Real Estate Agent Raising Money for Rescue Horse

AGENTS GIVING BACK: Robin Lucas, an agent with Rodeo Realty’s Calabasas office, recently took up the cause of helping raise money for a rescue horse in Hidden Hills, Calif. by the name of Devon.
Hidden Hills is one of the communities Lucas serves in her work as a real estate agent.
Devon is a beautiful, courageous, kind-hearted rescue that was recently rushed into emergency surgery for a severely twisted colon. The procedure cost $9,000.
Annette Osterlund, who rescues and rehabilitates former race horses at Paradise Valley Farm in Hidden Hills, is Devon’s owner. When the vet came out to assess the situation, he gave her the choice of either putting the animal down or proceeding with the costly surgery.
Osterlund could not afford the surgery but also couldn’t bear the thought of going through with the other option. Devon has won a variety of awards, is used for riding lessons, and has an amazing temperament, said Lucas.
Lucas, a horse owner, is also donating her own time and energy at the farm to help speed up Devon’s recovery.

To raise money for Devon’s procedure, Osterlund is offering a riding lesson to anyone willing to make a donation of $50.00 or more directly to WEST COAST EQUINE HOSPITAL.

The hospital is located at 4310 Sand Canyon Road in Somis, CA 93066. The telephone is (805) 386-7151.

For more information, call Annette directly at (818) 903-3633.