Luxury Real Estate accepting magazine reservations for March issue


Luxury Real Estate is currently taking reservations for the spring issue of their magazine.

Rodeo Realty agents interested in advertising through the award-winning publication must reserve by January 27. All materials are due by January 31. The magazine is set for the end of March.

Special Bundles

Significant Sale Spot + Agent Spot: $475 (regular $590)

Significant Sale Spot + Agent Spot + Full Page + FREE Standard Feature Property of the Week on

Board of Regents Discount: $2,595 (regular 3,580)

Agent Spot + Full Page

Board of Regents Discount: $2,395 (regular $2,890)

2-Page Spread Advertorial

Board of Regents Discount: $4,390 (regular $4,990)

If interested, contact Luxury Real Estate’s Brandie Holmes at 206-695-4843. You can also email her at

Below is also more information on Luxury Real Estate Magazine: