Rodeo Realty’s Ryan Trefry, Brandon Kramer, and Kyle Eisenhart make donation to CRE Outreach

Rodeo Realty agents Brandon Kramer, Ryan Trefry, and Kyle Eisenhart know the importance of being a part of their community. Not only are these real estate agents selling homes, but they are also finding ways of giving back.

The three agents recently closed on a Santa Monica property and decided to donate part of their commission check to CRE Outreach.

This month, the agents presented a check of $9,302 to the non-profit organization.

“CRE Outreach is such an amazing cause, they are truly changing lives,” said Brandon, Ryan, and Kyle. “ We have been to many of their productions and we have witnessed first-hand the difference CRE Outreach is making in people’s lives. We are emotionally moved each and every time we see a production.”

Rodeo Realty is honored to have agents such as Brandon, Ryan, and Kyle, who take the time to give back to their communities. What a great way to give back!

More on CRE Outreach:

CRE Outreach is a non-profit performing arts organization dedicated to empowering underserved individuals from low-income populations in greater Los Angeles.

The organization actively engages three core groups of participants: at-risk youth, people with disabilities, and military veterans, helping them overcome challenges and successfully contribute in today’s society.

Here is more information on some of their programs:

  • Theatre by the Blind, the country’s only theatre troupe composed entirely of blind actors.
  • Creative Youth Theatre (CYT) educates Los Angeles based elementary and middle school aged youth through the exploration of classic story telling elements and the creation of original artistic works
  • Veterans Empowerment Theatre (VET) features a variety of performing arts workshops and opportunities that give our nation’s brave service members a safe environment to voice their own heroic stories, personal tragedies, triumphs, and experiences through theatre.
  • Rex & Friends is a program that provides support and training in musical abilities, and performance opportunities for individuals in Southern California who are blind or autistic.

Southern California Gets Its First LOVE Sculpture

Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture is iconic, in part because the artist neglected to copyright it, opening it up to countless imitations. You know the one: four red block letters spell out the word “love,” the L and O stacked atop the V and E, with the O tipped at a 45-degree angle. Indiana first completed this work in the 1960s, with installations in Manhattan and, famously, in Philadelphia’s Love Park.

Southern Californians no longer have to travel far see one of Indiana’s sculpture for themselves. We’ve now got our own in Rosemead, installed by Panda Restaurant group founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng, who donated the sculpture to their restaurant and community as a gift, Pasadena Star News reports.

The Cherngs hope that visitors will see the sculpture as a symbol of kindness and love.

“The LOVE Sculpture reminds us to take a stand for ourselves, so that we can stand for others,” the Cherngs said via a statement. “At Panda Express, our mission is to inspire better lives. In order for us to do this, we have to be the best versions of ourselves and we get to this by embracing love. With love, the possibilities are enormous. Love is about working harder, being more accepting and growing personally, so that you can be the best version of yourself and in turn become a role model to help others.”

To see the sculpture for yourself, visit the Panda Restaurant Group Support Center in Rosemead (map here). Visitors are encouraged to view and photograph the art. Some parking is available.

See the assemblage of the sculpture in the video below:

Manhattan Beach will get its own LOVE sculpture in the near future, donated by Steel Partners Holdings founder Warren Lichtenstein.

Story courtesy of We Like LA.

Rodeo Realty helps OPCC feed the homeless


Instead of touring properties on Tuesday, many Rodeo Realty agents took the day to feed the homeless.

Brentwood agents showed up to the Cloverfield Services Center in Santa Monica and helped OPCC prepare and serve food to some of the community’s most vulnerable residents—homeless individuals and families, survivors of domestic violence, challenged youth, indigent Veterans, and other who have nowhere else to turn.

Agents prepared dozens of meals that included Fettuccine Alfredo, salad and bread.

In addition to volunteering, Rodeo Realty also donated $3,000 to the organization. The monetary donation will help OPCC provide almost 4,500 meals to individuals in need.

The non-profit organization relies on the generosity of volunteers and Rodeo Realty is happy to help and make a difference in the lives of others!

