Home Tips: Designer Approved Kitchen Backsplash Trends

When remodeling your kitchen, so many of the decisions you’ll have to make involve the overall function of the space. Your appliances are the perfect example. The color and finish of your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher are important, but it’s even more crucial to consider how these elements fit the layout of your space and your lifestyle. That’s why choosing the finer details, like your kitchen backsplash, feels so liberating. Though you should always keep your budget and the amount of effort you want to spend on upkeep in mind, a backsplash is your opportunity to have some fun in the kitchen.

In fact, the backsplash is one of the key features that define the style of the space, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association 2019 Design Trends Report. The report—which polls 583 leading designers, remodelers, architects, and manufactures to identify the styles that will be popular in the next three years—confirmed that kitchens with distinct backsplash designs are here to stay.

Check out these designer favorites!

Luxurious Marble

Playful Mosaic

For an eye-catching look that isn’t too distracting, choose tiles in the same color palette as your kitchen, then opt for a standout pattern. “After settling on a navy and white color scheme, we really wanted to inject a sense of fun and whimsy into the space,” says Allie Mann, Case Architects and Remodelers designer.

Sleek Slabs

“Slab marble backsplash that bleeds into the countertop creates a sleek look in the kitchen,” says designer Jessica Gersten of Jessica Gersten Interiors. “It eliminates the “choppiness” of backsplash tile, and lends itself to a more calm, streamlined feeling.”

Elegant Arabesque

Can’t decide on making a statement or keeping it subtle? Choosing a shapely tile in a light color gives you the best of both worlds. “The arabesque shape is a design motif that has timeless attributes,” says Subaran. “We are seeing the arabesque—along with other geometric shapes return—as more homeowners are looking for unique shapes in backsplash materials, like ceramics.”

High-Contrast Marble

For a new twist on marble slab backsplashes, opt for marble with high-contrast veining. “Dramatic black and white marble brings contrast and movement on the counter and backsplash to the otherwise balanced design,”says Shannon Kadwell, kitchen/project designer at Anthony Wilder Design/Build. “The swirl of black and white marble mimics a drift of smoke.”

Space Saving Mosaic

Smaller tiles help solve a common kitchen problem: They’re a great way to cover awkward-sized areas. “For kitchens where we wrap tile around windows with limited space in between, finding a small mosaic is the most balanced and practical option,” says Subaran.