Calabasas Rodeo Realty Agent, Ioanna Kamar Raises $7,500 in Charitable Donations For “Comfort for Court Kids”

Calabasas Rodeo Realty agent, Ioanna Kamar held her annual fundraiser “Comfort for Court Kids” at her home in Bell Canyon. This year’s fundraiser was held on December 10th, 2015 and from the looks of the photos was a fabulous turnout; the event was able to bring in $7,500 in charity donations. Thank you to all the agents that showed up to make this cause a success! “Comfort For Court Kids” provides emotional support for children under the jurisdiction of the dependency court. The ‘Teddy Bear’ is the symbol for the charity, and has long been associated with assisting these children in feeling safe, secure and to once again form stable bonds with those around them. “Comfort for Court Kids” is a 501 (c)(3) publicly supported charity founded in 1992 by attorney L. Ernestine Fields. It was done so for the specific mission of helping abused and neglected children cope with their experiences in dependency court. Ioanna stated not only was there food, fun and festivities, but the turnout and success of the fundraiser helped to assist children under the supervision of the court. At this time of year it is a pivotal program, since many of these youths want/need the extra attention during this troubling time in their lives.

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