There Will Be a Library Afloat on Echo Park Lake Next Week

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.11.27 PM.png

Echo Park Lake is already a great place for a picnic (or a makeout sesh), and Wi-Fi-equipped. What more does it need? That’s right: a floating library. Wish granted, Los Angeles! Starting Thursday, February 11 and running until Sunday, February 14, those creative folks over at Machine Project (MP) have teamed up with a Minnesota-based artist to put “a collection of artist-made books and printed matter on a raft” on the lake, says a release from MP.

The fun of the floating library continues beyond just the concept. Because it’s on the lake, the library can only be reached by rental paddle boat. The paddle boats returned to the lake just about three years ago, and this is a great excuse to drop $10 bucks on an hourly rental and take one out on the water. Upon reaching the raft housing the library, visitors will find everything from “photocopied zines to letterpress printed pamphlets to hand-stitched bindings to commercially printed volumes.” Photos on Machine Project’s site for the event show that the books get right down close to the water. Information about the watery library’s hours of operation and materials can be found here.

Article courtesy of Curbed LA