.

13. What are the three things in your closet you can’t live without? White collared shirts,Stubbs & Wootton shoes, and Saint Laurent leather jackets.

14. What was your most recent splurge? A 1995 Rolls-Royce Corniche IV convertible, said to be the finest corniche still in existence.

15. What’s the best advice your grandmother, fashion designer Edith Flagg, ever gave you? To always have clean fingernails.

16. What’s the best place you’ve traveled to? Antibes in the South of France at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

17. Where do you hope to travel to next? Back to Antibes in the South of France at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

18. What’s best souvenir you’ve ever bought? A bed belonging to Napoleon and a bunch of items from the Titanic.

19. What’s one thing not a lot of people know about you? I get scared being alone.

20. What superpower do you wish you had and why? I wish I knew what everyone was thinking at all times.

21. If you could moonlight as another profession, what would it be? President of the United States. Why not? Everyone else is trying.

22. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year? Becoming the number one agent on the Westside in volume and the number two agent in sales.

23. What’s your favorite LA activity? Going out to dinner every night.

24. Who is your favorite artist? Alexander Calder.

25. What’s your secret to buying art? Patience.


Article Courtesy of Los Angeles Confidential