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Stay connected with what’s going on in the world of technology and media! This week we’re rounding up the biggest headlines from across the web. From the Polestar 4 to MLB on Hulu and more, we have you covered! Read on for this week’s round-up!

Hulu with Live TV Introduces MLB Network as Baseball Season Begins

Hulu’s live TV streaming service has introduced MLB Network to its channel lineup just in time for the start of the 2024 baseball season, offering subscribers access to over 100 nationally broadcast MLB games along with original programming and studio shows. This addition comes as a boon for Hulu with Live TV users, especially given that competitors like YouTube TV dropped MLB Network last year. While YouTube TV remains without the network, Hulu’s move underscores the ongoing competition among streaming services for sports content. Additionally, Hulu’s bundled offering with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus provides viewers with a comprehensive entertainment package.

Amazon’s palm-scanning tech now enables users to enroll directly from their smartphones

Amazon has introduced a new Amazon One app for iOS and Android, allowing users to enroll in its palm recognition service directly from their smartphones. This feature eliminates the need to visit physical locations for enrollment, enabling users to set up their accounts and start scanning their palms at supported locations for purchases and age verification. The technology, which uses generative AI to analyze palm vein structure, has raised privacy concerns, but Amazon assures that palm images are encrypted and securely stored. Users can also link payment methods, loyalty programs, and other memberships to the app. However, some users may still be hesitant due to the irreplaceable nature of palm prints.

The Disney Plus-Hulu merger extends far beyond a simple streaming bundle

Hulu has become integrated into Disney Plus, with both services now accessible through a single app. This move offers customers a streamlined experience, where Hulu shows and movies are seamlessly incorporated into Disney’s vast content library. While Hulu retains its own branding and app, it now exists within Disney Plus as a tile alongside other content categories. Behind the scenes, Disney has undertaken significant efforts to unify its streaming platforms, including migrating thousands of assets from Hulu to Disney Plus and standardizing metadata formats and content delivery specifications. This integration marks the beginning of Disney’s broader strategy to consolidate its streaming services into a cohesive ecosystem, leveraging data and machine learning to enhance personalization and recommendation systems across its platforms. While users may not immediately notice these changes, they represent a significant shift in how Disney approaches content creation and distribution in the streaming era.

Next month, Meta will introduce AI capabilities to its Ray-Ban smart glasses

Meta plans to introduce AI capabilities to its Ray-Ban smart glasses in the coming month, offering features such as translation and object recognition. The glasses’ smart assistant, activated with the phrase “Hey Meta,” can identify objects, animals, and monuments, though it may not always be accurate, as observed by The New York Times during testing. While the glasses support multiple languages for translations, the AI features are currently only available to users in the US through an early access waitlist.

Ahead of its debut, the Polestar 4 receives an official price announcement

The Polestar 4, set to launch next month, will arrive with a slightly adjusted price compared to its initial announcement. Originally slated to start around $60,000, the long-range single-motor rear-wheel drive version will now begin at $56,300. This pricing includes destination charges, while the dual-motor model with the standard Pilot pack will start at $63,400. Production for the Polestar 4 is scheduled to commence in late April. This price adjustment follows Polestar’s recent announcement of the Polestar 3 SUV’s pricing. The Polestar 4, a coupe-style SUV, marks an acceleration of the company’s expansion efforts. With a focus on innovation and performance, the Polestar 4 aims to offer an immersive driving experience. In addition, the Polestar 4 offers impressive specs, including a zero to 62mph time of 3.8 seconds and support for fast charging up to 200kW DC.