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Threads Simplifies Viewing Post View Counts for Everyone

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has announced that Threads is enhancing its transparency. The app will make it easier for users to see the view count of their posts. This new feature allows users to simply tap on a post to reveal its total views. Likewise, the update aids influencers, businesses, and everyday users in understanding their engagement. Although the update is rolling out gradually and might not be available to everyone immediately. This change marks a significant step in providing valuable insights to creators. Additionally, Threads continues to improve user experience with new features. On Instagram, efforts are being made to boost visibility for smaller creators and to favor original content over aggregated shares.

TikTok Introduces ‘AI-Generated’ Label for Content with Third-Party Watermarks

TikTok is enhancing its content authenticity measures. The app will automatically apply an “AI-generated” label to uploads that include metadata tags from third-party platforms. This change makes TikTik the first social media platform to adopt the new Content Credentials. This initiative is part of TikTok’s collaboration with Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). The platform will undergo a multi-phase implementation to support Content Credentials. This will start with the automatic labeling of AI-generated uploads that carry such tags. Subsequently, TikTok plans to maintain these labels on content created using its AI effects.

Disney, Hulu, and Max Prepare to Launch Joint Streaming Bundle

A new streaming bundle featuring Disney Plus, Hulu, and Max is set to launch in the US this summer. The news was announced by Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery this week. This upcoming package will be available in both ad-supported and ad-free formats, with pricing details yet to be disclosed. The bundle can be purchased through the websites of Disney Plus, Hulu, or Max upon release. This strategic move arrives at a critical time for the streaming industry, which is shifting focus from subscriber growth to revenue generation. Recently, Disney Plus and Hulu achieved a milestone by posting a profit of $47 million. With the new bundle, Disney aims to offer even more value to subscribers. Meanwhile, as streaming costs rise, bundles are becoming an attractive option for consumers looking to economize. 

Marvel Introduces a Mixed Reality Version of “What If…?” for Vision Pro

Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive are set to enhance the Vision Pro with “What If…? – An Immersive Story.” This will mark Disney Plus’ inaugural venture into interactive original content exclusively for Apple’s VR headset. The hour-long mixed reality episode draws from the Marvel series “What If…?” on Disney Plus and offers a novel approach. The episode will allow users to engage directly with the narrative. Participants will not only observe but also interact. This development promises a deeper level of immersion beyond the platform’s existing offerings. Marvel has yet to announce a specific release date, stating only that it will be “released soon.”


Google DeepMind’s Latest AI Can Model DNA, RNA, and All Essential Biological Molecules

Google DeepMind has unveiled AlphaFold 3, an advanced AI model that significantly enhances our ability to predict the structures of not only proteins but also DNA, RNA, and other crucial molecules involved in all forms of life. This latest iteration boasts a 50% improvement in prediction accuracy over its predecessors and expands its utility across various fields such as medicine, agriculture, materials science, and drug development. AlphaFold 3 utilizes a diffusion method similar to those used in AI image generators for creating 3D molecular models, aiding researchers in envisioning how different molecules combine. As DeepMind rolls out this tool, they are collaborating with experts to ensure its responsible deployment, mindful of potential biosecurity risks.


Instacart Adds Restaurant Delivery Through Partnership with Uber Eats

Instacart is venturing into restaurant delivery through a new collaboration with Uber Eats. Soon, Instacart users will be able to order restaurant takeout directly within the Instacart app or website, utilizing Uber’s software for transaction management and relying on Uber Eats couriers for food pickup and delivery. This partnership allows Instacart to expand its offerings by integrating a vast array of restaurant options without the need to develop its own delivery infrastructure. According to Uber spokesperson Noah Edwardsen, customers will see the same menu prices as on Uber Eats, and delivery couriers will receive equivalent pay. Uber aims to increase order volume for its restaurant partners, while Instacart enhances its service capabilities. Despite the overlap in grocery delivery competition between Instacart and Uber, this move marks a significant step towards supporting physical businesses without altering costs for consumers or earnings for couriers.