Top Your Ice Cream With Cotton Candy At This Shop Opening In Los Feliz


A popular Korean ice cream shop known for topping soft serve with cotton candy, French macarons and other sweet treats is heading to Los Feliz soon.

If you haven’t already jumped on the cotton candy-soft serve trend that’s popping up at places like CottonHi in Koreatown, you’ll soon have another chance to indulge in the delicious decadence. Milkcow, whose only other U.S. location is in the Bay Area, will soon be serving soft serve, coffee and other desserts on Hillhurst Avenue, according to Eater LA.

Even if you aren’t into the whole cotton candy thing, Milkcow offers a range of toppings for their organic, milk-based soft serve. You could go for a drizzle of chocolate or hazelnut syrups, Oreo crumbles, honey or honeycomb, jelly beans, mint syrup and almonds, or pistachio syrup with cashew clusters. You could also have a French macaron balanced atop your soft serve. But if you’re really looking to go big, may we suggest the Mont Blanc option with chocolate “rocks,” Oreo crumbles, apple syrup, and, of course, cotton candy?

Milkcow is expected to also offer coffee and some other treats, as they do at their Fremont spot and multiple shops across Asia.

There’s no exact date yet for the opening of Milkcow, which will be right next to Mustard Seed Café, but Eater LA suggests that it could be open in a few months. Get your sweet tooth ready.


Article courtesy of the LAist