This Is the Easiest Million Dollars Josh Flagg Ever Made

Image Sources: Getty / Leon Bennett and MLS

On Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, real estate shark Josh Flagg can talk even the most stubborn seller down in price without breaking a sweat, but if you’re still not convinced that the LA agent can broker a killer deal, then you will be after you read this: in June, using his ninja-like negotiation skills, Flagg purchased a 5,000-square-foot Beverly Hills fixer upper listed at $5.25 million for $4.4 million — and that’s not even the crazy part. Now, a mere four months later, without so much as repainting the walls, he’s sold the home to Myspace cofounder Chris DeWolfe for $5.5 million. That’s got to be the easiest million bucks he’s ever made. Kudos, Mr. Flagg. Consider us impressed. Check out the coveted piece of property here.

Article courtesy of Pop Sugar