Next week, December 12, more Rodeo Realty agents will also be volunteering to help OPCC feed the homeless.

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Rodeo Realty helps Van Nuys Humanitarian Group replace stolen wheelchairs


Thanks to Rodeo Realty, Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, and several other businesses, a Van Nuys humanitarian organization will still be able to provide wheelchairs to disabled children and adults in Indonesia.

Rodeo Realty decided to help Global Mobility after finding out that the nonprofit was victim to a theft that occurred sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. According to reports, a thief or thieves broke into Global Mobility’s gated parking lot and took a truck filled with 80 wheelchairs that were scheduled to go to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The stolen wheelchairs were worth $12,000.

After hearing about the theft, President and Owner of Rodeo Realty, Syd Leibovitch, donated $5,000 to help replace the wheelchairs. On Thursday, Dabaneh presented a $15,000 check to Global Mobility to cover the loss.


“After I saw this news story I knew I had to do something to help and am very appreciative that Congressman Brad Sherman, Syd Leibovitch, President and Owner of Rodeo Realty, Andy Heyward, CEO of Genius Brands, and Michael Mahdesian, CEO of Servicon Systems are able to donate resources to Global Mobility,” Dababneh said in a statement. “Without the help of the community and local business owners, dozens of disabled children would not have received the gift of hope and mobility next week.”

Thanks to the donation, Global Mobility says they will be able to provide even more wheelchairs to children and adults than they would have been able to provide before the theft.

“…Because of the assemblyman’s efforts, his friends and others who have communicated with us through the efforts of the media, that need is not going to be going unmet,” said Chris Grange, Chief Operating Officer at Global Mobility.

If you would also like to help, go to Global Mobility‘s website and donate HERE.


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Rodeo Realty Sherman Oaks' agents help feed hungry, deliver 100 lunches to homeless

Thanks to Rodeo Realty Sherman Oaks, many who struggle with hunger every day unexpectedly received a free meal last week.


Sherman Oaks’ agents took it upon themselves to do something for the homeless and the hungry in the community. Agents kicked off their Wednesday by bringing in food supplies and packing lunches. Together, the office packed 100 Rodeo Realty reusable tote bags with sandwiches, cookies, granola bars, fresh fruit and water.

Agents then delivered and distributed the meals to the homeless all throughout the community.

By giving food to the hands of those who need it the most, agents became more aware of homelessness in the area. Their time and donations is a reminder that it doesn’t take much to make an impact and a difference—an experience they enjoyed and hope others will get inspired to do also.


According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, San Fernando Valley experienced an increase in homelessness since 2013 and went from 4,836 homeless persons to 5,216 in 2015. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank reports that 1 in 6 people of L.A. County struggle with hunger—that’s equivalent to the total population of the San Fernando Valley.

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Rodeo Realty’s Jay Geisenheimer donates to scholarship to help high school student continue education


Thanks to a scholarship and a generous donation made by Rodeo Realty’s Jay Geisenheimer, one former William McKinley Elementary School student is now a step closer in achieving her dreams of higher education.

On May 12, John Burroughs High School student Maddy Weerts was awarded the McKinley Alumni Scholarship in front of several 5th grade students who attend McKinley Elementary School. Also in attendance were Scholarship Chair and mother of this year’s recipient Suzanne Weerts, Mayor of Burbank Jess Talamantes, former Mayor Marsha Ramos, and Jay Geisenheimer.

“This is full circle for me as Suzanne brought me in as a donor 6 years ago,” said Geisenheimer. “Maddy well deserved this award as she is beautiful, intelligent, composed and cool.”

The scholarship, created in 2007, is meant to help a McKinley Alumni student and inspire current McKinley students to aim high in their own educational efforts. This year’s McKinley Alumni Scholarship was for $1500. The money was raised partly by students at McKinley and donations contributed by Alumni and Geisenheimer.

The Burbank Rancho Resident has been a major contributor to the McKinley Alumni Scholarship for the past six years. She’s helped Weerts and several other students continue their educations with her generous donations.