Carmen Mormino Lands Role on CSI

(UPDATE) Actor and real estate agent, Carmen Mormino, recently booked a spot on the hit television show CSI. Attesting to his earlier statements in a Rodeo Realty Journal article about how acting and real estate compliment one another, the Westlake Village agent landed the CSI role as a result of showing a piece of property.

In brief, he met a really nice couple while showing a home a year or so ago. He kept in touch with them. When it came time for the couple to sell their house, they contacted Mormino about possibly co-listing it. At that time, Mormino discovered the gentleman is a director. The director discovered Mormino is an actor with a long list of credits.
The relationship led to Mormino being offered the opportunity to read for the CSI part. He nailed it! Moral of the story: Keep in contact with your clients, past clients and potential clients.
Here’s the original story about Carmem Mormino
The entertainment industry and real estate seem to go hand-in-hand. Gossip about celebrities buying and selling multi-million dollar homes are staples of the L.A. Times, New York Times, Huffington Post and more.
But what about real estate agents who are also working in the entertainment business? Columnist Lauren Beale of the L.A. Times recently did an article on the subject, so I decided to look into whether or not we have “industry” folk working among us right here at Rodeo Realty.
The answer is yes we do, and this is the first in a series of blogs interviewing them. Some are actors, others musicians. Regardless, all of them say there are plenty of parallels between show business and the business of buying and selling homes.
“In my 21 years as an actor and more than 1,200 auditions, rejection means absolutely nothing to me,” said Carmen Mormino of the Westlake Village office. He has acted on “Days of Our Lives,” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” among other television shows. He has also appeared in movies such as “The Stepfather” and “One Hour Photo.”
Actors hear so many “No’s” that sometimes they start believing it, he said. But like in real estate you can’t let rejection get you down. You have to go right back out there and meet more people until something clicks and deals get done.
Actors also have to think outside of the box in order to land certain roles, said Mormino, who began his real estate career four years ago and was on Rodeo’s list of top producers for the month of October 2010.
You can’t just play a character as you think it should be played; you have to live it and be real, he said. You also have to be real in order for real estate clients to trust you. “Acting has given me the confidence to be myself,” said Mormino.
Real estate is also not just a side gig. He has a family and said that balancing acting and real estate is the best way to maintain consistent income. He enjoys the thrill of helping people buy and sell homes and is proud to call himself both an actor and real estate agent.
Every now and then, however, the two careers meet in strange ways, said Mormino. He recently met somebody at an open house who happened to be a well-known television director. There was a point of connection, because the director knew Mormino is also in the entertainment business.
A colleague’s sister is a huge “Days of Our Lives” fan. So when she found out about Mormino’s recurring role on the show, she called her sister right away. Mormino –knowing the value of good fan and client relations- set his colleague’s sister up with some much appreciated Days of Our Lives memorabilia.