From LG Acquisitions to Mastadon Moves and More! | Tech News

Your weekly tech news round-up has arrived just in time for 4th of July weekend! From LG acquisitions to Mastadon moves and more, we have you covered. Check out what’s happening in the world of tech from across the web!

Proton Docs Launches: A Privacy-Focused Alternative to Google Docs

Proton Docs, launching today as part of Proton Drive, is a privacy-focused alternative to Google Docs, featuring a similar interface with white pages, a formatting toolbar, and live collaboration indicators. It joins Proton’s suite of privacy-centric tools, including email, calendar, file storage, and password management, following the acquisition of Standard Notes. Proton Docs offers rich text editing, real-time collaboration, and multimedia support, all with end-to-end encryption. Currently web-only and desktop-optimized, it aims to expand to other platforms. With a strong commitment to user privacy, Proton hopes to attract users concerned about data security and privacy.

LG Acquires Stake in Athom to Enhance Smart Home Ecosystem

LG has acquired an 80 percent stake in Dutch company Athom, known for its Homey smart home platform, with plans to acquire the remaining 20 percent within three years. This move aims to expand LG’s smart home ecosystem and better compete with Samsung’s SmartThings platform. Athom’s Homey platform, which supports devices from brands like Sonos, Ikea, and Philips Hue, will be integrated into LG’s ThinQ smart home platform, allowing control of ThinQ-enabled LG appliances. Athom will continue to operate independently, and its founders will remain as executives. The deal, estimated at around $61 million, enables LG to incorporate third-party devices and gain insights into customer usage patterns, though how this aligns with Homey’s privacy-first approach remains to be seen.

DJI Enters E-Bike Market with Advanced Avinox Drive System and Amflow Brand

DJI, renowned for its drones, is launching its first electric bike, the Amflow PL. The bike features the new Avinox drive system and Amflow brand. This carbon fiber e-mountain bike boasts a mid-drive motor with 120Nm of max torque. In addition, it includes 1000W boost power, and a removable 800Wh battery that fast-charges to 75% in 1.5 hours. Weighing just 19.2kg, it includes a two-inch OLED touchscreen, an app for wireless access and alerts, four pedal-assist modes, and a full suspension system. Priced between €7,000 and €12,000, the Amflow PL aims to rival premium brands like Bosch and Specialized and will be available from Q4 through authorized dealers in several countries.

Apple Appoints Phil Schiller to OpenAI’s Nonprofit Board

Apple has selected App Store chief Phil Schiller to join OpenAI’s nonprofit board as an observer. The move allows Schiller to attend meetings without voting rights. This move is part of Apple’s strategy to integrate ChatGPT into iOS and macOS. Likewise, doing so enhances Siri’s capabilities with advanced AI queries. While no financial transactions are currently involved, Apple may earn a share of future ChatGPT subscriptions made through its platforms. Schiller’s appointment follows Microsoft’s similar observer position on the board, potentially complicating discussions with both tech giants. Notably, it’s uncommon for Apple executives to join partner company boards.

Mastodon Adds Author Bylines for Enhanced Article Attribution

Mastodon has introduced author bylines for articles that link directly to authors’ fediverse accounts. This feature allows readers to follow authors’ work across various platforms. The bylines can link to profiles on Mastodon, Threads, Flipboard, and more, using a new OpenGraph tag. Mastodon aims to expand this feature to more outlets through manual review and eventually a self-serve system. This enhancement provides a seamless track of authors’ work across multiple platforms.